MW Chapter 1789

Chapter 1789 - Inheritance in Hand

After the Thunder Punishment Sword was pulled out by Lin Ming, the entire hall seemed to come to life.

Pata, pata –

The beating sound like that of a heartbeat began to originate from beneath the Thunder Punishment Sword.

With every beat, every inch of the hall seemed to resonate with it.

“Thunder Source! This is the top grade Thunder Source that Empyrean Thunder Punishment used to use!”

Seeing the object beneath the Thunder Punishment Sword, Lin Ming took a deep breath. To him, this Thunder Source was far more important than the Thunder Punishment Sword.

Empyrean Thunder Punishment’s Thunder Source was like a little thunder dragon. It burrowed deep within the hall, glowing with a scintillating silver-white luster.

Its little form moved up and down. With every fluctuation a destructive source power of thunder seemed to gush out from its body, piercing through the void and escaping into space.

All around the Thunder Source were also countless thin thunder plants, all of them brimming with life.

Life and destruction were two sides of...

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