MW Chapter 1790

Chapter 1790 – Destroying Thunder Punishment

“You!!” Empyrean Thunder Punishment’s remnant soul violently shivered. He looked at Lin Ming, burning with rage. “You deliberately hid your strength to fool me!?”

At the same time Empyrean Thunder Punishment was furious, he was also panic-stricken. He was now just a remnant soul. Compared to his previous magnificence from 100,000 years ago when he had been a superior Empyrean that stood above all others, his strength had dropped precipitously. Even so, his insight was not something that an ordinary martial artist could hope to compare with, so how had he been played around with by a Holy Lord realm junior?

This boy, just what methods had he used?

As Empyrean Thunder Punishment was surprised, he felt an extremely familiar aura erupt from within Lin Ming’s inner world. Besides being familiar, this was also an aura that he loathed to no end.

For a time, his entire body seemed to light up with arcs of electricity as lightning burst out from his eyes.

His originally phantasmal figure began to rapidly rise as his momentum grew.

An inexplicable killing intent leapt out, wrapping around Lin Ming.

“Grandmist energy! You actually have grandmist energy within you!” Empyrean Thunder Punishment’s voice rang like layers of thunderclouds,...

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