MW Chapter 1785

Chapter 1785 – Thunder Punishment’s Inheritance

“Mm, sounds good.”

Lin Ming nodded. In the past, Empyrean Thunder Punishment was also a superior Empyrean if not a peak Empyrean. Any place of inheritance he established would not be easy to enter. Xiao Moxian was pregnant, and as for Lin Xiaoge, Mu Qianyu, and Qin Xingxuan, they were far from his strength. He didn’t want them to recklessly experience any dangers by entering deep into the Thunder Dominion.

“Go early and come back early!” The women looked at Lin Ming, a soft color in their eyes.

Lin Ming lightly nodded. Then, his gaze shifted to deep into the Thunder Dominion. With a wave of his sleeves he broke into the storm like a bolt of lightning. Time didn’t wait for anyone and with the full saint race invasion coming faster than thought, he needed to go to the Soul World as soon as possible. Before going to the Soul World, Lin Ming needed to make another breakthrough and increase his strength.

And the fastest way to make that breakthrough was to open the third Dao Palace – the Extreme Polar Dao Palace.

According to the Celestial Tyrant Manual, the Extreme Polar Dao Palace required two different types of energy to direct and catalyze the breakthrough. Lin Ming chose thunder and fire and in...

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