MW Chapter 1792

Chapter 1792 – Towards Soul World

Three days later, Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom –

Lin Ming’s actions at the Thunder Dominion were far too gargantuan. It was impossible for him to not arouse the attention of the four great Divine Kingdoms.

In addition, some people had already notified the high level figures of the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom. Thus, when Lin Ming finished breaking through the third Dao Palace of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and left the 8000 Miles Black Swamp, a group of Divine Sea powerhouses was already waiting for him.

Lin Ming returning to the Sky Spill Continent once more was a momentous event; no one wanted to miss it.

However, none of these Divine Sea powerhouses ever imagined that after arriving at the 8000 Mile Black Swap they would witness such a ridiculous scene occur. The entire Thunder Dominion along with the Temple of Marvels had been taken in by Lin Ming.

This was an absolute life-forbidden zone of the Sky Spill Planet that had existed for 100,000 years. And now, because of Lin Ming’s return, it had completely vanished in a single night.

The Sea of Miracles, also known as the Ocean of Endless Storms, had turned into a normal sea. This sort of strange phenomenon caused many Divine Sea powerhouses...

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