MW Chapter 1771

Chapter 1771 – Golden Sandstorm

Strong winds howled. Yellow sands rolled up as the entire sky was filled with chaotic energies.

These energies contained Lin Ming’s Asura Law as well as the Good Fortune Saint Son’s Good Fortune Divine Art.

And beneath the two, the originally endlessly beautiful mountain ranges and lush green forests had been turned into a grim desert. Littering this desert were massive craters and a terrifying abyss that had been formed by the Good Fortune Saint Son’s last sword strike. This abyss continued for over a thousand miles, extending past the horizon!

Rumble rumble rumble!

With a loud sound the ground began to shake. From the end of the abyss, a raging tsunami came flooding in.

This was because the abyss had split through the entire island, crossing into the sea, bringing back a turbulent tide.

The endless sea water flushed into the infinite grains of yellow sands, filling up the massive craters.

Seeing this scene, all of the martial artists present were left speechless.

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s Good Fortune Divine Art was indeed horrendously terrifying, but even so it had still been blocked by Lin Ming!

That was a peak True Divinity level cultivation method – how had Lin Ming been able to block it?

The young elites of the monster and demon races were completely...

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