MW Chapter 1786

Chapter 1786 – Entering the Land of Inheritance


The palace of dark purple thunder crystals stretched into the skies. A gate of two massive carved doors blocked Lin Ming like twin towers.

As soon as he approached the doors of this palace, Lin Ming could feel a suffocating and unfathomably deep aura, one as vast as the sea that was emitted from every inch of the structure.

Just as Lin Ming was about to open the doors of the palace, his heart suddenly chilled.


A deafening cry spread out from the golden gate.

On this golden gate, the originally lifelike carving of a thousand foot thunder dragon came to life.

It broke free from the golden gate and clawed at the air. Its body carried an incredibly vast electric current that crackled space.

As the thunder dragon hovered in front of the door, a terrifying thunder aura gushed out from its eyes as it regarded Lin Ming as an invader.

“I am the guardian spirit beast of an Empyrean Holy Land! For those that dare tread foot upon this sacred ground and defile this land, all that awaits is death!”

The dragon’s head dropped down and its lantern-like eyes filled with purple electricity tightly stared at Lin Ming. Its voice was deep and bass, like a roiling thundercloud obliterating everything before...

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