MW Chapter 1783

Chapter 1783 – The Phoenix Clan’s Grand Celebration

One month later, at the Divine Realm’s Crimson Light World, the Ancient Phoenix Clan with a hundred million years of inheritance was celebrating an unprecedentedly grand event.

The many Elders of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, the 72 Palace Masters, no matter if they were deep in seclusion, refining pills, or out on a mission, all of them were notified to immediately stop and return to the headquarters of the Ancient Phoenix Clan to celebrate this grand event.

However, even though the Elders and Palace Masters of the Ancient Phoenix Clan had gathered together, none of them were able to stand within the central palace and could only wait outside. This was because there were simply far too many renowned figures at this grand event.

These figures were the rulers of the Divine Realm that the Ancient Phoenix Clan would have found nearly impossible to contact in the past.

But now, all of these people had raced to the Ancient Phoenix Clan and were exceedingly polite.

Within these groups of people there were World Kings,...

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