MW Chapter 1781

Chapter 1781 – Demondawn’s Advice

Although the Monster Emperor’s grand longevity feast had ended, the surrounding disciples in the Black Pagoda would still be enjoying a celebration banquet for another month.

When Lin Ming, Divine Dream, and Xiao Moxian entered the Black Pagoda, they didn’t alert anyone at all. As they passed through the Black Pagoda, they entered a transmission array and went straight to the top.

Here, there was a giant hall. This hall had no light and was incomparably dark. But with Lin Ming and the others’ eyesight they naturally weren’t affected by such things. They could clearly see the back of a tall figure standing in the hall, wearing a long black cloak. This person was undoubtedly Empyrean Demondawn.


Xiao Moxian called out softly, her voice shivering. To reunite with her grandfather in such a situation, Xiao Moxian was left in an extremely complex mood.

Empyrean Demondawn turned and wasn’t surprised to see Divine Dream slowly following behind Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian. He only faintly said, “Sit.”

Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian, and Divine Dream took seats around the table with Empyrean Demondawn sitting across from them. After a long period of silence, he took off a ring from his finger and slid it across the table towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming was startled. He...

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