MW Chapter 1774

Chapter 1774 – Peak Showdown

After galvanizing the Asura blood within him, it wasn’t just Lin Ming’s strength that had increased, but there was also a world-shaking change in his aura.

At the start, Lin Ming’s aura was incomparably swift and relentless, carrying with it an unstoppably firm will. It seemed as if no matter what stood in front of him he could still pierce through it.

But after utilizing the Asura blood, Lin Ming’s aura had become as fathomless as the bloody seas of hell, carrying with it a terrifying killing intent!

Even for the many masters present, even Great World Kings, when they faced Lin Ming they felt their minds and bodies be invaded by that vast killing intent, nearly causing them to suffocate as they gasped for breath.

“Lin Ming… still had such a hidden card? From the start he had kept back this last resort in order to deal with the Good Fortune Saint Son’s Grandmist Spirit Bead!”

Many human Empyreans suddenly realized.

The reason Lin Ming had been suppressed by the Good Fortune Saint Son since the start was not because he was weak, but because he was saving his strength and energy.

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s Grandmist Spirit Bead had long since been factored into his plan!

When he challenged the Good Fortune Saint Son at the Monster Emperor’s longevity feast, this wasn’t an impulsive decision he had made on the spot. Rather, he had come up with a thorough strategy and had been gathering his momentum all this time for this challenge!

This was the only reason he dared to recklessly bet everything he had!

After understanding this, everyone felt frightened and awed. This young man Lin Ming was just completely incomprehensible. Just when they thought they understood everything about him, they realized that what they knew was only the tip of the iceberg.

After not seeing him for many years, he left everyone’s line of sight and when he returned he soared into the heavens once more!

“What a terrifying youth… if he continues to grow, it’s certain he will become a True Divinity…”

The Monster Emperor said with a heavy sigh as he placed a hand on Empyrean Demondawn’s shoulder.

Lin Ming had even been able to shatter the shackles of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace with his own strength. To create another miracle and break through the realm of True Divinity, that shouldn’t be difficult for Lin Ming at all.

Empyrean Demondawn remained silent. He couldn’t help but admit that Lin Ming was the most terrifying youth he had ever seen in his life. Even the Good Fortune Saint Son was far inferior to him!

At just 100 years old, he had begun to show his towering might and potential. If it weren’t for the great calamity of humanity, he would absolutely become a character like Empyrean Divine Seal from 3.6 billion years ago, perhaps even surpassing him!

Thinking of this, Empyrean Demondawn’s heart trembled.

Empyrean Divine Seal… didn’t he also appear during a great calamity?

Perhaps… to Lin Ming, this great calamity wasn’t a disaster, but might actually be… a lucky chance!

As long as he could withstand the great calamity then Lin Ming would obtain an unbelievable advantage. He would be a phoenix reborn through nirvana, soaring to unimaginable heights!

“Perhaps Xian’er should really be with him…”

Empyrean Demondawn quietly thought to himself.

He thought… that perhaps… he had made the wrong choice…

But no matter what, he couldn’t rely on his own subjective judgment to decide these matters and gamble the future of his people.

Even if Lin Ming could survive the great calamity and become a True Divinity, that didn’t mean that his demon race would be equally able to survive the great calamity with Lin Ming. Oftentimes, when a peerless genius arose, the influences that they grew up with would experience unprecedented catastrophes. This was because the inside background of these influences was far too lacking and they couldn’t withstand the destiny that these unrivalled geniuses brought with them. In the end, all that awaited them was doom and destruction.

Empyrean Demondawn didn’t believe that the monster and demon races possessed such a background.

At this time, in the skies, the Good Fortune Saint Son was beginning his attack.

The Grandmist Spirit Bead hung high above his head. Countless ribbons of black light flowed out, sealing the surrounding space.

“Lin Ming!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s eyes were cruel and vicious. Facing Lin Ming, he already felt a deep sense of frustration!

Originally, this should have been a battle that he easily won no matter what. However, with things having come this far, he had even taken out the Grandmist Spirit Bead but still wasn’t able to suppress Lin Ming. This caused the Good Fortune Saint Son to be enraged.

“I will kill you!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son clenched his jaws. Towards this person known as Lin Ming who completely suppressed him in terms of talent, the Good Fortune Saint Son desperately wanted to destroy him!

Woosh woosh woosh –

More and more black silk ribbons appeared. This was the Grandmist Spirit Bead’s force field. After being enveloped in this force field, Lin Ming felt the blood vitality of his body gushing out and even the power of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace was greatly limited.

Grandmist Spirit Bead… it was truly worthy of being regarded as the highest rank divine tools in existence. Even Lin Ming, who had an extremely solid foundation of blood energy, still found this enormous pressure difficult to withstand.

Then, at this time, the Good Fortune Saint Son moved!

His body hurtled forwards. The golden power of good fortune erupted from his body like a volcano, dyeing the endless skies a glorious morning gold!

Scorching hot power swept through the blue skies. It was like a golden sun had shattered in the skies, turning into endless rays of golden light!

Although this was the Good Fortune Divine Art, after using the Sovereign Blood body metamorphosis, the Good Fortune Saint Son’s utilization of the Good Fortune Divine Art was completely incomparable to before!

Seeing this scene, Lin Ming also no longer held back.

He opened the Heretical God Force to the limit. Behind him, the massive phantom of the Heretical God Tree appeared once more. Its vast power poured itself into the Black Dragon Spear.

This Black Dragon Spear was a True Divinity spirit treasure. No matter how much power Lin Ming poured into it, it would welcome all without reserve!

Perhaps even stimulating 10% of the Black Dragon Spear’s strength would be enough to suck Lin Ming dry of energy!

At the fifth level of the final trial, Lin Ming had only used one move with the Black Dragon Spear to crush the Undying Polar Ice.

For that one move, the strength Lin Ming poured into the Black Dragon Spear was nearly equal to half his total energy.

“First spear!”

Lin Ming grasped the Black Dragon Spear. Dozens of billions of jins of strength erupted from within him. Strength rose from his waist. Blood vessels bulged on his arms. With hands as heavy as a mountain, he thrust the spear straight out!

Behind Lin Ming, the giant Asura phantom fused into his body. Asura Law runes wildly danced in the air. In order to conserve as much strength as possible, Lin Ming used the power of the Asura Laws to stimulate movement of the Black Dragon Spear.

Rah - !

The Black Dragon Spear’s clarion cry rang out, like a dragon roaring into the deep blue skies!

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s black sword collided with Lin Ming’s spear!

An unimaginably violent force erupted, tearing the surrounding space to shreds!

The mortal bodies of the two opponents were as solid as divine iron. In such a violent collision, anything that wasn’t at least an Empyrean spirit treasure would be turned into ash. As for the energy waves, they blasted out onto the bodies of the two with metallic ringing sounds, forcefully withstood. Even the space storms that swept out were stiffly shouldered all the same.


With a loud explosion, the Good Fortune Saint Son’s black sword light was stiffly torn apart by Lin Ming’s Black Dragon Spear!

The Black Dragon Spear moved forwards with unstoppable force, pushing straight through!

Lin Ming’s right arm sank and dozens of spear lights shot out from the Black Dragon Spear. They were like massive mountains, locking down the heavens!

The Good Fortune Saint Son had immediately fallen into an encirclement of Lin Ming’s spear lights!

“Lin Ming has the upper hand!”

Some human Empyreans cried out in shock. They never imagined that Lin Ming’s strike would actually break through the Good Fortune Saint Son’s sword light, and even soon hit his body!

“Scales of the Sovereign Blood!”

Seeing Lin Ming’s spear thrust towards him, the Good Fortune Saint Son bellowed out loud. The golden scales covering his body began to emit a blinding radiance. He had actually chosen to forcefully withstand Lin Ming’s spear strike!

Although 80-90% of Lin Ming’s attack power had been blocked by the black sword light, the remaining 10-20% was still something that would not be easy to resist!

If the Good Fortune Saint Son chose to withstand this strike with his body he would absolutely be injured!

In that moment, Lin Ming’s strength gushed out. The True Dragon blood within him began to boil over! The two Dao Palaces within him erupted with an incredible strength again and again!

As he struck out with the Black Dragon Spear, he vigorously pulled back his spear and thrust out nine times, using the skill of the Hundred Layered Waves to superimpose the strength of these nine spear strikes together!

These nine spears strikes had no energy poured into them and were used with Lin Ming’s bodily strength alone. This was because Lin Ming had just used his first move and it was impossible for him to summon the strength for the second move too quickly. Thus, he could only use his bodily strength to stiffly stab out his spear several more times to increase the might of the attack; this was already the limit of what he could do.


The Black Dragon Spear heavily smashed into the Good Fortune Saint Son’s chest.

The horrifying striking power of a peak True Divinity spirit treasure was hard to imagine! Even though Lin Ming’s spear strike had been weakened again and again, it still cracked apart the Good Fortune Saint Son’s protective astral essence and shattered his golden scales, causing him to vomit a massive amount of blood!

“The Good Fortune Saint Son has been injured!”

Whether it was the human guests or the martial artists from the monster and demon races, they all gasped in shock. Ever since the battle started, this was the first time that the Good Fortune Saint Son had been injured!

Moreover, this was not a minor wound, but a severe injury that caused the Good Fortune Saint Son to vomit blood. Lin Ming with his half-step Holy Lord cultivation had actually forced the Good Fortune Saint Son into such a situation. Moreover, the Good Fortune Saint Son had even used his Sovereign Blood body metamorphosis as well as having summoned the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

The body-metamorphosized Lin Ming was far too terrifying. He was like an Asura of hell. Gods who blocked his way would be cut down, buddhas who blocked his way would be slain!


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