MW Chapter 1801

Chapter 1801 – Emperor God Wall

“The resting city is just ahead, so let’s go there first.”

Jaderiver said. Zenith Palace had sent more than 9000 disciples to participate in the Akashic Dream Battlefield and she wasn’t the decision maker.

The decision makers were the several half-step World Kings that had joined in. They were Elders of Zenith Palace and this also included the Vice Palace Master, the white-robed old man who had been hosting the meeting conference.

Entering the Akashic Dream Universe had no restrictions on age. Rather, it looked at whether or not someone was an outstanding individual and just how much potential they possessed.

Generally speaking, if one was doomed to never be able to take another step forwards in their cultivation road then there was no need for them to enter the Akashic Dream Battlefield. Only those who had hopes of going further down their road of martial arts would come here to struggle for a lucky chance.

The city within the Akashic Dream Universe was extremely lifelike and none of it felt like an illusion at all. Touching anything gave a feeling no different than interacting with objects in the real world.

The truth was that the spiritual world and real world were never clearly distinguished to begin with. In fact, there were even some spiritas martial artists who theorized that the current 33 Heavens was nothing more than a dream of a sleeping creator god.

This city was incomparably broad and a massive number of outstanding elites were also gathered here.

Many more martial artists continued to hasten their way to the city.

Of these people’s cultivation, the lowest amongst them were at the Soul Sea realm, a spiritas cultivation realm equivalent to the human Divine Sea realm. As for the highest, they were Great World Kings, and more than one at that.

Lin Ming guessed that there were likely also half-step Empyreans here, and even true Empyrean supreme elders; he just hadn’t seen them yet.

As they arrived not too far from the city, Lin Ming looked up at the city gates that rose a thousand feet high. Above these gates were two strange spiritas characters.

Lin Ming had previously studied the language of the spiritas. He could see that these characters said – Emperor City!

Each character was the size of a large house and they were drawn in an illustrious manner. The aura they gave off was intimidating.

Even Lin Ming couldn’t help but feel a faint sense of awe and dread upon seeing these characters.

Emperor City was surrounded by walls on three sides, each side stretching out nearly a thousand miles long. As for the rear side of the city, it was backed up against a giant divine mountain.

This divine mountain was as smooth as a mirror and was covered with a canopy of runes.

As Lin Ming and the others approached within a hundred miles of this divine mountain, they felt a tremendous pressure.

Ordinary Zenith Palace disciples could not approach. As they tried, they felt all of their blood vitality, spirit essence, and soul force being pulled upon by this pressure, making the energy within them nearly explode outwards from their bodies.

Jaderiver said, “This is the Emperor God Wall. It has already existed for countless years and is the divine object of Emperor City. It is said that it was stained with the blood of peerless God Kings and their aura has yet to dissipate even after billions upon billions of years have passed. And, what we see now is only a projection of the Emperor God Wall. The true Emperor God Wall is not here, but every city has a projection of the Emperor God Wall.”

As Jaderiver spoke, the disciples of Zenith Palace were shocked. Even Lin Ming was left flabbergasted.

It was only a projection yet it exuded such a terrifying pressure.

Then, just what would the true Emperor God Wall be like!?

Some of the outstanding disciples of Zenith Palace strode within several miles of the God Wall. At this distance, they could see many martial artists tirelessly moving forwards as well as some others meditating beneath it.

“They are cultivating, trying to use the pressure of the Emperor God Wall to aid in their breakthrough.”

A Zenith Palace Elder explained.

By being beneath the Emperor God Wall, one would have to withstand a terrifying pressure. This pressure could burden one’s soul and spirit essence, and even directly work upon the martial artist’s body that was sealed away in a separate space to further temper their blood vitality, allowing them to make a breakthrough. It was an incomparably mysterious phenomenon.

“This cultivation isn’t too bad. Eh, there are also some characters on the God Wall.”

A Zenith Palace disciple exclaimed. Lin Ming looked up, able to clearly read the runes written atop the Emperor God Wall.

These runes were ancient and mysterious, consisting of the spiritas language from billions of years ago.

Not even Lin Ming could fully understand them.

“These carvings are…” A Zenith Palace disciple asked.

“They are the rules, as well as the divine objects within the Akashic Dream Battlefield. Look at the third row, that is the Wild God Creed. In the legends it’s said to be a holy text left behind by the first ancestor of the spiritas. The fourth row lists the Weeping God Springs. It is said to be a deep spring that can even help cleanse the marrows of a True Divinity supreme elder. If one could obtain that God Springs’ water to use for alchemy, they could make True Divinity level medicines. As for the fifth row…”

The one speaking was the white-robed Vice Palace Master. His understanding of the Akashic Dream Battlefield was more deep than Jaderiver’s, and as he slowly introduced the various objects, everyone who listened to him was left dumbfounded. Although they clearly knew they couldn’t obtain any of these things, just hearing about it was more than enough to cause their blood to boil over with excitement.

“How do we obtain these things?” Lin Ming asked. As for the other disciples of Zenith Palace, although they didn’t think they could ever obtain these treasures they were still curious about how one obtained them.

The Vice Palace Master said, “Some of these divine objects can be exchanged for using an incredible amount of merit points. As for some other things, they require achievements, lucky chances, or various other items to exchange for them.”

As he spoke, another Zenith Palace disciple said, “Look, there are also names carved upon the God Wall!”

Hearing this disciple’s shout, many people looked down. As he said there were indeed names of powerhouses left behind on the Emperor God Wall.

These names were all written in different handwriting styles and they emitted a dreadful aura. One could instantly see that they weren’t left behind by ordinary mortals.

“Those that can leave behind their names are mostly Empyreans as well as a small number of Great World Kings. They are all proud children of heaven that have existed through the history of the spiritas. There are some people that weren’t Empyreans when they left behind their names, but they would eventually become Empyreans in the future. Rather, it should be said that most of them became extreme Empyreans, and a few of them even managed to step into the realm of True Divinity.”

The Zenith Palace Elder’s explanation left everyone bewildered. Even amongst the spiritas, True Divinities were a mythical existence. It was hard for ordinary martial artists to imagine what they were like.

“Mm? Sheng Mei!”

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. Amongst the many names, he could make out Sheng Mei’s!

Sheng Mei had also carved her name above the God Wall.

“Soul Empress Sheng Mei, her talent cannot be imagined. Through the vast 33 Heavens, no one can surpass her.”

Jaderiver thought that Lin Ming had come from the wild mountains and didn’t know about many matters, thus she briefly introduced Sheng Mei. Sheng Mei was absolutely the heroine of the spiritas, and as Jaderiver mentioned her name, she felt awe and pride.

“Not everyone can leave behind their name on the Emperor God Wall. These people have all achieved some peerless accomplishments or have accumulated merit points to a terrifying degree. Only then can they leave behind their name on the Emperor God Wall.”

Another Zenith Palace Elder explained.

At this time, everyone was startled. They watched as a decrepit one-legged old man with scattered hair walked towards the Emperor God Wall.

Because this person only had one leg, he seemed to hop as he walked. In addition to that, his entire face was marred with horrifying scars, making him seem like a ghost walking around during daytime.

“Just who is that? What a scary-looking old man.”

Standing beside Jaderiver, Xiao Chi couldn’t help but cover her mouth in shock.

“Stop spouting nonsense!” A Zenith Palace Elder hurriedly said. However, Xiao Chi’s words had already been heard by the one-legged old man.

The old man’s hearing was extremely sharp. He suddenly turned his head, revealing a grisly and humorless smile.

With this, everyone could see that he had a Great World King cultivation.

All of the disciples from Zenith Palace paled.


The one-legged old man diabolically grinned. As he stared at Xiao Chi, Xiao Chi shivered and a cold chill ran up her back. She felt as if she were being stared at by some viper.

“Our junior was being foolish. Senior, please forgive her.”

“Whatever. I am someone that bears deep grudges.” The one-legged old man simply didn’t place the Zenith Palace Vice Palace Master in his eyes. As he turned back and walked forwards, he left behind an endless killing intent.

For a time, Xiao Chi’s face turned as white as funeral paper. “Elder, I…”

No one thought that in Emperor City, just a few words could draw a catastrophe upon oneself.

The several Elders of Zenith Palace all had ugly complexions. That one-legged old freak had a bizarre personality. If one annoyed him, they definitely wouldn’t have a happy ending.

And at this time, a gloating laugh rang out. “Haha, congratulations everyone from Zenith Palace! You just arrived and yet you’ve already drawn a winning ticket. Looking at your expressions, it seems you’ll all be wiped out sooner or later.”

These words caused the disciples from Zenith Palace to frown.

They turned to see a middle-aged fat man jovially walking towards them, laughing all the while. Behind him was a large group all wearing the same uniform; it was clear that they came from the same influence.

“Eh? There’s even a human! Has Zenith Palace degenerated so much that they must even send a human to participate in the Akashic Dream Battlefield?”

The fat man openly mocked Zenith Palace as he saw Lin Ming.

“Forget about him, let’s go.” The Vice Palace Master was clearly acquainted with the fat man, but their relationship seemed extremely bad. He didn’t want to have any accidents occur. Within the confines of Emperor City, fighting wasn’t allowed.

Just as the Vice Palace Master was leading the disciples to leave, the skies suddenly darkened. A massive ancient vicious beast emitted a terrifying slaughter energy as it flew over the city gates and fell atop a tall pagoda within the city. This ancient vicious beast was huge and as it unfolded its wings, its wingspan was nearly a hundred miles wide, almost camouflaging the skies. The towering pagoda that it fell upon seemed as small as a toy.

A horrifying howl pierced through the heavens, making the ears tingle with numbness.

“What an amazingly dreadful aura. Just what kind of ancient beast is that?”

Many Zenith Palace disciples asked, horrified.

“That is a leviathan roc! Although it has an impure bloodline it can almost compare with a God Beast. It is even stronger than most half-step Empyreans.”

A Zenith Palace Elder whispered, his breath catching in his throat.

“I know this leviathan roc, it is Empyrean Heavencore’s personal mount. This isn’t even its complete form. When it fully manifests its body, its wingspan can reach a thousand miles!”

As everyone was speaking, the leviathan roc suddenly opened its gaping jaws. An army of martial artists walked out from within the stomach of the leviathan roc.

In the legends, the leviathan roc had a separate world contained within its body. It could easily swallow mountains and rivers, much less something as small as hundreds of thousands of disciples.

These disciples that marched out from the stomach of the leviathan roc were all from Heavencore Heavenly Palace.

Besides the outstanding young elites of Heavencore Heavenly Palace, there were also the core disciples and the martial artists that made up the backbone of Heavencore Heavenly Palace.

Lin Ming was vigilant as he saw this. Amongst these people, there were many World Kings, Great World Kings, and even half-step Empyreans!

They were all disciples of Heavencore Heavenly Palace. However, some of these people had already followed Empyrean Heavencore for 100,000 years and were no longer considered juniors.

These people possessed a profound cultivation. The reason they came to the Akashic Dream Battlefield was in hopes of going further in their cultivation. For instance, a Great World King becoming a half-step Empyrean, or a half-step Empyrean becoming a true Empyrean.

“This is an Empyrean level influence…”

Some people sighed in admiration. Just any one of these high level Heavencore Heavenly Palace disciples could easily sweep away Zenith Palace.

Far too many masters had gathered at the Akashic Dream Battlefield. It was destined to be an unrivalled war.


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