MW Chapter 1798

Chapter 1798 – Akashic Dream Battlefield Opens

The red eyebrow youth called Senior-apprentice Brother Yi walked away. The other three spiritas maids also stood up in a panic and hurried behind him, silently enduring the pain from having their meridians torn by Lin Ming.

Lin Ming didn’t stop these people from leaving. Originally, he had already expected that the status of humans wasn’t too good in the Soul World, and the reason the veiled woman from before was so polite to him was because she needed his help and also because of her personality. She was someone who had stood at the top for a long time and had developed a sense of deep superiority in her heart. She didn’t need to show disdain or contempt in her words to improve her own status.

But those people with slightly lower status were different. In front of their lords and masters they were timid and polite, but in front of others they blustered about.

“Get up…”

Lin Ming stretched out a hand and pulled up the young maid.

“I’m sorry…” The young maid quietly murmured as she bit her lips. She felt as if...

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