MW Chapter 1788

Chapter 1788 – Thunder Punishment Sword

As Empyrean Thunder Punishment finished speaking, Lin Ming coldly sneered in his heart. So, it seemed that this land of inheritance that Empyrean Thunder Punishment left behind was not just because he wanted not only to pass on his legacy, but to have his wisp of remnant soul be reborn.

And to use this thunder-type cultivation to refine the essence of souls to nourish his soul force, this was something that required one to reap an incalculable number of lives.

However, what Empyrean Thunder Punishment said was not wrong. The road of martial arts was one filled with murder and destruction. As long as one was a martial artist it was inevitable that their road would be paved with the lives of others. Lin Ming, Primordius, Xiao Moxian, all of them were the same in this regard. Lin Ming himself cultivated the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, a soul refining cultivation method similar to what Empyrean Thunder Punishment suggested.

However, up until now, there was a single line that Lin Ming had never crossed – he had never deliberately gone to take innocent lives.

“What, you...

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