MW Chapter 1779

Chapter 1779 – The Rewards of Victory

To an entire race, a single Holy Lord realm martial artist wasn’t anything at all.

Amongst the human race of the Divine Realm alone, there were several hundred Empyreans, 3000 rulers of great worlds, the numerous Great World Kings of the many Empyrean Heavenly Palaces as well as those that were hidden, and as for ordinary World Kings and Holy Lord realm martial artists, they were simply innumerable.

When an ordinary martial artist broke into the Holy Lord realm, to someone on the level of an Empyrean, that was the same as a tiny bug breaking out of its cocoon. It simply wouldn’t arouse their interest.

But, Lin Ming breaking into the Holy Lord realm left all the Empyreans present shocked speechless for a long time.

The half-step Holy Lord Lin Ming had already been strong enough to suppress the Good Fortune Saint Son. Then, just how strong would he be after becoming a Holy Lord?

If the current Lin Ming were to fight with the Good Fortune Saint Son again, just what sort of scene would that be?

Not too far away, the Good Fortune Saint Son had already awoken from his unconsciousness and swallowed a recovery pill.

Today was the most frustrating day he had experienced in his life.

During his battle with Lin Ming he had even burnt a bit of his blood essence and still lost. Even so, the damage to his...

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