MW Chapter 1785

Chapter 1785 – Thunder Punishment’s Inheritance

“Mm, sounds good.”

Lin Ming nodded. In the past, Empyrean Thunder Punishment was also a superior Empyrean if not a peak Empyrean. Any place of inheritance he established would not be easy to enter. Xiao Moxian was pregnant, and as for Lin Xiaoge, Mu Qianyu, and Qin Xingxuan, they were far from his strength. He didn’t want them to recklessly experience any dangers by entering deep into the Thunder Dominion.

“Go early and come back early!” The women looked at Lin Ming, a soft color in their eyes.

Lin Ming lightly nodded. Then, his gaze shifted to deep into the Thunder Dominion. With a wave of his sleeves he broke into the storm like a bolt of lightning. Time didn’t wait for anyone and with the full saint race invasion coming faster than thought, he needed to go to the Soul World as soon as possible. Before going to the Soul World, Lin Ming needed to make another breakthrough and increase his strength.

And the fastest way to make that breakthrough was to open the third Dao Palace – the Extreme Polar Dao Palace.

According to the Celestial Tyrant Manual, the Extreme Polar Dao Palace required two different types of energy to direct and catalyze the breakthrough. Lin Ming chose thunder and fire and in order to refine the pill required for the Extreme Polar Dao Palace, he needed an Empyrean level Thunder Source and Fire Elemental. Lin Ming had already obtained the Annihilation Fire Elemental from Empyrean Demondawn but now lacked a Thunder Source. With this, he naturally thought back to Empyrean Thunder Punishment.

It was certain that in the past Empyrean Thunder Punishment had possessed a top grade Thunder Source. Otherwise after he died there wouldn’t be such a massive Thunder Dominion that appeared above the Sea of Miracles and the 8000 Mile Black Swamp.

Now, Lin Ming only wanted to obtain the Thunder Source as soon as possible and combine it with the Annihilation Flame Elemental to make his breakthrough.


Arcs of thunder lashed at Lin Ming like endless whips. But, they all vanished upon touching him without causing any damage at all.

After breaking over 40 miles deep into the Thunder Dominion, the power of thunder became increasingly strong.

This was different from the last time that Lin Ming had entered the Thunder Dominion. Now, the true meaning of thunder within Lin Ming had already reached the seventh level boundary.

Facing this rumbling thunder, all of it turned into endless thunder runes and source Thunder Laws within Lin Ming’s eyes. The thunder and fire above the Heretical God Tree within his body began to resonate with this thunder, helping him unconsciously clarify the true meaning of thunder and gladdening his heart.

Flying further in, the thunder light began to turn a deep purple.

Thunder roared through the world, turning into purple pythons and winding about.

A power of thunder a hundred times greater than before smashed into Lin Ming. As a result, all of this power of thunder was swallowed up by Lin Ming, intermingling with the thunder and fire that hovered atop the boughs of the Heretical God Tree.

As Lin Ming broke further and further in, the deep purple thunder light turned a destructive black… and then back to gold…


Arcs of multi-colored thunder twined around Lin Ming, finally condensing into traces of dense thunder runes that percolated in his muscles, as if he was a god of thunder being reborn.

After delving further into the Thunder Dominion, Lin Ming’s understanding and experience in the Thunder Laws became even deeper.

When Lin Ming reached 90 miles into the Thunder Dominion, the thunder turned from golden red to an ephemeral purple gold.

Not too far in front was the 90 mile edge of the Thunder Dominion. A purple white dreamy light suddenly appeared like a sea amongst parting clouds, seemingly endless.

This mystic light was like the glow of a sunset. It illuminated the world, captivating the heart with a breathtaking beauty.

Lin Ming could feel that even though this purple white light appeared as calm as a placid sea, there was actually a wild and strange strength contained within it.

“We’re finally here.” Lin Ming whispered. His deep eyes looked through the dreamy mystic light in front of him and sighed.

The last time he entered the Thunder Dominion, he was able to sense that the most dangerous place was this 90 mile Thunder Dominion.

In his eyes, the dreamy mystic light before him became massive thunder runes that floated up and down like chains of islands.

Within these runes was the existence of the true meaning of thunder, making his heart itch.

Lin Ming was well aware that this place was the true edge of Empyrean Thunder Punishment’s inheritance.

As he continued forwards, the dreamy thunder continued washing over his body.

The Heretical God Tree within Lin Ming’s inner world rose. Endless thunder dragons hovered above the branches. As more and more power of thunder intruded here, it turned into thunder runes that stayed within him.

In the past this illusionary thunder would have horrified him. But now, it wasn’t able to harm him at all.

In a single breath he pierced a hundred miles deep into the Thunder Dominion. It was like his entire body was covered in a silver-white layer of armor, an extremely ghostly sight.


On Lin Ming’s normally expressionless face, a rare solemn look appeared.

At the 100 mile Thunder Dominion, the thunder here was absolutely still. Thunder balls quietly floated in the air, seeming peaceful.

As for Lin Ming, with his current divine sense he was able to clearly see that the distortions around the thunder balls were shattered space. This space formed a cage around each thunder ball, sealing the thunder ball at its central point.

Deeper past these thunder balls, there were islands that floated up and down, emitting a strong aura of vitality.

And even further in there were increasingly intense fluctuations of life. Deeper in there were continuous mountain ranges and snaking rivers, all of them exuding the blood vitality of powerful life forms…

Lin Ming had seen these sights before. But as he saw it now, he was even more shocked.

In his vision, trillions of runes tumbled about like grains of sand, condensing into thunder balls.

And from the rules in which the thunder balls were arranged, he could make out clear lines.

These thunder balls were a continuous wall, each thunder ball as large as a brick. Within the walls of thunder balls were mountain ranges, rivers, and so forth.

Every thunder ball contained an inexplicably mystical force, each one resonating and constantly shifting along with the others. With the way these billions upon billions of transformations constantly changed, this should be a heaven-shockingly grand array.

Lin Ming didn’t doubt that if he tried to forcefully enter past the thunder balls and triggered them it would set off a chain reaction of explosions.

This sort of explosion would be enough to crack apart a planet. Although he wouldn’t die he would be severely wounded.

And the initiation of the chain reaction might automatically activate other mechanisms that Empyrean Thunder Punishment had left within, causing all the inheritances to be lost. The gains just weren’t worth the cost.

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed. He calmed his mind and deeply pondered how to deal with this situation. Empyrean Thunder Punishment’s inheritance had been carefully hidden in the deepest depths of these thunder balls. If he wanted to enter he would need to unravel this thunder ball array formation.

Lin Ming currently had a ridiculous accumulation of knowledge. The Asura blood had contained a part of the Asura Road Master’s infinite memories, and he had also swallowed up the memories of the dark divine runic grandmaster Shadow Overflow and several others. In terms of understanding array formations and the structure of runes, he had a vast breadth of expertise.

His pupils shined with a brilliant light. Within his gaze, every fluctuation and change of energy in the thunder ball array formation was clearly reflected.

He sat cross-legged in space and began to rapidly deduce the formulaic structures in his mind.

Gradually, an abstract of the entire thunder ball array formation appeared in his mind like a divine runic symbol’s structural diagram.

Through the endless deductions, the innumerable changes were peeled away like threads of a cocoon.

Suddenly, a sharp light burst out from within Lin Ming’s eyes like bolts of lightning. He stood up and thrust out the Phoenix Blood Spear.

As the spear thrust out, a cold red light drew a strange path through the air that conformed to the Heavenly Dao Laws and instantly arrived in the middle of the thunder balls. The extremely fierce spear light rumbled into a central point of the sealed space.

Within the originally perfectly fitted wall of thunder balls, an area began to shake and tear open like a slit in fabric.

A sparkling mystical power of thunder gushed out like starlight from the slit.

This strange mystic power of thunder was completely different from anything Lin Ming had experienced in the Thunder Dominion so far. It carried with it a vast and ancient aura, as if it had flowed out from the rivers of time, filled with a life of its own.

As some thunder balls bumped into these star-like power of thunder, they actually began to form lush branches and leaves that were overflowing with vitality. It was a strange sight to witness.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

As this small hole appeared, Lin Ming instantly shot out a million spear strikes, alternatingly hitting areas all over the thunder ball array formation and making the hole even larger.

The thunder ball array formation began to shake. Finally, an opening the size of a person was exposed with an endless power of thunder wildly surging out of it.

It was like a door of light had been opened.

Behind this door was still the gruesome roars of ancient beasts that seemed as if they could shake the world. There was also the outlines of massive mountain ranges that stretched out to the horizon, floating up and down within the thunder barrier.

Lin Ming’s heart chilled. He knew that he couldn’t miss this chance and quickly rushed in.

After entering the depths of the 100 mile Thunder Dominion, he could feel the atmosphere of boundless years past.

Beneath his feet was ground completely formed by condensed thunder crystals. In the far off distance he could make out innumerable islands that floated in the void.

And above these islands were giant trees that exuded an immense mystic power of thunder.

Every tree had countless condensed thunder dragons that circled around the trunk.

The trees were around the height of two people. They were surrounded by verdant green grass that shimmered with the power of thunder, making it an extremely strange sight.

Lin Ming could see that in the far off distance, there was a massive mountain range blocking the way that towered into the skies where it was hidden by thunder clouds.

At the summit of this mountain range was an inexhaustible mass of thunder clouds that converged into an endless vortex, seeming timeless and magnificent.

One could even faintly make out that on the peak of the highest mountain, there was a giant palace.

This palace was so high that it was impossible to see the end. All one could see was that the mountain-sized golden gates emitted an endless mystic power of thunder.

It was like a giant sun was burning without end at the top.

“…The land of inheritance!” Feeling the aura emanating from the palace, the Heretical God Tree within Lin Ming and the many thunder dragons that wound about it began to cry out in excitement.

Lin Ming could clearly the seventh level true meaning of thunder. It actually emitted an incredibly desirable aura as if it had a spiritual wisdom of its own.

Like there was something within the golden palace that was calling out to him.

Lin Ming was heated with excitement. Just as he was about to rush over, he heard a loud sound; it was the roar of a beast that seemed to echo through the heavens and earth.


Lin Ming was startled. After all, this was a land of inheritance formed after Empyrean Thunder Punishment died. Although it was inferior to Empyrean Primordius’ inheritance, it was still extremely terrifying.

Even though Lin Ming had stepped into the Holy Lord realm, he still remained vigilant upon entering here and didn’t dare to lower his guard.

The roar that shook the world had come from within the golden palace.

Lin Ming’s mind went on alert. His footsteps crossed the void and he soon reached the summit of the mountain peak, right in front of the grand golden palace.


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