MW Chapter 1772

Chapter 1772 – The Might of the Spirit Bead

Although Lin Ming had consumed a great deal of energy, the Good Fortune Saint Son was the same!

In every collision, although Lin Ming’s arms would be wetted with fresh blood and his meridians would break, he relied on his terrifying recovery ability to slowly restore the damage to his meridians.

This allowed Lin Ming to never be defeated. His tenacity exceeded the expectations of all present.


A heaven-shaking, earth-shattering sword strike cut through the endless sandstorm. This sword strike seemed to sunder the pillars that supported the world, and even the heavens seemed as if they would fall down!

The entire island was severed by this sword strike. An endless abyss formed, continuing for over 10,000 miles and stretching right into the sea!

The sea within the world of the Black Pagoda was countless hundreds of thousands of feet deep. Underneath the terrifying pressure, the wild sea tides gushed in, filling up the abyss.

Large tracts of land collapsed, turning into endless grains of sand that fell into the sea!

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s sword...

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