MW Chapter 1802

Chapter 1802 – Empyreans Involved

More and more martial artists began gathering at Emperor City. Many large sects had several tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of disciples arrive.

Among these people, Lin Ming saw a great deal of half-step Empyreans. However, he didn’t see any true Empyreans.

“There are so many World Kings, Great World Kings, and even half-step Empyreans. This is my first time entering the Akashic Dream Battlefield and my cultivation is just at the early Soul Lord realm. If I face opponents like these won’t I be instantly evaporated?”

A young Zenith Palace disciple timidly asked.

The Vice Palace Master shook his head, saying, “Our war will occur within the Akashic Dream Battlefield. The Laws there are special and will suppress everyone’s cultivation to the Soul Lord realm. As for those that haven’t reached the Soul Lord realm, their cultivations will be forcefully enhanced to that boundary, making everyone’s cultivation the same. Even so, a half-step Empyrean powerhouse isn’t someone you can deal with, because their comprehension of Laws and their skill in cultivation methods have reached an unimaginable degree. Even if you are both at the Soul Lord realm, it will only take an instant to kill you!

“But that doesn’t mean you have no chance of escape. If dozens of you see a half-step Empyrean you can all scatter in different directions. This will give you a chance of survival.”

The Vice Palace Master explained.

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred; so there were such rules.

This was also reasonable. Lin Ming had seen many inheritance lands in the past that had similar rules. To lessen the disparity brought about by age, everyone’s cultivations would be equalized. In order for the most outstanding individuals to obtain the inheritances, all that would be tested was one’s talent and potential.

As everyone was speaking, howling winds suddenly rose up. Turbulent black clouds came roiling over from the horizon, blocking out the sun.

In this extremely gloomy environment, ghostly howls filled the air. Everyone felt an inexplicable sense of fear. As they all looked up into the skies they seemed to see endless ghosts dancing about amongst the dark clouds.

For a time, all the disciples of Zenith Palace were frightened. Even the Vice Palace Master had an extremely ugly complexion.

“It’s Empyrean Myriad Ghost! That old geezer, he’s here to make a mess!”

“Empyrean! Even an Empyrean came to the Akashic Dream Battlefield?”

The Zenith Palace disciples looked at each other, panic etched in their eyes.

Even an Empyrean had arrived! Even if their cultivation was suppressed to the Soul Lord realm, an Empyrean level powerhouse was far too powerful an existence and could instantly wipe out their group.

This Akashic Dream Battlefield was truly a convergence of masters!

“Normally there is no desire for Empyreans to come here. After an Empyrean is a True Divinity, and only the tiniest minority of Empyreans have been able to take this final step. Coming here for them is just a waste of time, and there isn’t anything they can learn through messing around with you juniors. But this Empyrean Myriad Ghost has an extremely eccentric and strange personality… I wonder just what he came to the Akashic Dream Battlefield for… all of you make sure to hide from him and have no contact with him at all.”

The Vice Palace Master urgently said.

“It’s a waste for an Empyrean to come? Since they are strong, wouldn’t it be easier for them to gather merit points and achievements to exchange them for rewards?”

Lin Ming asked. Some Zenith Palace disciples who had come to the Akashic Dream Universe for the first time also perked up their ears. This information was extremely important to them.

The Vice Palace Master simply shook his head, “Merit points are for the young; they aren’t something us old fellows can obtain. This is because after the three years are over, the final amount of merit points after being settled is based upon age. For instance, if an Empyrean that has lived for tens of millions of years enters the Akashic Dream Battlefield and slaughters their way to a billion merit points, their merit points are divided by their age, thus they might have a measly several hundred left remaining. There just isn’t anything they can exchange for with this amount.”

As the Vice Palace Master spoke, Lin Ming was suddenly enlightened about the situation. All things considered, the Akashic Dream Battlefield was a stage set for the younger generation, and this was also a reasonable premise. If the Akashic Dream Battlefield was a land of inheritance, then inheritances naturally had to be passed onto the young.

If old fellows like the Vice Palace Master came, they came not for the merit points but for the experience of fighting with martial artists of the same level.

After all, in the real world these older martial artists rarely had the opportunity to fight with other martial artists of the same age and boundary.

And without fighting, it would be difficult to hone their cultivation.

“He can’t obtain any merit points nor can he find anyone of his level to fight… is that Empyrean Myriad Ghost really here to cause a ruckus…”

The Vice Palace Master mumbled.

Some Empyreans had extremely peculiar personalities. For instance, there might be some Empyreans who didn’t obtain any advantages from the Akashic Dream Battlefield during their youth, thus they also didn’t want anyone else to obtain benefits.

It was true that an Empyrean couldn’t obtain merit points, but they also possessed the ability to ensure that no one else did either. For instance, they could do this by continually slaughtering everyone else…

If this were true, then during this venture into the Akashic Dream Battlefield, the low level disciples would truly be having a miserable time.

As the Vice Palace Master was lost in thought, at this time a vast slaughter energy as deep as an ocean covered the entirety of Emperor City, enveloping everyone. For a time, a horrifying pressure spread outwards and all the light within the city disappeared. The martial artists were stranded in this thick black chaos, leaving them suffocating.

“This is… the chaos force field, the signature domain of Chaos Demon God, another Empyrean!”

“I understand now. The reason Empyrean Myriad Ghost came to enter the Akashic Dream Battlefield this time is so that he can fight with Chaos Demon God. Both of them don’t like each other to begin with, but if they fought in the real world then that would be an earth-sundering battle between two Empyreans. Moreover, if there were any wounds, those would be losses that neither side could afford! So, the two of them must have agreed to meet in the Akashic Dream Battlefield. Like this, there won’t be any problems with the two of them fighting!”

The Zenith Palace Elders wryly smiled to each other as they realized this.

A battle between two Empyreans was bound to affect the little fish. The low level disciples of Zenith Palace were in for a tragic time.

If they were sucked into the battle, they wouldn’t even have ashes left over.

“All of you must be careful after entering the Akashic Dream Battlefield. Make sure you avoid those two old monsters at all costs. Aiya, what horrible luck this is.”

The Vice Palace Master sighed with emotion.

At this time, Lin Ming had regained his composure. He asked, “Senior Vice Palace Master, junior has a question he would like to ask.”

“Mm? What is it?”

Seeing the one asking another question was Lin Ming, the Vice Palace Master faintly frowned. It seemed all this disciple did was ask questions again and again.

“Junior would like to know just how many merit points are required to exchange for a golden page?”

On the Emperor God Wall, the rules for obtaining rewards from the Akashic Dream Battlefield were listed. However, because these rules were all written in the ancient language of the spiritas, Lin Ming found them difficult to read.

The Vice Palace Master was speechless. This disciple was far too curious. Just why did he want to know all of this?

“You sure have many worries. What you should be concerning yourself with is thinking about how to survive. The honest method of these sect wars is too kill as many enemies as possible. As for that golden page, that is something that hasn’t been exchanged for in the last several hundred millions of years. It requires a billion merit points, so don’t get your hopes up about obtaining it.”

The Vice Palace Master impatiently responded. Lin Ming smiled, “Thank you Senior for the guidance.”

“All of you rest early and don’t bother caring about such meaningless things. At dawn tomorrow we will be entering the Akashic Dream Battlefield. At that time, I also hope that you all will be able to fight for a little bit of glory for our Zenith Palace!”

The last several times that Zenith Palace participated in the Akashic Dream Battlefield, their results had been ordinary at best. This left the high level figures of Zenith Palace feeling anxious.

Like this, all disciples of Zenith Palace looked for a place to rest. Although Emperor City was large, there were even more martial artists. Most rooms were already occupied.

Spirit ships, cave dwellings, and other such magic tools couldn’t be brought in, so many martial artists spent the night sitting in meditation in the air.

At the dawn of the next day, the morning was misty and bright. Rays of morning light sprinkled down, reflecting from the Emperor God Wall and shining upon all the martial artists present.

Everyone was covered in this sunlight. Finally, this sunlight turned into countless motes of light that converged into everyone’s tokens.

“What is this?”

A young disciple asked with surprise.

“This is elementary spirit source. In truth, this is what the so-called merit points consist of. By killing your opponent you can plunder their token’s elementary spirit source and take it into your own. This is what merit points are!”

As people were speaking, at this time the entire Emperor City began to tremble. The great earth seemed to be split apart by a titanic divine sword. From the area where the land had split open, purple divine fire gushed out, burning up the skies.

A giant space gate slowly appeared above the sundered earth. It was like a purple sun had appeared in the world.

“The Akashic Dream Battlefield has opened. Let’s enter!”

Throughout all of Emperor City, countless disciples launched their movement techniques and flew towards the space gate.

This space gate was several hundred miles wide. The martial artists present all appeared like tiny specks in front of this massive space gate. From afar, it was like infinite locusts migrating towards the space gate.

Lin Ming also joined in. And at this time, the Vice Palace Master lit a rune. With it, all disciples of Zenith Palace were covered in a halo of light.

Covered in this halo of light, Lin Ming passed through the purple space gate…


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