MW Chapter 1782

Chapter 1782 – Lin Ming’s Plan

“Oh? See someone?”

Empyrean Divine Dream’s thoughts stirred. If Lin Ming wanted to see someone at this time then this person naturally wasn’t some common character. Moreover, Lin Ming clearly implied that this person could influence the situation between the saints and humans; this left Empyrean Divine Dream puzzled. Amongst the entirety of humanity, Empyrean Divine Dream couldn’t think of a single such person. “Is it someone you met in the Asura Road?”

Empyrean Divine Dream couldn’t help but think this. If Lin Ming had met some True Divinity level character in the Asura Road then this person might have the smallest chances of helping and indeed changing the fate of humanity. But, why would a True Divinity powerhouse easily involve themselves in the great calamity? In order to resist the entire saint race, a single True Divinity wasn’t enough, because the saints themselves likely possessed more than one True Divinity in their ranks.

As for what rank of True Divinity the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was, that was impossible to guess.

Lin Ming said, “Indeed, this person is someone that junior encountered in the Asura Road. But, in order for this junior to find her, junior will need the help of Senior Divine Dream. Junior once heard that Senior Divine Dream ventured into the Soul World, grasping the principles there...

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