MW Chapter 1796

Chapter 1796 – Zenith Palace

After understanding what the Akashic Dream Universe was, there was no need to ask about the Akashic Dream Battlefield. Lin Ming had originally thought that the Akashic Dream Battlefield was a place where the saints and spiritas fought each other, but now it seemed that it was clearly a specified area within the Akashic Dream Universe where sects fought against other sects in massive wars.

In the Akashic Dream Battlefield, one could freely slaughter at will.

Like the Divine Dream World, even if a martial artist were killed on the Akashic Dream Battlefield they wouldn’t die in reality. At most they would suffer some damage to their soul force that might take days or weeks to recover from.

However, the significance behind all of this was beyond the ordinary.

To a martial artist, the fastest method of growth was to fight endlessly.

In an intense battle their cultivation would be tempered and their foundation would become more solid than before.

And to a sect, holding a war that involved nearly all of its disciples would have the disciples of their sect be even more united with each other, as well as enhancing their collective combat strength and teamwork abilities.

It was impossible for such a chance to train the members of an entire sect to appear within the Divine...

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