MW Chapter 1791

Chapter 1791 – Opening the Extreme Polar Dao Palace

Looking up at the high skies, the stars shined brightly.

In the distant periphery of the Thunder Dominion, a group of people from the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom arrived, riding up in a golden chariot. They didn’t dare enter the depths of the Thunder Dominion itself.

The uproar coming from the Thunder Dominion was far too great, causing everyone to be alarmed.

They could see that in the deepest depths of the Thunder Dominion, dazzling bolts of thunder came rumbling down, as if the entire Thunder Dominion was about to be blasted open.

It seemed as if some people were engaged in a fierce battle, but with their strength it was impossible for them to see clearly.

Suddenly, everyone saw a blinding eruption occur from the depths of the Thunder Dominion.

The light was incredibly harsh and blinding. Just a single glance at the sight caused tears to fall.

Afterwards, massive swathes of the power of thunder began rapidly rushing back to the center of that brilliant light like a receding tide.

In just half an incense stick of time, the originally perilous Thunder Dominion was extinguished of all light. All that remained in the skies were some scattered thunder clouds; one couldn’t feel any power of thunder anymore.

“This is… what’s happening?”

The people from the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom were dumbfounded.

From the most ancient of historical records, the Thunder Dominion that existed above the Sea of Miracles – a place where even Divine Sea supreme elders would die if they entered – had suddenly vanished! This was simply incredible!

At the same time, at a place 30 miles deep in the Thunder Dominion, Xiao Moxian, Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, and Lin Xiaoge were watching this occur with happy expressions.

Out of the group, Xiao Moxian was the strongest. With her vision, everything that occurred hundreds of miles away was reflected in her pupils.

“Big Brother Lin has received the Thunder Source…”

Xiao Moxian could see a dark place in the center of the Thunder Dominion.

Lin Ming sat in the midst of the void, his hands each holding onto the Annihilation Flame Elemental as well as the top grade Thunder Source. From afar it seemed he was holding a black sun and a purple sun in his hands.

A strange and mystical power of fire heavenly tribulation emitted from the pores of his body, carrying with it a rhythm like a beating lotus flower.

Every time this flame flickered, space would be burnt away like paper and massive space storms would howl out.

One could see from this just how hot these flames were.

Lin Ming’s hands were wrapped in electricity as he started to draw in the void. Runes appeared, each of them carrying the true meaning of the Dao as they locked in this part of the world and struck against the strange heavenly tribulation fire.

In a moment, the surrounding space distorted as the form of a furnace appeared in front of him.

After that, he tossed all sorts of heavenly materials, the Twinlife Thunder Crystals, top grade Thunder Source, and Annihilation Fire Elemental into the furnace.

With this, he began refining!

The entire refining process didn’t take too long. But in Xiao Moxian’s eyes, this sight was more than enough to stir the soul.

As Lin Ming reached the end of the refining process, truefire spewed out from every inch of his skin, rumbling into the furnace…

Seven days later, a massive explosive sound blasted out. A 100,000 foot thunder dragon and fire phoenix tore through the world, flying in tandem. Even the gray barrier that guarded the entire Sky Spill Planet was struck, the impact almost enough to shatter planets.

The momentum of the sound was titanic and without end.

At this time, in front of Lin Ming, a fist-sized pill appeared, one that resembled yin and yang fish swimming together.

One side was blue thunder and the other side was red fire, both of them emitting a terrifying energy.

Lin Ming swallowed this pill in a single motion. A booming explosion began sounding out in his body like thunderclaps.

After some time, his forehead, eyes, nose, everything began to erupt with a blinding brilliance that impacted into the horizons and scattered away the dark clouds.

From the originally gloomy skies, it was like some faint summons was being sent out as starlight began to fall down.

Nine vast and shining stars appeared high above the endless starry skies, arranged in a strange manner that was filled with profound meaning. Their light tore through the infinite dark, shining down and creating a separate world.

One of these stars in particular shined like a sun at noon. Its radiance was dazzling, seemingly carrying with it an incredible mystic strength.

This star was named Cherished Kismet and was one of the nine stars. As it bloomed with a brilliant divine light, the starlight fell down like a silver waterfall that contained a dreadful strength. Even Xiao Moxian felt goosebumps rise on her arms.

From the void, lines of the Great Dao appeared, condensing into a strange pattern that blocked out the dazzling stars above.

The true meaning of two peak strengths filled the space around the dao diagram, like a dragon and a phoenix protecting it together.

This was the Heavenly Dao array diagram that hindered humanity from breaking into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. This dao diagram was filled with an inexplicable charm, as if it were alive.

“…Extreme Polar Dao Palace… Big Brother Lin is finally starting his breakthrough!” Seeing this occur, Xiao Moxian was both nervous and happy.

In her eyes, Lin Ming suddenly erupted with an incredible strength that was accompanied by the thick smell of blood.

Loud explosions occurred non-stop within his body like endless thunderclaps, as if a True Dragon were awakening within him.

His figure rose and pitch black scales emerged from his body, forming armor around him. His aura climbed, becoming increasingly wild and swift, fierce with a brutal savageness. Behind him, a massive six-armed and three-headed Asura phantom appeared. This Asura phantom seemed to have crawled out from a blood pond of hell. Its two pupils burned like twin suns, releasing a dreadful light.

Lin Ming looked up towards the most brilliant star in the sky. Then, at this time, a towering tree began to rise behind him, as grand as a mountain.

This tree stabbed into the skies. Countless thunder dragons flew around it and innumerable fire phoenixes twined around its branches. The momentum it released was astonishing.

A pitch black spear appeared, like an ancient vicious dragon tearing through time to arrive here. The power of the world and all the surrounding Laws twisted around this black spear and were torn apart.

As this spear appeared, the numerous thunder dragons and fire phoenixes around the tree flew down to twine around it.

Waves of blood vitality also began gathering at the spear point.

Then, this black spear began to roar like a demon god. A blinding light erupted from the spear point, like thousands of supernovas occurring together.


Lin Ming shot up from the ground, his feet stepping on space.

Beneath the tremendous impact of his strength, the space under his feet shattered like glass.

Man and spear shot upwards, becoming one.

All that was seen was the black spear in Lin Ming’s hands. Like a black dragon it endlessly attacked the dao diagram in the starry skies.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Every strike of the black spear caused all the power of the world within a hundred miles to be drawn towards it. It swallowed all of this power, every strike impacting the dao diagram with the force of a burning star.

The entire dao diagram began to ripple.

Waves of dazzling Grand Dao lines fell down with starlight. As they struck Lin Ming’s body, the impact was as heavy as a planet…

Time passed quarter hour after quarter hour.

During this time, parts of the dao diagram would shatter and starlight would fall down.

There were also times when Lin Ming approached exhaustion. He would open the Purple Temple Dao Palace to stimulate his potential and begin rushing upwards once more.

Shockwaves tore through the void, causing the black starry skies to collapse like glass…

Lin Ming’s figure was completely covered with starlight and blood. As he collided with the dao diagram again and again, everything seemed to blend together as one.

Just as Lin Ming’s strength reached its limits, there was an explosion and a heaven-shaking noise that echoed through the world.

The dao diagram above Lin Ming loudly shattered and the lines of the Great Dao dissipated like clouds of smoke.

From the void, the glittering Cherished Kismet Star shined, its starlight flowing into Lin Ming’s body.

His broken bones and torn flesh began to visibly mend.

“Extreme Polar Dao Palace… I broke through!”

Lin Ming took a deep breath. After breaking past two Dao Palaces before, breaking into the Extreme Polar Dao Palace was much simpler.

One reason was that he had made sufficient preparations. Whether it was the Annihilation Fire Elemental that Empyrean Demondawn gave him or Empyrean Thunder Punishment’s Thunder Source, both were top powers of thunder and fire.

Another reason was that Lin Ming was stronger than before and he had also broken past the shackles of the Heavenly Dao. In breaking into the third Dao Palace, it was far more familiar.

The third Dao Palace, the Extreme Polar Dao Palace, corresponded with the Cherished Kismet Star.

This palace was located in Lin Ming’s inner world. After opening the Extreme Polar Dao Palace, Lin Ming could guide the power of the nine stars to enter his inner world and fuse with the energy within.

And the energy within Lin Ming’s inner world was mainly thunder and fire. This was the equivalent of adding the power of a star into the power of thunder and fire.

With this, Lin Ming’s thunder and fire origin energy would rise to another level.

As Lin Ming examined his own inner world, he found that at the central point of his inner world’s planet, the giant Heretical God Tree was bathing in the endless mercurial starlight, beautiful to the extreme.

Because he had broken into the Extreme Polar Dao Palace, the Heretical God Tree had benefitted from this and had become even more verdant and hardy.

Thus, Lin Ming’s strength rose again. For him to enter the Soul World alone, this provided him with more confidence.

There wasn’t much time left before the great calamity truly began.


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