MW Chapter 1791

Chapter 1791 – Opening the Extreme Polar Dao Palace

Looking up at the high skies, the stars shined brightly.

In the distant periphery of the Thunder Dominion, a group of people from the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom arrived, riding up in a golden chariot. They didn’t dare enter the depths of the Thunder Dominion itself.

The uproar coming from the Thunder Dominion was far too great, causing everyone to be alarmed.

They could see that in the deepest depths of the Thunder Dominion, dazzling bolts of thunder came rumbling down, as if the entire Thunder Dominion was about to be blasted open.

It seemed as if some people were engaged in a fierce battle, but with their strength it was impossible for them to see clearly.

Suddenly, everyone saw a blinding eruption occur from the depths of the Thunder Dominion.

The light was incredibly harsh and blinding. Just a single glance at the sight caused tears to fall.

Afterwards, massive swathes of the power of thunder began rapidly rushing back to the center of that brilliant light like a receding...

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