Chapter 180 - Confronting Houtian

Chapter 180 - Confronting Houtian

As for the red quartz, Lin Ming didn’t know why, but he had an intense foreboding feeling that if he were to miss this opportunity to choose it, then he would never be able to obtain it again.

Therefore Lin Ming gave up the relatively safe route of choosing pills, and instead chose the red quartz.

“As you wish.”

With a thought by Yan Mo, the other two treasures were taken away, and only the red quartz with that crimson filament inside remained.

“Smelting trial human, the treasure you have chosen of the three is the most precious, and was also the most difficult to obtain. Since you chose this treasure, then you will receive no additional rewards from the sixth level, the Divine Envoy trial. In other words, if you cannot break through the seventh level, then you will receive nothing more than what you have already obtained at the fifth level and below.”

As Yan Mo spoke, Lin Ming had started to become unbearably excited until it reached cloud nine. But as he continued, Lin Ming’s mood plunged to rock bottom.

This gamble was simply too high. If he was unable to pass through the seventh level, then it would simply be the same as trying to fetch water with a bamboo net!

Lin Ming had been counting on receiving some sort of power from the...

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