MW Chapter 1784

Chapter 1784 – Return

Sky Spill Continent –

Deep in the 8000 Mile Black Swamp, the clouds were dark and gloomy like ink.

The only light here was the flashes of lightning occasionally shimmering in the layers of clouds.

In the endless depths of lightning, it sounded as if infinite rumbling chariots were passing by. Bolts of lightning as thick as giant pythons tore through the skies like ferocious beasts, making it clear that this was an absolute life forbidden zone of the Sky Spill Continent – the Sea of Miracles!

In the Sky Spill Continent there were many so-called life forbidden zones, but most of these life forbidden zones were not guaranteed deathtraps. For instance, if a peerless powerhouse were to enter they could still rely on their dreadful cultivation to safely enter and leave. However, no matter what martial artist entered the Sea of Miracles, all of them perished here!

Even in the past when Yang Yun began his grand plan to drag in all the heroes of the world and subjugate them, he had done so by taking advantage of the moment when the Temple of Marvels that floated above the Sea of Miracles had fluttered to the edge of the area. Only then did he begin his plans. Otherwise, if Yang Yun were to pierce deep into the Sea of Miracles he would have died all the same.

On this day, the Thunder Dominion that was formed high above...

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