MW Chapter 1793

Chapter 1793 – Dreamsoul Heaven

Cardinal Sky World was one of the larger great worlds within Dreamsoul Heaven’s 3600 great worlds.

The main continent of Cardinal Sky World was an incredibly vast area, but most of the land here was covered by snow and ice at all times, similar to the Snowfall World within the Divine Realm.

Because of the snow that covered the entire world, many martial artists of Cardinal Sky World cultivated the power of ice. Of course, they were different from humans. Spiritas lived here and they communed with the Ice Laws through soul force. Moreover, their Ice Laws were used to supplement the effects of their soul attacks, making them strange and nearly impossible to defend against.

In Cardinal Sky World existed a large influence called Zenith Palace. Zenith Palace didn’t have many disciples, but they had produced extraordinary individuals since time immemorial and were a highly reputed sect.

At this time, at the outside edges of Zenith Palace, wind and snow drifted about, making the entire landscape misty. A group of Zenith Palace disciples were exploring an ice field. There were over 20 disciples; half of them were women and half were men.

The one in the lead was a white-browed old man. Beside him followed...

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