MW Chapter 1800

Chapter 1800 – Entering the Battlefield

Like this, it was decided that Lin Ming would enter the Akashic Dream Battlefield. The rest of the spiritas disciples present felt as if they were living a dream. What happened today was far too strange. A human had rushed into their meeting site and instantly defeated core disciple Yi Fan without using a weapon, thus obtaining the qualifications to enter the Akashic Dream Battlefield.

Their Zenith Palace would actually be sending a human into the Akashic Dream Battlefield. This was something that hadn’t happened for hundreds of thousands of years.

“Lin Muk, what were you doing on the Great Desolate Glacier? Don’t try and tell me you only passed by.”

Jaderiver felt the situation was strange. Lin Ming was mind-bogglingly strong and had also appeared in the same area as the space storm; she couldn’t help but link them together.

“It’s true, I was just passing by. I had just left the mountains not too long before that.”

Lin Ming had no intentions of revealing anything related to the Divine Realm. The existence of a space channel that crossed...

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