MW Chapter 1776

Chapter 1776 – Victory or Defeat

From within Lin Ming’s inner world, wild true essence and astral essence erupted. A dazzling brilliance covered the skies, as if a sun was exploding within him, causing everyone to close their eyes from the brightness.

Behind Lin Ming, nine massive stars appeared once more. Their vast starlight poured down like a waterfall, converging into Lin Ming’s body!

Paka paka!

Lin Ming’s joints released crackling explosive sounds. He bit down on his lip and spat out blood essence, brilliantly burning it!

By combusting his blood essence through the Gate of Life, Lin Ming’s strength rapidly climbed to the peak, soon approaching that of ten dragons!

The scattered wounds marring Lin Ming’s body also began to rapidly regenerate. In that moment, as he grasped the Black Dragon Spear, his long hair recklessly fluttering in the wind as he stood proud in the skies, he seemed full of an invincible might!

“This brat!” Empyrean Demondawn took a deep breath, a trace of fear and shock in his eyes. Lin Ming was just far too terrifying. In his battle with the Good Fortune Saint Son, he had experienced a brutal prolonged fight and had consumed a mind-boggling amount of energy, and his meridians and blood vessels had been torn in countless areas. Even so, in the final moments he was still able to erupt with such an overwhelming level of strength.

As for the Good Fortune Saint Son, he had been severely wounded by Lin Ming to the point of vomiting blood!

This was the saint race, a race renowned throughout the 33 Heavens for their body transformation technique. Out of all the races, they possessed the number one mortal bodily strength and endurance. By relying on their mortal bodies alone, they could struggle with True Dragons!

Yet at the end, Lin Ming’s endurance and physical strength actually surpassed that of the Saint Son.

How could Empyrean Demondawn not be amazed?

“Lin Ming!”

Facing this spear, the Good Fortune Saint Son gnashed his teeth.

His current situation was far worse than Lin Ming’s. His blood vitality was in a chaotic mess and his organs were damaged in many places. The astral essence around him had scattered and he could gather less than 50%.

All he could do now was rely on the Grandmist Spirit Bead!

The Good Fortune Saint Son roared out loud. He suddenly bit down on the tip of his tongue and burnt a wisp of his blood essence!

Seeing this, the entire audience of martial artists was left bewildered.

The Good Fortune Saint Son had been forced by Lin Ming to burn his blood essence!

Although the Good Fortune Saint Son’s supreme Sovereign Blood was incomparably powerful, that didn’t mean he had the ability to willfully burn it as he pleased. Once he burned a little, it meant he had that much less. And, the Good Fortune Saint Son’s bloodline was extremely special. Once he burned some of his blood essence it would be immensely problematic to make up for. This move clearly indicated that the Good Fortune Saint Son had gone all out.

Hu –

The Grandmist Spirit Bead fiercely spun, creating a dark red vortex. The Good Fortune Saint Son spat burning blood essence into the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

The Grandmist Spirit Bead then emitted an increasingly brilliant red light!

“I will swallow all of your flesh and blood essence energy!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son had bet everything on this. He poured the totality of his strength into this attack.

His remaining strength was clearly less than Lin Ming’s. He could only use the Grandmist Spirit Bead to make up for this deficiency.

The moment that the Grandmist Spirit Bead shot out, Lin Ming also attacked!

The Heretical God Force erupted. A tyrannical and savage power of thunder and fire turbulently poured into the Black Dragon Spear.

The spear thrust out. Like a mysterious vortex, all of the light in the skies was swallowed up by this spear, immediately causing the world to darken.

Everyone was shrouded in this darkness. Only the Black Dragon Spear in Lin Ming’s hands remained blindingly brilliant!

Hu – hu – hu – !

The maddening aura of the Asura Great Dao condensed. The surrounding space began to shatter like glass, large tracts of space collapsing in on itself.

Lin Ming’s spear strike already contained the charm of the Gate of Laws’ Black Asura’s final strike. This spear seemed as if it could pierce through the entire universe!

This was the power of the Asura Laws, as horrifying as the abyss of hell!

Lin Ming’s momentum was like a rainbow. A giant Asura phantom formed around him. With the support of this Asura phantom, Lin Ming struck out at the Good Fortune Saint Son!

And at the same time, two figures flew towards Lin Ming from two sides. Of these two figures, one wore purple clothes and one wore black clothes; they were Lin Ming’s two avatars. They each held onto their spear, sending out their all-out attacks, completely fusing together with Lin Ming’s strike.

This heaven-shaking spear light smashed into the Grandmist Spirit Bead!


An earth-shattering explosion burst out. The Grandmist Spirit Bead violently trembled. The surrounding space was like glass smashed with a hammer, all of it shattering to pieces!

Countless Asura Law runes flashed out from the destroyed space like stars.

“Retreat! Quickly retreat!”

Some martial artists cried out in alarm. In the face of such terrifying strength, even if they stood a hundred miles away they would still be swallowed up and annihilated!

But at this time, the human and monster races both had Empyreans take action. They set up shimmering light barriers that blocked the dreadful shockwaves of energy.

The energy crashed into the Empyreans’ light barriers. After causing them to fiercely shake, it returned like a lowering tide. The endless sand and sea water was swept into the air where it instantly disintegrated into the finest powder before scattering through the world.

For a time, it was like a massive meteor had crashed into the island. The entire island had been hollowed out and a crazy amount of water vapor soared upwards, rapidly condensing into dark clouds in the skies before falling back down like an endless rainstorm!

Endless sea water gushed in, filling up the titanic crater in the center of the island. Waves roared and ceaseless rain poured, making it seem like the end of the world.

“What happened?”

Many young elites looked at each other in dismay. They hadn’t been able to clearly see the results of the final strike.

Someone looked at the many surrounding Empyreans. All they saw was that there were several human Empyreans who were even shivering.

Among these people were Empyrean Vast Universe and Empyrean Traceless. The two of them had clenched their fists so hard that blue veins were visible and their knuckles had turned white. It was like space itself was breaking beneath their grasp!

After their cultivation reached the Empyrean realm, there was little that could cause them to lose their composure like this. The reason they had such an intense reaction, even shaking, was because their excitement had reached the limit. In their eyes there was nothing but absolute disbelief, interwoven with a zealous joy and trepidation!

Few understood the situation as well as they did. Humanity was lost in an eternal night, drowning in sorrow and misery without an end in sight. To them, this battle between the Good Fortune Saint Son and Lin Ming was of monumental importance!

This duel was enough to ignite humanity’s flames of hope!

“Could it be…”

Seeing the response of the human Empyreans, the hearts of the young elites present trembled. They turned their heads and looked towards the saint Empyrean.

Not too far away, the saint Empyrean floated high in the void. Even within the endless drops of falling sea water, not a single one was able to touch him. However, his complexion had become dark and gloomy enough to drip water!

The response of the saint Empyrean had confirmed their guesses.

“Lin Ming… won… he won!?”

As this thought flashed through all of the young human elites’ minds, the heavy rain finally finished falling. In the boundless mist, there was only a single proud figure remaining. This figure grasped the Black Dragon Spear, his long hair slicked back through the rain.

This person was Lin Ming!

And opposite Lin Ming, the Good Fortune Saint Son had disappeared in the endless mist, having completely vanished from sight.

As if… he had sunk into the sea…

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