MW Chapter 1795

Chapter 1795 – Akashic Dream Battlefield

“Zenith Palace is searching for the hornless ice dragon to subdue it and make it their guardian beast?” Lin Ming thoughtlessly asked, not expecting the young maid to know anything.

The young maid nodded and said, “Yes, but the most important reason is because they wish to have the hornless ice dragon fight in the Akashic Dream Battlefield…”

Akashic Dream Battlefield?

Lin Ming was startled. He never imagined this young maid would know such information. Just what sort of place was this Akashic Dream Battlefield? Could it be the spiritas’ battlefield against the saints?

Lin Ming earnestly wanted to know just what the current situation was between the saints and the spiritas.

As he was thinking about it, the young maid asked with some envy in her voice, “Sir, if you can survive that terrifying storm, your cultivation should be quite fierce… could… could you be a Life Destruction martial artist?”

The young girl originally wanted to say Revolving Core, but she thought this young man should be a little better, and thus she asked him if he was at Life Destruction.

In her eyes, if Lin Ming could reach Life Destruction at such a young age then that was already extraordinary.

In the future there would be high hopes that he could break into the Divine Sea, Divine Transformation, or even Divine Lord realm. To humanity, this was a rare level of talent.

As she spoke she peeked at Lin Ming’s expression and discovered that he didn’t seem to be denying it at all. To her, this immediately confirmed her speculations. This youth was indeed a fierce young man.

Looking at the girl’s expression, Lin Ming felt a bit sad. He thought back to how humanity was said to have once been one of the three great races of the 33 Heavens and was incomparably glorious. Billions of years ago, there appeared many unrivalled heroes like Empyrean Divine Seal.

Even in present times with their inheritances severed and the hopes of reaching True Divinity nearly suffocated to death, there were still peerless masters that appeared like Emperor Shakya, Empyrean Primordius, and Empyrean Divine Dream. These characters were all just a single step away from stepping into the realm of True Divinity.

But now, in the Soul World, they had fallen to such depths.

This was because humans here lacked confidence in themselves.

Once a race lost all belief in their own strength, then there was only a single fate left for them – to be slaves.

However, Lin Ming couldn’t blame this on the humans of the Soul World, because this was an environment created for them that they were born in.

Lin Ming lightly sighed. Looking at the young maid before him, he could see that her road of martial arts would be long and rough. He took pity on her and took out a pill bottle from his spatial ring.

The pills in this bottle were those used by low level martial artists. To the current Lin Ming they were of no use and there was no reason for him to hold on to them.

He kept these pills in his ring because he planned to give them to his juniors as a greeting gift during the times he returned to the Sky Spill Continent.

However, even though these were pills for junior martial artists, with Lin Ming’s current level of vision they were still priceless medicines that these low level martial artists could only obtain through a stroke of fate.

“This is for you.”

Lin Ming passed over the pill bottle.

“This is…”

The young maid took the pill bottle in a daze and blankly opened it. A heartwarming fragrance spread out. Without a doubt, these were all top quality pills that Lin Ming had given her.

“This is too precious…”

The young maid was at a loss. But at this time, the door opened and two young girls walked in.

The young maid was shocked. She quickly put away the pill bottle in fear that it would be seen.

“Eh, you’re awake?”

The two maids casually said as they looked at Lin Ming.

These two maids were both spiritas and their cultivations were equal to a human Xiantian realm martial artist. Compared to the young human maid, they were considerably stronger.

It was obvious they also had a high status amongst the maids. The human maid appeared meek and cautious in front of them.

Lin Ming remembered the voices of these two spiritas maids; they had been the ones complaining about being ordered to take care of him.

“Since you’ve awoken, follow us. Miss wishes to see you.”

“Oh.” Lin Ming nodded. Since he had just arrived at the Soul World there were many things he didn’t understand. How to find Sheng Mei, what the situation was between the spiritas and the saints – he was completely in the dark about all of this. Not just that, but he was even wounded at the moment. His best route would be to find a considerably large influence to stay at for a little while and unravel his current conundrums before leaving again.

Thus, Lin Ming didn’t refuse the summons of this ‘Miss’ at all. After he rose, he spread out his sense like a web.

He discovered that he was within an ice spirit ship. When everyone in the ship including the maids was counted, there were just several hundred people. It seemed that this was a team that Zenith Palace had temporarily sent out to look for the hornless ice dragon.

On the spirit ship, the strongest ones were the old man and the veiled woman.

The woman had an elegant temperament and was a beauty. Her skin was fair and her two eyes were icy blue, seeming to be as smooth as crystal jade.

And sitting beside her was a 50-60 year old looking white-robed old man. He had a benign appearance and his aura was restrained.

At this time, these two people were talking about something.

They didn’t lay down any sound-insulating enchantments thus the content of their conversation all fell into Lin Ming’s ears.

Although Lin Ming was injured, his soul and the intensity of his divine sense hadn’t been affected. He could easily spy upon these two people talking without any worries of being discovered.

“Elder White, it doesn’t seem that we can find this hornless ice dragon. Perhaps we were mistaken, or perhaps the hornless ice dragon has already dug through the glacier and escaped. Either way, it will be increasingly difficult for us in the sect wars a month from now. Currently our sect is accumulating battle merit points at a worryingly slow rate. If this continues our situation will be troublesome.”

“Mm… a year ago our Zenith Palace was nearly completely annihilated in the Akashic Dream Universe. Besides you and Jadehall, the other disciples did horribly. On average they all received less than ten merit points. Even amongst influences of the same rank this is too embarrassing. I fear that if this continues, we won’t be assigned many resources from Cardinal Sky World…”

As Elder White and the veiled woman spoke, Lin Ming had a strange complexion on his face.

Zenith Palace was nearly ‘annihilated’ in the Akashic Dream Universe?

Then could the people searching for the hornless ice dragon be ghosts or something?

Naturally, none of this made sense. But slowly, the more Lin Ming listened, the more guesses he had. These guesses caused his heart to leap into his throat. He anxiously wanted to confirm them.

“Hey, make sure you don’t let your eyes just wander about. The one you’re about to see is the direct disciple of our Zenith Palace Master, Senior-apprentice Sister Jaderiver, someone who possesses a postnatal spiritual ice body. Although Senior-apprentice Sister Jaderiver currently has the status of a disciple, she is already treated on the same level as an Elder. In the future she might even become the next Zenith Palace Master. Do you have any idea just what kind of concept the Zenith Palace Master is?”

The young maid looked at Lin Ming’s listless expression. With his stupid appearance she was afraid he would randomly cause a ruckus with the high level figures of Zenith Palace, thus she gave him a warning.

Lin Ming couldn’t be bothered arguing with this kind of maid. His eyebrows arched up and he asked, “Is Zenith Palace a World King influence?”

After investigating that Elder White’s cultivation just now, he should be a half-step World King. If so, then he could infer from this that the Zenith Palace Master was most likely a World King. Moreover, it was possible that Zenith Palace had more than one World King. On a great world, such an influence was considered not too shabby.

“That’s right!”

The young maid looked at Lin Ming with surprise. She didn’t expect this fellow to know that much.

“Miss, I’ve brought the human here.”

Another maid notified the veiled woman.

This veiled woman’s thoughts stirred. She paused the conversation she was having with the old man.

“You’ve already rescued this human, but instead of having him leave, you summoned him here? Are you hoping to learn news of the hornless ice dragon from him?” Elder White shook his head, clearly not thinking Lin Ming would have any valuable information.

“Not only that. I just think that this person has a formidable blood vitality and his inner world is also extraordinary. It’s a bit strange to me. Perhaps he is some amazing character…”

As the veiled woman said this, the old man was about to respond but eventually didn’t and shook his head instead.

By now, Lin Ming had already walked into the room.

The room wasn’t too large but the décor was extremely unique and wonderful. There were ice crystal objects everywhere and abundant spiritual energy filled the room. The chairs that the veiled woman and Elder White sat on were crafted from ice jade. A faint mist dissipated from them. It was clear they weren’t ordinary treasures.

As Lin Ming entered the room, the veiled woman bid the maid pour Lin Ming a cup of spirit tea and then waved for him to take a seat.

“Sir, may I know your name?”

“My name is Lin Muk.”

Lin Ming casually made up a name.

“Ah, then it is Sir Lin. Sir Lin, for what reason did you come to the Great Desolate Glacier? And why were you injured?”

As the veiled woman asked this question her eyes stared at Lin Ming, as if she wanted to completely understand his cultivation.

With Lin Ming’s severely wounded state, his cultivation seemed to be between the Divine Sea and Divine Lord realm.

Lin Ming said, “I will answer all of Miss’s questions. But before that, I have some questions of my own that I hope Miss can cast light on.”

“Oh? What questions does Sir Lin have?”

Lin Ming said, “I am someone from the wilds. I’ve been training with my master since I was a child and just recently left his protection, so I know nothing of the outside world. As I was adventuring through the world I heard someone mention the Akashic Dream Battlefield and that sects of the Soul World would be engaging in sect wars within this place. May I ask what this Akashic Dream Battlefield is?”

Lin Ming guessed, and rightfully so, that his question sounded extremely stupid and might even rouse the suspicions of this Miss. After all, if this was something that even a young maid knew then it should be common knowledge.

However, he couldn’t care about this much. After all, in a mere World King influence like this there was no need to have too many scruples.

With his regenerative abilities, although his current wounds were serious they wouldn’t take too long to recover from.

And indeed, that veiled woman looked at Lin Ming with surprise, “You haven’t heard of the Akashic Dream Universe?”

Lin Ming shook his head.

“Your master actually never told you about this…” The veiled woman thought this was bizarre. Although Lin Ming had said he was someone who lived in the wild mountains and had never left before, still, his master should have taught him such common knowledge.

“The Akashic Dream Universe is a dreamland universe shared by all people of the Soul World. There, everyone exists in the form of soul energy. This universe is broad and boundless and covers all seven Heavens that make up the Soul World. From any place within the Soul World’s seven universes, one can use their own spiritual sea to connect to the Akashic Dream Universe.

“In the Akashic Dream Universe, a martial artist’s cultivation, strength, Laws, everything will be copied over exactly as in reality, and this even includes weapons and pills. If two martial artists fight in the Akashic Dream Universe, that is no different from them fighting in the outside world…”

As the veiled woman explained this, Lin Ming’s heart shook.

In truth, he had already faintly guessed what was happening.

This Akashic Dream Universe was in truth similar to the Divine Dream World that Empyrean Divine Dream had arranged for use in the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting.

But, the Akashic Dream Universe was countless times larger than the Divine Dream World!

The number of martial artists that the Akashic Dream Universe could hold was trillions and quadrillions times more than the Divine Dream World!

“The spiritas actually had such a place…”

Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air. He was well aware of just how significant it was for an entire race to possess this sort of universe!


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