MW Chapter 1776

Chapter 1776 – Victory or Defeat

From within Lin Ming’s inner world, wild true essence and astral essence erupted. A dazzling brilliance covered the skies, as if a sun was exploding within him, causing everyone to close their eyes from the brightness.

Behind Lin Ming, nine massive stars appeared once more. Their vast starlight poured down like a waterfall, converging into Lin Ming’s body!

Paka paka!

Lin Ming’s joints released crackling explosive sounds. He bit down on his lip and spat out blood essence, brilliantly burning it!

By combusting his blood essence through the Gate of Life, Lin Ming’s strength rapidly climbed to the peak, soon approaching that of ten dragons!

The scattered wounds marring Lin Ming’s body also began to rapidly regenerate. In that moment, as he grasped the Black Dragon Spear, his long hair recklessly fluttering...

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