MW Chapter 1782

Chapter 1782 – Lin Ming’s Plan

“Oh? See someone?”

Empyrean Divine Dream’s thoughts stirred. If Lin Ming wanted to see someone at this time then this person naturally wasn’t some common character. Moreover, Lin Ming clearly implied that this person could influence the situation between the saints and humans; this left Empyrean Divine Dream puzzled. Amongst the entirety of humanity, Empyrean Divine Dream couldn’t think of a single such person. “Is it someone you met in the Asura Road?”

Empyrean Divine Dream couldn’t help but think this. If Lin Ming had met some True Divinity level character in the Asura Road then this person might have the smallest chances of helping and indeed changing the fate of humanity. But, why would a True Divinity powerhouse easily involve themselves in the great calamity? In order to resist the entire saint race, a single True Divinity wasn’t enough, because the saints themselves likely possessed more than one True Divinity in their ranks.

As for what rank of True Divinity the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was, that was impossible to guess.

Lin Ming said, “Indeed, this person is someone that junior encountered in the Asura Road. But, in order for this junior to find her, junior will need the help of Senior Divine Dream. Junior once heard that Senior Divine Dream ventured into the Soul World, grasping the principles there and dual cultivating essence and soul and finally establishing the Divine Dream Law, right?”

Empyrean Divine Dream looked at Lin Ming with surprise. “Are you saying you want to go to the Soul World?” She had originally thought that Lin Ming would return to the Asura Road.

Lin Ming nodded. Passing through the God Lamenting Wall to go to the Soul World was difficult. As for passing through the Asura Road, a martial artist had to use the Asura Command to do so, and the Asura Command only returned a martial artist to their original universe.

Lin Ming said, “Junior wishes to see a spiritas Empyrean. She is an acquaintance of mine…”

“Big Brother Lin, do you want to see Sheng Mei?” Xiao Moxian suddenly asked. If Lin Ming was looking for a spiritas elder, her first thought was naturally Sheng Mei.

At the very least, if they found Sheng Mei they would be able to clarify some matters. They would be able to find out why the saints were entering a truce with the spiritas. To humanity, this was an extremely important matter.

“Spiritas Empyrean?” Divine Dream asked, surprised. “An Empyrean… do you think she’ll be of help if you find her?”

“I’m not too sure…” Lin Ming couldn’t say with absolute certainty what would happen. If he found Sheng Mei, even if there wasn’t much she could do to help him there were at least some hopes.

“Senior Divine Dream, the person that junior wishes to see may only be an Empyrean but she is an extremely high level figure within the spiritas race. Junior wishes to find out from her just why the saints and spiritas would form a truce in the middle of their war, and whether or not humanity could pay some price to form an alliance with the spiritas.”

The enemy of an enemy was a friend. If humanity could ally with the spiritas then this great calamity might not be so terrifying.

“Form an alliance with the spiritas!”

Divine Dream’s eyes lit up. If this was possible then humanity would truly find a slim hope to survive!

But forming this alliance might not be so simple.

Not to mention that humanity might not be able to fulfill the conditions that the spiritas put forth, Lin Ming wanting to find Sheng Mei in the massive Soul World wouldn’t be easy at all.

To travel an ultra-long distance across the nearly limitless space of the universes of the 33 Heavens as well as be responsible for such an important mission that concerned the life or death of an entire race, this responsibility all fell onto Lin Ming’s shoulders. Divine Dream deeply sighed. “Lin Ming, in these past years you have done far too much for the human race. To think that the many Empyreans of humanity would have a junior like you bear such weight on your shoulders…”

Lin Ming said, “Senior Divine Dream, please don’t consider me an outsider. Humanity is my roots. If humanity is exterminated then I will become a leaf without roots… in any event, I will try my best to help humanity survive this great calamity. Concerning the question I asked Senior Divine Dream about the entrance to the Soul World, may I ask whether or not it still exists?”

“It is still there… it’s just that…” Empyrean Divine Dream pressed her eyebrows together, pausing for a moment before continuing to say, “It is a transmission array in an ancient ruin that I once stumbled upon during my youth. It is something passed down by unknown predecessors of humanity from 3.6 billion years ago, or even 4-5 billion years ago. For me to have my current achievements, a great reason for that is because I discovered this ancient ruin.

“This ancient ruin is in an extremely mysterious space. And because of some strange reasons, there is a crack in the God Lamenting Wall at this area…”

The walls dividing the 33 Heavens were by no means perfect. For a very small number of exceptions there were sometimes ‘wormholes’ or ‘black holes’ that broke through the space barriers in extremely mysterious places.

However, even if such mystical places existed it was still nearly impossible for a martial artist to pass through. But, if there was a True Divinity level powerhouse that was willing to sacrifice a portion of their cultivation, they could transform these mystical lands and form a connection through the barriers dividing the 33 Heavens.

When the saints first entered the universe of humanity to kill Empyrean Primordius and steal away the Grandmist Spirit Bead, that was all due to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign personally creating a connection that passed through the God Lamenting Wall.

However, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign didn’t find a wormhole or other crack in the wall. Rather, he used his powerful cultivation to penetrate a hole through the God Lamenting Wall.

But the ancient ruin that Empyrean Divine Dream mentioned was different. This place was originally a weak point of the God Lamenting Wall to begin with, and due to the efforts of the unknown ancient True Divinities, these places had become something similar to a transmission array connecting two universes that could be preserved for a long time.

After listening to Empyrean Divine Dream, Lin Ming was startled. To transform a weakened space and form a transmission array connecting through the God Lamenting Wall, this was truly an extremely skilled method. Perhaps even an ordinary True Divinity would be unable to do so, and one would need to be an outstanding existence amongst all True Divinities to succeed.

The history of humanity had once been grand and illustrious, with countless peerless elites rising from the ranks. But all of these people had been forgotten in the sands of time with nothing left behind…

Even the ancient ruin that Empyrean Divine Dream found had been left behind by some unknown ancient human sovereign.

Empyrean Divine Dream said, “Lin Ming, only I know the location of that ancient ruin. It is just that because so much time has passed, the transmission array has become too dilapidated to maintain stability. If you want to forcefully enter then I fear it will be incredibly dangerous…

“The transmission array passes through the God Lamenting Wall where there are unfathomably fatal space storms. My worry is that you won’t be able to withstand them…”

“They are that strong?” Lin Ming was shocked. Empyrean Divine Dream already had a complete understanding of his strength and still had such worries. It could be seen from this just how horrifying those space storms were.

Empyrean Divine Dream said, “The terrifying space storms are just one aspect… another aspect is that the transmission array has become extremely frail over the ages, and it is now the same as a rotten plank bridge. If you use too much force on this fragile little bridge and furiously fight you will be able to force back the space storms. But the bridge itself might not be able to withstand the damage and could break apart. If so, you won’t even have bones remaining!”

Hearing Empyrean Divine Dream’s description, Lin Ming felt a chill crawl up his spine.

If he used too much strength then the transmission array itself would collapse, meaning he still wouldn’t be able to cross it!

Thus for this transmission array he would have to find some way to display the greatest efficacy with a limited level of strength. Only then would he be able to barely pass.

Perhaps in the entire Divine Realm there weren’t even a handful of people that could fulfill such harsh requirements…

Empyrean Divine Dream said, “Millions of years ago when I passed through the ancient transmission array it was in a much better state. But that is just how things were. After I crossed, the transmission array broke down even further. If you want to cross now, I have no idea what the situation will be like…”

Empyrean Divine Dream looked at Lin Ming, her lake-clear eyes filled with worry.

Lin Ming responded, “Even if it's difficult I must try. It is always better than waiting in the Divine Realm for that hundred year deadline to come and death to take us all. Moreover, when I go to the Soul World it’s to look for Sheng Mei but also to gain experience and temper myself. I won’t find that by secluding myself in the Divine Realm…”

In the Divine Realm there was no longer anyone that could contend with Lin Ming. To rule a tiny peaceful corner of the vast cosmos would be disadvantageous to Lin Ming’s growth.

Only journeying into the greater world and developing his field of vision, finding new and stronger opponents and struggling for more lucky chances would allow Lin Ming to grow into the person he needed to be.

“Since you have already firmed your resolve I will not try to change your mind. Lin Ming… you are humanity’s hope. Don’t forget that. For all of humanity, no matter what you try to do, nothing will be as important as making sure you stay alive. As long you are alive, that will be the greatest victory for us. If you can continue living for several hundred years or even millions of years, there will come a day when humanity will see the light of dawn once more!”

“Mm… I understand…”

Lin Ming took a deep breath and gripped his fists. The higher a martial artist’s cultivation was, the more difficult it was to go further. From a World King to an Empyrean, from an Empyrean to a True Divinity, these two large boundaries required an unbelievably long period of accumulations. This could not be substituted with any lucky chance.

Although Lin Ming might be able to compare with the weakest of Empyreans a hundred years from now, that was only in terms of fighting strength. In cultivation alone, it was unlikely Lin Ming would have broken into the World King realm.

There was still a long road ahead of him.

And the saints would not give him the time to walk down that road.

This was why Empyrean Divine Dream said that as long as Lin Ming lived on, that would be the greatest victory.

“I wonder what level I’ll reach several hundred years or even millions of years from now? At that time, will I be able to fight the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign?”

As Lin Ming thought of this, his heart filled with a heroic daring and fighting intent. This great calamity was a disaster to all of humanity, but at the same time it was also the seed for a great prosperous age to grow with countless lucky chances all around. Every young genius in the Divine Realm would be baptized in the fires of the great calamity.

Waves struck the shore but when the tides washed away, the real gold would emerge. For those that died, their deaths would be a loss, but for those that lived, all of them would become extraordinary individuals.

“Senior Divine Dream, when junior goes this time, my future will be uncertain. This junior would like to request that Senior Divine Dream takes care of my family, friends, and wives.”

As Lin Ming spoke to here, he looked at Xiao Moxian. “Xian’er, you should also stay at Divine Dream Heavenly Palace…”

“Big Brother Lin…” Xiao Moxian stiffened. As she looked at Lin Ming, there was some grievance in her eyes, and a bit of unwillingness. She had just reunited with Lin Ming and was now able to follow him in the future, but Lin Ming had decided to go to the Soul World and part ways for now. Of course she felt uncomfortable about this.

“I understand…” Xiao Moxian whispered, forcing out a smile. “Big Brother Lin, I will wait in the Divine Realm for your return.”

“I’m sorry...”

Seeing Xiao Moxian’s smile, Lin Ming felt even sadder. If possible he would definitely have loved to bring Xiao Moxian with him. No matter how perilous the Soul World was, he was willing to live and die with her.

But Xiao Moxian was pregnant.

Moreover, the child within her had an unusual level of talent. Before it took form, it was already able to absorb the power of the world. This was the reason why Xiao Moxian’s combat strength had dropped so drastically.

In this sort of situation, if Lin Ming brought Xiao Moxian to the Soul World to adventure he would definitely have all sorts of scruples. There would be many dangerous places he wouldn’t dare to go.

During this journey to the Soul World the perils were unknown, and in a sense it was the same as cutting off all paths of retreat. If he had too many worries it would be impossible to accomplish anything important. Then in this case it would be better to leave Xiao Moxian in the Divine Realm and have her cultivate in peace. This would be beneficial to both Xiao Moxian and their child.


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