MW Chapter 1773

Chapter 1773 – The Eruption Within the Silence

Strong winds howled. The giant island had already been sundered apart. Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son faced each other in the skies, and between them the black Grandmist Spirit Bead floated, shimmering with a divine light as if it were a black sun, making one unable to look at it.

“Lin Ming, if you cannot win, then admit defeat. The tide flows in but it will also flow out. Your talent surpasses that of the Good Fortune Saint Son and you will definitely catch up to him in the future. Do not try to put on some brave front!”

At this time, Empyrean Vast Universe’s sound transmission echoed in Lin Min Ming’s ears, filled with a nervous and worried tone. After the Good Fortune Saint Son took out the Grandmist Spirit Bead, a heaven-shaking reversal in the battle had occurred!

“I thank you for your concern Senior, but this junior knows what he is doing.”

Lin Ming rapidly replied. His mind was completely focused on the Good Fortune Saint Son, staring at him with unblinking eyes.

Lin Ming could feel the terrifying strength of the Grandmist Spirit Bead. As the one facing the Good Fortune Saint Son, he had to bear the full brunt of the Grandmist Spirit Bead’s vast pressure!

All of his blood vitality and essence energy seemed to be affected by the...

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