MW Chapter 1798

Chapter 1798 – Akashic Dream Battlefield Opens

The red eyebrow youth called Senior-apprentice Brother Yi walked away. The other three spiritas maids also stood up in a panic and hurried behind him, silently enduring the pain from having their meridians torn by Lin Ming.

Lin Ming didn’t stop these people from leaving. Originally, he had already expected that the status of humans wasn’t too good in the Soul World, and the reason the veiled woman from before was so polite to him was because she needed his help and also because of her personality. She was someone who had stood at the top for a long time and had developed a sense of deep superiority in her heart. She didn’t need to show disdain or contempt in her words to improve her own status.

But those people with slightly lower status were different. In front of their lords and masters they were timid and polite, but in front of others they blustered about.

“Get up…”

Lin Ming stretched out a hand and pulled up the young maid.

“I’m sorry…” The young maid quietly murmured as she bit her lips. She felt as if she had needlessly sucked Lin Ming into her problems.

“It’s no problem… what is your name?”

“My name is Wanyue.” The young maid whispered.

“Mm.” Lin Ming nodded and returned the pills that were taken from her. Thinking about it a bit more, Lin Ming added on another bottle of pills. Then, without paying attention to the young maid’s refusals he turned and left.

He needed to maximize his time to restore his strength.

His wounds would need several days before they could fully recover. Until Lin Ming was restored to his peak state he would find it difficult to remain tranquil.

Like this, Lin Ming rested in the spirit ship until they arrived at Zenith Palace.

Zenith Palace was located atop a million foot high snowy mountain.

And in the surrounding mountain range, there were areas swathed in array formations. In these areas, spirit springs gushed up and lush grass grew abundantly. All sorts of rare world treasures bloomed, making this land seem like a fairytale.

Witnessing this scene, Lin Ming wasn’t impressed at all. He had already seen places that were hundreds of times more beautiful.

“This is your residential area.”

Someone said to Lin Ming.

Lin Ming looked at the human residential area of Zenith Palace. There was no array formation here thus the buildings were wrapped in a world of ice and snow. Of course, to a martial artist this level of cold wasn’t much at all.

This living area had a richness of spiritual energy that was only a tenth of what the highest peak had.

Lin Ming wasn’t surprised by such a scene. In this bitter cold, to lay down a spiritual energy-gathering array formation that worked all year round would consume a considerable amount of resources.

In this area there were many human martial artists; most of them came from the surrounding regions of Zenith Palace and they stayed here to cultivate. Sometimes they would be summoned to the peak of Zenith Palace so that the Zenith Palace Master could observe their inner world.

In this land, the best dwellings had been occupied by others already.

Lin Ming casually chose a residence. This was a mansion, and although it was large in size the furnishings were barren and simple and the spiritual energy here was barren.

Lin Ming didn’t care for these details. As soon as he entered he began meditating.

As for that young maid Wanyue, she also lived in this area. She voluntarily chose to stay in Lin Ming’s palace and help tend to his daily needs.

The days passed in peace.

In this snowy area, very few people came, making it seem a bit lonely.

Lin Ming was glad for this. In these past days, his wounds had been rapidly recovering.

At the same time he also studied the inheritance left behind by Empyrean Thunder Punishment.

The current Lin Ming had no lack of top grade cultivation methods. Empyrean Thunder Punishment’s inheritance could only be considered a superior transcendent divine might; its grade wasn’t too high.

But, the key factor was that it was extremely well suited for Lin Ming. Moreover, he also had the support of Empyrean Thunder Punishment’s ready-made memories and his experience. With this, Empyrean Thunder Punishment’s inheritance provided a good deal of inspiration to Lin Ming in controlling the power of thunder as well as perceiving the Thunder Laws.

Simultaneously, Empyrean Thunder Punishment’s memories allowed Lin Ming to further understand what happened in the war 100,000 years ago.

The start to end of the war was almost exactly as Lin Ming had speculated. Unfortunately, Empyrean Thunder Punishment’s memory of events only lasted until he had been struck by Empyrean Primordius’ strongest attack and sent piercing through the Sky Spill Planet. After that, his soul had been scattered and his origin energy completely exhausted. All that was left over of him was a wisp of a remnant soul.

All matters that occurred afterwards, Empyrean Thunder Punishment had no idea of.

Like this, a month passed.

On this day, the meditating Lin Ming suddenly stood up. He wanted to leave the human residential area.

“Sir, is there some matter?”

Wanyue asked with surprise.


Lin Ming didn’t speak further. He flew up and towards the peak of Zenith Palace.

He had already understood from Jaderiver and that Zenith Palace Elder that the sect wars within the Akashic Dream Battlefield would be occurring in a few days.

And in truth, in Zenith Palace, many disciples had converged in the main square before the central palace. These disciples were all outstanding individuals of Zenith Palace.

Among them were the elites from the core disciples as well as some people who were considerably older. These older people tended to be at the Holy Lord realm or above and were the backbone of Zenith Palace.

“There are three more days! That is when the war within the Akashic Dream Battlefield begins! When you enter the Akashic Dream Battlefield, you will need to stay there for a full three years!”

Standing in front of all the disciples of Zenith Palace was a grandiose white-robed old man. This old man was Zenith Palace’s Vice Palace Master.

“During these three years you will run into all sorts of enemies. This includes opponents from other sects as well as nightmare beasts. Cut them down to gather merit points!

“And the more merit points you gather, the more unimaginable the rewards you can exchange them for!

“Besides the resources handed down by Zenith Palace, the most important factor of all are the heaven-shaking rewards from the Akashic Dream Universe!

“The rewards of the Akashic Dream Universe are no trifling matter. In the legends, the Akashic Dream Universe was created by the first ancestor of all spiritas and the lucky chances within are incomprehensibly great. The highest rewards can even move the heart of a True Divinity!

“Of course, this is all far too distant for you. If any of you can open yourself just a small space within the Cardinal Sky World then that is more than enough to be proud of. This will allow your future road of martial arts to be free from many troubles!

“All of you should be aware that today is your good fortune as well as your opportunity! In these past years, amongst the World King influences of Cardinal Sky World, the results of my Zenith Palace haven’t been too great. Your results this time are directly correlated to the destiny of the sect! Empyrean Cardinal Sky has already sent out a proclamation that anyone who has outstanding results in the Akashic Dream Battlefield will be personally taken in as a disciple by him. All of you should be well aware of what it means to become a disciple of Empyrean Cardinal Sky!

“Not to mention the other benefits, just being a disciple of Empyrean Cardinal Sky will make you a candidate to be the next Zenith Palace Master! And as long as you can break into the World King realm in the future, that is a Highest Elder!”

The white-robed old man passionately spoke out. As the disciples of Zenith Palace heard this, all of them began to bubble with excitement.

If one could be received as a disciple by Empyrean Cardinal Sky, they could be the next Zenith Palace Master!

In addition, there was also the heaven-shaking rewards of the Akashic Dream Universe and the support of Zenith Palace’s resources.

This was a golden chance – just who would miss out on this opportunity?

This was all because Zenith Palace had started to decline in these last years. The two World King masters of Zenith Palace were well into their old age. Not only could they not enhance their cultivation boundaries anymore, but instead their vitality began to dissipate further with every passing day.

According to this trend, in less than 100,000 years, the two sect-stabilizing World Kings of Zenith Palace would drop to the weakest of World Kings in terms of fighting strength.

At that time, the grade of influence that Zenith Palace was would surely drop down by one.

And to train another World King powerhouse in these 100,000 years seemed far too unlikely.

This was the reason why Zenith Palace spared no expense in raising the younger generation. The accumulated inside background of the sect, their many resources, all of these things were used up without hesitation. Zenith Palace had staked everything in this gamble in the hopes that they would be able to produce an outstanding junior that was able to support them in the future.

“I ask the Vice Palace Master and all other Elders to feel at ease. Within the Akashic Dream battlefield, we shall write our own legends!”

“That’s right! For the sect and for ourselves, we’ll slaughter our way through the world!”

The disciples of Zenith Palace all shouted out together, their ardent chants filling the skies.

But at this time, there was the sound of splitting air. A blue-clothed youth cut through the vast blue sky at an incredible speed, flying straight towards the meeting square.

This youth was Lin Ming.

“Who is that!?”

The disciples of Zenith Palace were just starting their chant when an uninvited guest broke his way in. The high level figures of Zenith Palace frowned. Just where had this human come from? Moreover, to be so public with his actions and fly high in the skies was an extremely impolite action.

“Lin Muk?”

Jaderiver was certainly present. She immediately recognized Lin Ming and was stunned for a moment. Where had he come from?

“Lin Muk, what are you doing! Hurry up and come down!”

Jaderiver began to develop a headache. Just what was going on here?

Lin Ming fell down. The reason he came here was to borrow one of Zenith Palace’s spots to enter the Akashic Dream Battlefield. Since he came here to request help, he naturally couldn’t be too reckless in his actions nor could he start a fight.


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