MW Chapter 1789

Chapter 1789 - Inheritance in Hand

After the Thunder Punishment Sword was pulled out by Lin Ming, the entire hall seemed to come to life.

Pata, pata –

The beating sound like that of a heartbeat began to originate from beneath the Thunder Punishment Sword.

With every beat, every inch of the hall seemed to resonate with it.

“Thunder Source! This is the top grade Thunder Source that Empyrean Thunder Punishment used to use!”

Seeing the object beneath the Thunder Punishment Sword, Lin Ming took a deep breath. To him, this Thunder Source was far more important than the Thunder Punishment Sword.

Empyrean Thunder Punishment’s Thunder Source was like a little thunder dragon. It burrowed deep within the hall, glowing with a scintillating silver-white luster.

Its little form moved up and down. With every fluctuation a destructive source power of thunder seemed to gush out from its body, piercing through the void and escaping into space.

All around the Thunder Source were also countless thin thunder plants, all of them brimming with life.

Life and destruction were two sides of the same coin. This was why the power of thunder was so terrifying and strong.

It was clear that the existence of this Thunder Source was why the Thunder Dominion had existed without end for 100,000 years.

“This is it.”

Lin Ming carefully stretched out his hand. Before he touched the Thunder Source, he could feel threads of silver-white lightning jump up and shoot onto his arm.

Even though Lin Ming had a mortal body more formidable than some God Beasts’, this silver-white lightning still caused a needle-like ache to spread through his arm.

Feeling this pain, Lin Ming was instead overjoyed. The more powerful the Thunder Source was, the more satisfied he was with it.

Leaning down, the blood of a True Dragon surged within Lin Ming. Layers of dragon scales appeared, wrapping around Lin Ming’s arm.

He directly grasped the small Thunder Source.

With True Dragon scales protecting his arm, the powerful arcs of lightning that leapt out from the Thunder Source only smoothly slid over the scales instead, leaving nothing but the shallowest of marks.

After taking hold of the Thunder Source, Lin Ming discovered that wanting to lift it up was the same as wanting to pull up a tiny star. The energy within this Thunder Source could be imagined.

Soon after, the Thunder Source turned into a massive thunder vortex that began resonating with the massive amount of power of thunder around it.

Whorl whorl whorl –

Inside the golden hall, from within every piece of thunder crystal, faint traces of the power of thunder continuously leaked out.

The source of thunder contained in the surrounding murals released a dazzling light.

Then, from outside the golden hall, from the endless depths of the Thunder Dominion, thunder began to restlessly stir. Purple gold, golden red… silver white… the color of all sorts of thunder began surging towards the golden hall.

The endless power of thunder completely poured itself into the Thunder Source.

Seeing this turbulent flow continue for over an incense stick of time, Lin Ming could sense that the Thunder Source was becoming increasingly heavy and increasingly pure.

The little traces of lightning that dissipated from the Thunder Source began to directly tear open the void and cause terrifying space storms to run out.

Hu - !

Only when the Thunder Source finally fell still did Lin Ming let out a long sigh of relief.

As for the grand golden hall that was releasing a magnificent glow of heavenly thunder, it now resembled a sickly patient that had all of their essence energy and blood vitality sucked out and had lost all its previous shine.

The entire hall had dimmed down. The thunder crystals still glowed with a faint light. The surrounding murals that depicted Empyrean Thunder Punishment’s previous exploits and accomplishments no longer seemed like fierce demons in the dimmed light, but like mortals instead.

Even outside the Thunder Dominion, the infinitely rolling thunder that filled the world began to rapidly fade away.

Lin Ming knew what was happening. All of this had been created by the Thunder Source.

The Thunder Source could be called the origin of all the strength within the Thunder Dominion. Now that he had pulled out the origin, all of that previously scattered strength was also returning to the Thunder Source.

The thunder phenomena outside naturally weakened by a tremendous amount.

“…My lifetime of inheritance is contained within the Thunder Punishment Sword. Since you have now obtained the Thunder Source, do not delay any further and begin inheriting my legacy… hold that sword and stab it into the nine dragon throne, and allow all the strength within your body to resonate with it… as long as you can become one with it and commune with it, then you have succeeded. The Thunder Punishment Sword is also the mystic key to take control of the Gold Thunder Temple… you will inherit my everything… of course, at that time, the curse seals I placed into your spiritual sea will completely activate and the mark will enter your soul.” Empyrean Thunder Punishment’s ghostly voice echoed out from behind Lin Ming.

Lin Ming took a deep breath. The Thunder Punishment Sword and also the texts within it that were related to the source of thunder were all marvelous treasures, inferior only to Empyrean Primordius’ inheritance.

However, the curse that Empyrean Thunder Punishment placed within him was extremely problematic. After all, Empyrean Thunder Punishment had once been a superior Empyrean with an incredible level of strength. Even though all that existed of him now was a wisp of his remnant soul, this was still a terrifying existence to deal with.

Focusing his thoughts, Lin Ming finally firmed his decision on what to do.

He seized the Thunder Punishment Sword and then inserted it into the nine dragon throne he had just pulled it out of.


Strength began pouring out from every inch of Lin Ming’s body, rumbling as it entered the Thunder Punishment Sword.

The Thunder Punishment Sword began to release a brilliance as bright as a sun. A milky white radiance completely wrapped around Lin Ming and the Thunder Punishment Sword.

At the same time, a strange sensation spread up from the Thunder Punishment Sword and into his body.

It was like the Thunder Punishment Sword had become a part of his flesh and blood. Soon after, every piece of material in the hall began to merge with his flesh and blood, becoming a part of his body.

Bokah, bokah, bokah –

Lin Ming could feel that his heartbeat was following the energy fluctuations of the entire Gold Thunder Temple.

As these fluctuations became increasingly intense, the energy shooting out began to latch onto the Gold Thunder Temple and aggressively fuse with it.


The Heretical God Tree appeared behind Lin Ming. It broke into the skies, emitting mystic strength that sparkled as if began fusing with the hall.

The color of the entire Gold Thunder Temple began to resemble that of the Heretical God Tree, becoming deeper and darker in color.

A True Dragon winded out from Lin Ming’s body, soaring into the heavens. The power of an azure-colored God Beast began filling up the surrounding space.

All of these strengths were drawn out by this strange resonance, bringing about slight changes to the Gold Thunder Temple.

“Gold Thunder Temple… so it was this all along…”

The moment Lin Ming’s thoughts completely fused with the Gold Thunder Temple, he was able to make out the entire internal structure and image within the Gold Thunder Temple.

With this, he was able to confirm one thing. This Gold Thunder Temple was in truth the Temple of Marvels that floated above the Sea of Miracles.

In the past when Lin Ming still ventured through the Sky Spill Planet, he had killed Xuan Wuji and had gone to the central four Divine Kingdoms of the Sky Spill Continent. There, he had received an invitation from the Nine Furnace Crown Prince, Yang Yun, to attend the feast upon Nine Flower Lake. This Nine Flower Lake was where Lin Ming first heard about the Temple of Marvels.

From the rumors, the Temple of Marvels was a living mirage, vague and phantasmal, incomparably mysterious. Even a Divine Sea supreme elder couldn’t hope to approach it.

Afterwards, for some unknown reason, the Temple of Marvels floated out from the Sea of Miracles. Yang Yun took the chance of exploring the Temple of Marvels as bait and lured all the heroes of the world to enter the Temple of Marvels where he could capture them in his net.

To the Lin Ming of that time, the Temple of Marvels could be said to be filled with rare treasures, but it was also steeped in perils at every step.

Lin Ming never thought that there would be a day when he would receive the entire Temple of Marvels into his own inner world.

As Lin Ming was about to receive the Temple of Marvels, suddenly, within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, the curse seals that Empyrean Punishment placed within him began to sink down!

According to the terms of the curse contract set by Empyrean Thunder Punishment, the moment Lin Ming received the inheritance was when the curse would activate.

The instant Lin Ming felt the curse about to rush into his spiritual sea, he focused his thoughts towards his inner world. He no longer concealed the energy of his inner world but allowed all of it to gush out like a raging sea!

And amongst this turbulent strength, the most eye-catching was a grayish black cube – this was the Magic Cube.

The Magic Cube was the divine tool of the soul and was the object most able to restrain soul force in the universe. The curse seals formed by Empyrean Thunder Punishment just happened to be created using a part of his remnant soul.

No matter how powerful Empyrean Thunder Punishment had been in the past, it was impossible for a fraction of a remnant soul to resist the Magic Cube.


With a loud explosive sound, the curse seals that Empyrean Thunder Punishment placed in Lin Ming’s spiritual sea were all destroyed!

At the same time, from the depths of Lin Ming’s soul, all of the strength contained within erupted outwards. This was an aura that seemed to resemble the origins of the universe. It spread out with an unstoppable momentum, rolling over everything in its way.


Empyrean Thunder Punishment cried out in alarm. This sudden change left him panic-stricken. He originally thought that he would use the curse seals to immediately control Lin Ming, but he never imagined Lin Ming would use some unknown methods to burst out with an incredible strength that directly destroyed his curse seals.

The curse seals were connected to Empyrean Thunder Punishment and their destruction caused a backlash against the remains of his remnant soul. His figure violently shivered as it became blurry!


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