MW Chapter 1787

Chapter 1787 – Thunder Punishment’s Remnant Soul

In the darkened hall, the figure in front of Lin Ming that he originally thought was a corpse suddenly rose up, its eyes flashing open!

For a time two green lights lit up the hall. Those sharp eyes pierced through the darkness like twin bolts of lightning.

Lin Ming was aghast. He took a sudden step back. To encounter such a situation here would leave anyone creeped out.

“Thunder Punishment hasn’t died?”

This thought raced through Lin Ming’s mind, causing a cold chill to crawl up his back.

Lin Ming had originally suspected that Empyrean Primordius hadn’t died.

If that were true then it wouldn’t be strange for Empyrean Thunder Punishment to have not perished either, but instead be severely wounded like Empyrean Divine Mist and have sealed himself away to maintain his life.

If so, then this situation wasn’t good at all.

Facing this person who had once been sworn brothers with Empyrean Primordius and whose strength reached the upper levels of Empyrean...

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