MW Chapter 1794

Chapter 1794 – The Human Race of the Soul World

“Eh? You’re awake!”

As Lin Ming sat up on his bed, thinking about what his next step should be in the Soul World, a young girl pushed open the door. She carried a basin of hot water with a white towel hanging from it.

This young girl only looked to be around 15-16 years old. Her small face was flushed red and her skin was smooth and vibrant. Her large eyes shined brightly, looking quite lovable.

However, as Lin Ming saw this young girl, he was actually quite shocked.

He rubbed his chin, a strange expression on his face.

As Lin Ming stared at this young girl, his behavior caused her to blush. She wasn’t sure just what to do.

“Sir, you…”

For a young girl who had no experience between the sexes to be stared at by a man in such a manner was considered impolite. However, due to her young age and low status as a maid, she wasn’t sure just what do say.

Luckily, Lin Ming had already withdrawn his gaze. He asked her, a bit puzzled, “You… are a human?”

Just a moment ago he had been looking at the young girl’s stomach and had clearly seen the existence of a dantian.

Only a human cultivation method would form a dantian – this was the basis of the...

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