MW Chapter 1795

Chapter 1795 – Akashic Dream Battlefield

“Zenith Palace is searching for the hornless ice dragon to subdue it and make it their guardian beast?” Lin Ming thoughtlessly asked, not expecting the young maid to know anything.

The young maid nodded and said, “Yes, but the most important reason is because they wish to have the hornless ice dragon fight in the Akashic Dream Battlefield…”

Akashic Dream Battlefield?

Lin Ming was startled. He never imagined this young maid would know such information. Just what sort of place was this Akashic Dream Battlefield? Could it be the spiritas’ battlefield against the saints?

Lin Ming earnestly wanted to know just what the current situation was between the saints and the spiritas.

As he was thinking about it, the young maid asked with some envy in her voice, “Sir, if you can survive that terrifying storm, your cultivation should be quite fierce… could… could you be a Life Destruction martial artist?”

The young girl originally wanted to say Revolving Core, but she thought this young man should be a little better, and thus she asked him if he was at Life Destruction.

In her eyes, if Lin Ming could reach Life Destruction at such a young age then that was already extraordinary.

In the future there would be high hopes that he could break into the Divine...

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