MW Chapter 1799

Chapter 1799 – Stealing the Stage

“Brat, so it’s you again!”

A red eyebrow youth looked up at Lin Ming. This youth was Yi Fan, the young man who had come into conflict with Lin Ming aboard the spirit ship.

He didn’t think that Lin Ming would actually show up out of nowhere during the assembly meeting for the Akashic Dream Battlefield; it seemed that he was tired of living.

According to the rules of Zenith Palace, if a low level disciple were to interrupt the speech of the Vice Palace Master during an important occasion, that was a sin of tremendous disrespect.

“Jaderiver, Yi Fan, you know him?”

The white-robed Elder looked towards Jaderiver, frowning.


Jaderiver braced herself and nodded. She looked at Lin Ming and glumly said, “Lin Muk, how come you aren’t training in your residential area but instead came to the high peak?”

“Miss Jaderiver.” Lin Ming cupped his fists together. “I heard that the Akashic Dream Battlefield will be opening soon and would like to be granted a spot to enter. I wonder if the Akashic Dream Battlefield has any limits on race for entrance?”

Lin Ming’s words caused the entire audience to die down.

He wanted a coveted spot to enter the Akashic Dream Battlefield? Who the hell did he think he was!

“Hahaha! Are you trying to make me laugh...

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