MW Chapter 1775

Chapter 1775 – Another Miraculous Move


The bloodstained Good Fortune Saint Son suddenly grabbed onto Lin Ming’s spear shaft. After activating his supreme Sovereign Blood body metamorphosis and also using the Scales of the Sovereign Blood, his defensive ability had reached a terrifying degree. Even though he forcefully withstood Lin Ming’s attack and had been injured to the point of spitting out blood, the spear hadn’t pierced through his body.


Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. The Black Dragon Spear was like a living True Dragon in his hands, constantly breaking into the Good Fortune Saint Son’s protective astral essence!

With both sides deadlocked, the Good Fortune Saint Son lifted the black heavy sword with one hand and fiendishly grinned.

“Lin Ming, you’re dead!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s voice echoed in Lin Ming’s ears. Lin Ming was suddenly startled. From behind, he could feel a thick killing intent!

“Lin Ming, be careful!” Xiao Moxian cried out in alarm.

The many human Empyreans were also tense. At that time, a sharp black light was shooting straight towards Lin Ming from behind. And the center of the black light was the Grandmist Spirit Bead!

If Lin Ming continued to thrust his spear he could undoubtedly heavily wound the Good Fortune Saint Son, but at the same time he would also be struck by the Grandmist Spirit Bead!

If Lin Ming was struck by the Grandmist Spirit Bead, the injuries it would cause to his body could be imagined!

“Take back the spear and defend!”

Empyrean Vast Universe’s sound transmission crackled like thunder in Lin Ming’s ears!

He originally thought that the Good Fortune Saint Son seemed strangely weak in his collision with Lin Ming just now, but now it seemed that the reason was because he had split off a portion of his strength to control the Grandmist Spirit Bead!

The Good Fortune Saint Son would attack Lin Ming from the front and then use the Grandmist Spirit Bead to sneak attack him from behind, placing him in a pincer attack!

In this situation, even if Lin Ming took back his spear to defend, he had just attacked and his true essence was in a mess. He would still suffer heavy losses to the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

How the fight progressed after that could be imagined!

But if Lin Ming didn’t take back his spear to defend, the situation would be even worse. Only the heavens would know what consequences Lin Ming would suffer after being struck by the full strength attack of the Grandmist Spirit Bead. At worst, Lin Ming could even die here! Compared to death, simply losing to the Good Fortune Saint Son was much better.

This was the Good Fortune Saint Son’s sure-kill plan. With this attack, Lin Ming would likely lose. This was a truly vicious attack!

However, at this time Lin Ming seemed as if he simply didn’t hear Empyrean Vast Universe’s sound transmission. He continued to hold onto the Black Dragon Spear as before, thrusting it straight towards the Good Fortune Saint Son’s chest, utterly disregarding the Grandmist Spirit Bead that was hurtling towards him.

Within the brutal waves of energy, Lin Ming exuded a dense killing intent. The Asura phantom behind him clawed at the air like a demonic spirit trying to rip apart the skies!

“You… do you really want to die?”

The Good Fortune Saint Son was shocked. He never imagined that Lin Ming would be so ruthless and would continue attacking him even at the cost of being heavily wounded by the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

Seeing 90% of his own protective astral essence being broken by Lin Ming, the Good Fortune Saint Son’s eyes flashed with a vicious light. He fiercely said, “Good, then if you want to die let me help you. Even if I have to withstand this attack the most I will suffer is a severe wound!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son grit his teeth, revolving the little amount of strength he had left to the limit!

“The one dying is you!” Lin Ming fiercely grinned.


The Good Fortune Saint Son spat out a mouthful of blood as the Black Dragon Spear thrust through his chest. Then, he grabbed onto the Black Dragon Spear’s shaft, looking at Lin Ming like he was looking at someone already dead.

After using all his energy in this strike, Lin Ming absolutely wouldn’t be able to dodge the attack from the Grandmist Spirit Bead. And, his injuries would be far more severe!

It was even possible that the Grandmist Spirit Bead’s strike would greatly damage Lin Ming’s blood vitality and leave behind hidden wounds that hindered his future achievements. These thoughts made the Good Fortune Saint Son feel even better!

But as the black light of the Grandmist Spirit Bead was about to strike Lin Ming’s back, a figure rushed out from Lin Ming’s inner world!

This figure was similar to Lin Ming before he activated his body metamorphosis. The figure wore black clothes and its blood vitality soared into the heavens, billowing into the skies like a rocket!

“What? This is…”

In that instant, it seemed as if Lin Ming had split into two. Everyone’s eyes widened. Just what was happening?


As this black figure appeared, a black wheel appeared under it. This was Lin Ming’s Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel. And in the hands of this black figure was the Purple Gold Spear that Lin Ming had been using before!

This black-clothed figure that suddenly appeared was Lin Ming’s avatar – the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone!

The Essence spirit Embryo Stone revolved its astral essence to its limits, combining it with the horrifying blood vitality that had been tempered within it for billions and billions of years. It grasped the Purple Gold Spear and shot towards the Grandmist Spirit Bead!


The Purple Gold Spear in the Essence Spirit Embryo’s hands smashed into the Grandmist Spirit Bead!

In that moment, the originally not too flexible Purple Gold Spear tightly curved, seeming as if it would break apart at any moment!

The arms of the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone exploded with blood shooting into the wind!

And once this blood shot out, it was all absorbed by the Grandmist Spirit Bead, making for an extremely ghostly and macabre sight.

For a time, energy erupted outwards. Behind Lin Ming, a violent detonation swept out, the raging strength like tides in a storm, flushing into Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son and causing them both to tumble away.

The Essence Spirit Embryo Stone was the essence energy avatar personally refined by the Asura Road Master!

Even if the Grandmist Spirit Bead was a peerless divine tool, the Good Fortune Saint Son could only bring out a limited amount of its strength. In the fierce collision, the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone had only been struck to the point of losing blood.

And a part of the avatar’s essence energy had also been absorbed by the Grandmist Spirit Bead!

But this wasn’t a problem at all. The essence energy could be restored through the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel by sacrificing some of the souls within it.

Because the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone had moved to block over 99% of the Grandmist Spirit Bead’s attack power, Lin Ming hadn’t suffered from the shockwaves at all.

As the young elites witnessed this, all of them were dazed. They didn’t know just what words to say.

As for the Good Fortune Saint Son, he said with an incredulous voice, “How is this possible… how could you possibly have such a terrifying flesh and blood avatar!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son had clearly seen that the appearance of the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone was the exact same as Lin Ming’s. This was undoubtedly Lin Ming’s avatar!

But the avatar’s body contained a terrifying blood vitality, one that was even greater than the Good Fortune Saint Son’s by an unbelievably large margin. He simply couldn’t believe this was possible!

At this time, Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son had briefly exhausted themselves of energy. They lost their balance in the air and were sent flying away by the wild fluctuations of energy.

The Gold Fortune Saint Son tried to adjust his breathing and blood vitality, wanting to summon enough astral essence to attack Lin Ming once more.

Lin Ming simply sneered.

From his inner world, another figure shot out!

This figure wore purple clothes and a vast soul force gushed out from its body, as if it were a fathomless abyss of soul force. It formed a sharp contrast with the previously black-clothed Lin Ming!


The Good Fortune Saint Son’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.

All of the martial artists present cried out in shock, “There’s another one!?”

This purple-clothed figure was naturally the second avatar – the Soul Springs Divine Embryo!

This Soul Springs Divine Embryo stood atop a purple wheel – the Myriad Essence Reincarnation Wheel. It grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and hurtled straight towards the Good Fortune Saint Son!

In terms of defensive power, the Soul Springs Divine Embryo was far inferior to the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone. But, its attacks were far more strange and cunning, nearly impossible to guard against!

The Good Fortune Saint Son could barely believe his own eyes. The Soul Springs Divine Embryo was aiming its spear at his chest, and the point where it aimed was where Lin Ming had wounded him before!

In Lin Ming’s battle against the Good Fortune Saint Son he used every method he could, taking advantage of all possibilities to add wounds upon wounds.

Seeing this spear point about to pierce him, the Good Fortune Saint Son’s face turned as pale as paper! Because he had exhausted his strength in the last attack he hadn’t been able to summon more astral essence. In other words, he couldn’t resist this attack!


The Phoenix Blood Spear pierced into the Good Fortune Saint Son. The Good Fortune Saint Son’s chest collapsed inwards. However, his mortal body had been tempered innumerable times and was fused with almost endless essence, making it as hard as divine iron. Even though the Phoenix Blood Spear penetrated into his chest, it still wasn’t able to tear through his heart!

“That was close… but it seems this avatar isn’t too strong…”

The Good Fortune Saint Son immediately thought. But before he could rejoice, he felt an agonizing pain within his spiritual sea. The Phoenix Blood Spear contained a spiritual strike that was attacking him like a hidden viper!

The Soul Springs Divine Embryo’s strike had contained a soul attack!


The Good Fortune Saint Son screamed out loud, his body shaking. The pain brought through a soul attack was several times that of a physical attack. The Good Fortune Saint Son grabbed his head, fiercely struggling with himself.


Lin Ming had recovered his strength again in the several breaths of time he had. He grasped the Black Dragon Spear and attacked the Good Fortune Saint Son once more!

When his main body used the Black Dragon Spear he could use three moves total – this was the second!

For a time, joyful dragon and phoenix phantoms appeared behind Lin Ming. In that moment, his aura climbed to new heights!


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