MW Chapter 1792

Chapter 1792 – Towards Soul World

Three days later, Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom –

Lin Ming’s actions at the Thunder Dominion were far too gargantuan. It was impossible for him to not arouse the attention of the four great Divine Kingdoms.

In addition, some people had already notified the high level figures of the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom. Thus, when Lin Ming finished breaking through the third Dao Palace of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and left the 8000 Miles Black Swamp, a group of Divine Sea powerhouses was already waiting for him.

Lin Ming returning to the Sky Spill Continent once more was a momentous event; no one wanted to miss it.

However, none of these Divine Sea powerhouses ever imagined that after arriving at the 8000 Mile Black Swap they would witness such a ridiculous scene occur. The entire Thunder Dominion along with the Temple of Marvels had been taken in by Lin Ming.

This was an absolute life-forbidden zone of the Sky Spill Planet that had existed for 100,000 years. And now, because of Lin Ming’s return, it had completely vanished in a single night.

The Sea of Miracles, also known as the Ocean of Endless Storms, had turned into a normal sea. This sort of strange phenomenon caused many Divine Sea powerhouses to be dazed for a long time, as if they were living in some sort of dream.

Lin Ming didn’t bother much with these dazed high level figures of the Sky Spill Planet. He simply politely greeted them and then brought Mu Qianyu, Lin Xiaoge, Qin Xingxuan, and Xiao Moxian to fly straight towards the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom.

The Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom was one of the four Divine Kingdoms of the Sky Spill Continent. With Lin Ming’s current cultivation his sense could already easily cover the entire Divine Kingdom.

He flew as fast as a bolt of lightning. In less than a quarter hour of time, he arrived above a grandiose jade palace. This was the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom’s imperial palace.

Lin Ming’s sense covered the entire imperial palace. Right after, his figure flashed as he fell straight down, followed by the others.

He landed in a courtyard.

The courtyard was quiet and tastefully decorated. Several species of spirit bamboo were planted, their fragrance warming the heart and mind.

In this courtyard, there was a middle-aged man sitting down at a stone table, brewing some tea in the shade. Lin Ming’s sudden arrival caused the man to be startled for a moment. Right after, a woman also heard the commotion and came outside. As she saw Lin Ming, she was inexplicably surprised.

Seeing this middle-aged man and woman, Lin Ming’s heart filled with emotion.

“Father, Mother, your son has returned to visit you…”


Since the last time Lin Ming returned, 70 years had passed in the blink of an eye.

Originally, Lin Ming once had the thought of bringing his parents up to the Divine Realm.

However, as he realized that the great calamity would soon erupt in the Divine Realm and the fate of humanity was also unknown, he decided it was better to have them stay in the lower realms where it would be relatively safer.

Lin Ming’s parents had already missed their chance to cultivate. He also didn’t have any desire to have his parents cultivate martial arts. Instead, what he could do was use a variety of heavenly materials to lengthen their lifespans to several thousands of years.

Thus, as Lin Ming saw his parents now, the two of them still looked like a husband and wife in their mid-thirties. Even the wrinkles on his mother’s face had vanished beneath the revitalization of so many heavenly materials.

After Lin Xiaoge ascended to the Divine Realm, Lin Ming’s parents also had another baby boy. This boy was Lin Ming and Lin Xiaoge’s little brother.

For these highly traditional parents, if they didn’t have their children and grandchildren around them, then even if they lived for several thousand years they would still feel lonely and empty within.

Even after 70 years passed, the Lin Family didn’t have many descendants. Even so, they were undoubtedly the number one family of the entire Sky Spill Planet. Whether it was Lin Ming’s parents of the descendants of their family, all of them had extraordinary statuses.

Currently, the Lin Family had developed to seven or eight people. At this speed, the Lin Family would soon grow into a flourishing family tree. As for Lin Ming’s parents, this was the happiest scene for them.

In particular, after the two parents met Xiao Moxian and learned she was carrying Lin Ming’s flesh and blood, they were even happier than before.

As for Xiao Moxian, she was a bit wary. She never imagined the scene would unfold this way when she met Lin Ming’s parents.

Xiao Moxian’s sense was extremely keen. She could clearly feel the abundant love and care coming from the gentle eyes of these two elders.

Then, she thought back to her grandfather. No matter when it was, Empyrean Demondawn had always maintained his dignity and grandeur. Although it was true that he loved Xiao Moxian, his love was deep and heavy, sometimes to the point of leaving her gasping for breath.

Such a contrast naturally had Xiao Moxian feel a heartfelt closeness towards Lin Ming’s parents.

As Lin Ming saw the smiles of his parents, his increasingly prosperous family, and also the respect and fear of the juniors, he felt comforted.

He increasingly realized just how great the burden on his shoulders was. Humanity had to cross the great calamity and survive no matter what; only then could such a peaceful happiness be sustained. Otherwise, if the Divine Realm perished it would only be a matter of time before disaster reached the lower realms.

In the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom, Lin Ming enjoyed a rare time of leisure and joy.

Besides only doing the necessary meditation every day, he would accompany his mother to discuss cooking recipes and play chess and brew tea with his father.

These days continued for a full month. Then, Lin Ming bid his farewells to his parents and embarked on his journey once again.

The day that Lin Ming returned to the Divine Realm, all of the Lin Family members and nearly all the Divine Sea powerhouses of the Sky Spill Continent, including many high level figures of all four Divine Kingdoms, gathered to see him off.

The scene was grand and even festive.

After all, in the eyes of many the Divine Realm was a land filled with lucky chances everywhere. But no one knew that as Lin Ming left this time, he was in truth shouldering a life or death mission for humanity. His journey was one that was doomed to be filled with incomparable perils…

“It’s time…”

Lin Ming looked towards Xiao Moxian, Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, and also Lin Xiaoge who was still crying in her mother’s arms. He took out Primordius Heavenly Palace and all of them flew inside. Right after, they broke through the void and flew straight to the Divine Realm…


After Lin Ming returned to the Divine Realm he flew towards Divine Dream Heavenly Palace. Empyrean Divine Dream was already waiting for him.

“You’ve finished your matters?” Empyrean Divine Dream looked towards Lin Ming and her thoughts stirred. She could faintly feel that after leaving for just over a month, Lin Ming’s aura had become even more intense than before.

“I’ve finished.”

“Mm. Then, let us go...”

After Empyrean Divine Dream finished speaking, a beam of light covered Lin Ming. Without using a spirit ship, the two of them simply stepped through space.

If they didn’t use a spirit ship, that also meant the entrance to the Soul World wasn’t too far away from Divine Dream Heavenly Palace. Lin Ming wasn’t surprised by this. The entrance to the Soul World was far too important and it was natural that Empyrean Divine Dream would want to protect it. When she was choosing the area to establish Divine Dream Heavenly Palace she likely considered the entrance to the Soul World first.

“Take this…”

Empyrean Divine Dream gave Lin Ming an ancient transmission symbol. Strange runes were engraved atop it, and Lin Ming was in fact quite familiar with these runes – they were Asura Law runes.

“This is the transmission symbol I obtained from the Asura Road in the past. It will protect you in the transmission.”

“Mm, I understand.” Lin Ming probed the transmission symbol with his sense and soon understood how to use it.

At this time, Empyrean Divine Dream had brought Lin Ming to a place where space was completely twisted. In this space, she continually used arcane space techniques, seemingly shuttling through the complex space labyrinth.

This space route was incredibly puzzling. If there wasn’t someone leading the way, then even for Lin Ming it would take an immense amount of time to find the way out.

He also had no idea how Divine Dream had arrived here in the past.

“Perhaps she had some sort of jade slip map…”

As Lin Ming was thinking, he discovered that along the way he could make out some ancient array formation ruins and even the skeletons of the dead.

Lin Ming didn’t know who these skeletons had once been. If they were truly characters from billions of years ago, that was truly shocking.

These skeletons had managed to be preserved here for billions of years without turning into dust. From this alone, one could imagine the cultivations they possessed when they were alive.

But these powerful existences had all perished here. Just what was the reason for that?

“Here it is.”

Empyrean Divine Dream stopped. In front of her and Lin Ming was an ancient altar.

This altar was covered with mottled lines. After so many years passed, no matter how powerful an array formation was it would still slowly weaken until it completely faded.

This transmission array before him clearly wouldn’t last for much longer.

Lin Ming stood before the altar, feeling its vast and ancient aura. The dust here had fallen into a thick layer. As he stepped into it, the dust covered his foot.

Lin Ming slowly approached the altar, mounting the steps one at a time.

When he reached the top of the altar and saw what was there, he was shocked.

It turned out that the middle of the altar was hollow. As he looked down into the altar all he could see was a fathomless abyss, an abyss that had no light and no bottom. It was unknown just what was inside.

Lin Ming tried to probe it with his sense but discovered that as he sent his sense inside, it was difficult to take back. His heart chilled. He finally realized that this abyss was not some ordinary pit, but a place that was constantly flooded with a fierce and violent power of space.

This meant that the abyss itself led to a different space.

And the abyss itself was the space channel!

In other words, this was the entrance to the Soul World!

This was also the so-called weak point of the God Lamenting Wall that Empyrean Divine Dream had mentioned. An ancient True Divinity had forcefully established a connection between the two universes and turned that connection into a transmission array. Even so, for what reason had the ancient True Divinity created this transmission array?

“Lin Ming, is this really what you have decided? At the other end of this abyss is the Soul World, but the runes of the transmission array have become incredibly frail, on the verge of collapse. I have no idea how much more energy it can withstand, and the transmission array itself hasn’t been used for tens of millions of years. If you wish to go to the Soul World, it will be far more perilous then when I used this transmission array in the past.

“Moreover, even if you go to the Soul World it is unknown what you can accomplish. It's also unknown whether you can find Sheng Mei or even form an alliance with her…”

Empyrean Divine Dream shook her head. Although she hoped that humanity could form an alliance with the spiritas, probability and common sense didn’t favor them.

What could Lin Ming offer that would tempt the heart of Sheng Mei?

If humanity was compared to the spiritas, then humanity was just far too weak.

Lin Ming stood before the abyss for a long time, silently probing the transmission array. Using his own knowledge of array formations he constantly calculated the risks involved.

Then, Lin Ming slowly drifted upwards. He looked towards Empyrean Divine Dream and said, “I humbly request Senior Divine Dream to please take care of my family. I must go to the spiritas no matter what, regardless of what the result will be…”

As Lin Ming spoke these words, he turned towards the black fathomless abyss and leapt down…


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