MW Chapter 1771

Chapter 1771 – Golden Sandstorm

Strong winds howled. Yellow sands rolled up as the entire sky was filled with chaotic energies.

These energies contained Lin Ming’s Asura Law as well as the Good Fortune Saint Son’s Good Fortune Divine Art.

And beneath the two, the originally endlessly beautiful mountain ranges and lush green forests had been turned into a grim desert. Littering this desert were massive craters and a terrifying abyss that had been formed by the Good Fortune Saint Son’s last sword strike. This abyss continued for over a thousand miles, extending past the horizon!

Rumble rumble rumble!

With a loud sound the ground began to shake. From the end of the abyss, a raging tsunami came flooding in.

This was because the abyss had split through the entire island, crossing into the sea, bringing back a turbulent tide.

The endless sea water flushed into the infinite grains of yellow sands, filling up the massive craters.

Seeing this scene, all of the martial artists present were left speechless.

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s Good Fortune Divine Art was indeed horrendously terrifying, but even so it had still been blocked by Lin Ming!

That was a peak True Divinity level cultivation method – how had Lin Ming been able to block it?

The young elites of the monster and demon races were completely stunned. As for the young human elites, after a moment of silence, all of the blood in their hearts seemed to ignite as if they had been struck by some tremendous force!

This was proof that the young elites of humanity could also fiercely contend with the saint race’s Saint Son. In a situation where the cultivation method and weapon was inferior, they were still evenly matched in battle!

But unlike the easily excited juniors, the human Empyreans glanced at each other, an extreme look of disbelief flooding their eyes.

They had extraordinary eyesight and could more rationally analyze the battle. Lin Ming’s cultivation was less than that of the Good Fortune Saint Son’s, and even in terms of foundation, the Good Fortune Saint Son was extremely solid.

With the difference in their weapons added along, according to any sensible logic, Lin Ming should never have been able to directly face the Good Fortune Divine Art.

But what had actually happened had defied all expectations!

Moreover… Lin Ming hadn’t used the Divine Seal Art. This also meant that the two strange wheels in Lin Ming’s hands were likely an even more mystical and profound cultivation method than the Divine Seal Art was.

“This sort of cultivation method seems to be its own independent set of Laws. Is this a lucky chance that Lin Ming stumbled upon in the Asura Road?”

Empyrean Vast Universe mumbled, still shocked. In the growth of a truly outstanding youth, oftentimes no matter where they went they would burst out with a glorious light. The Asura Road was no exception.

And in Empyrean Vast Universe’s mind, even if Lin Ming’s cultivation method was slightly better than the Good Fortune Divine Art, it would still be difficult for him to fight with the Good Fortune Saint Son.

“Lin Ming… has been injured. The meridians in his arms have broken in many places, and the move he used just now seems to have affected his life source…”

A chilling voice sounded out. The one speaking was Empyrean Divine Dream. In her mind, she recalled the vast starlight that had appeared above Lin Ming just then.

This sort of starlight gave Empyrean Divine Dream an incomparably strange feeling.

As if it was also its own independent Laws.

If so, then what Lin Ming did just then was the same as using two completely independent sets of Laws.

“That starlight…”

As she recalled what happened, Empyrean Divine Dream seemed to faintly recall something. Suddenly, she sharply breathed in and slowly said, “Lin Ming, it seems that he… broke into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace! Nine stars appeared and two gathered unto his body, that perhaps means he has already opened two Dao Palaces…”

A light voice spread into the ears of all human Empyreans present. The Nine Stars of the Dao Palace had long been lost to time. Empyrean Divine Dream had never seen it herself; this was only her guess.

For a time, all the human Empyreans were shocked silent.

The Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!

How was this possible!?

That was a road of cultivation that had been sealed away by the Heavenly Dao Laws. After the great calamity 3.6 billion years ago, no one had been able to cultivate the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

There was said to be a single exception and that was Empyrean Primordius. However, he had drawn support from the heaven-defying divine tool that was the Grandmist Spirit Bead in order to shatter past the limits and open the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!

“Could Lin Ming have obtained the Grandmist Spirit Bead!?”

Some powerhouse of humanity blurted out. But as he spoke out these words, he discovered that the several human Empyreans in front of him had turned their heads and were giving him strange looks.

This human powerhouse’s voice caught in his throat and he reddened with embarrassment. He secretly knocked himself on the head for his stupidity. The Grandmist Spirit Bead was in the Good Fortune Saint Son’s hands!

If Lin Ming had really obtained the Grandmist Spirit Bead, then could the Good Fortune Saint Son and Good Fortune Saint Sovereign both be idiots, bringing along some fake item?

In other words, in a situation where Lin Ming didn’t possess the Grandmist Spirit Bead, he had forcefully relied upon his own heaven-defying strength to break past the shackles of the Heavenly Dao. This was far too terrifying an action!

If Lin Ming really did break through the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, then it could be explained how Lin Ming was able to receive the Good Fortune Saint Son’s Good Fortune Divine Art. This was because after opening two Dao Palaces, although Lin Ming’s cultivation resembled that of a half-step Holy Lord to outsiders, the truth was that once his body transformation cultivation was added on he actually surpassed the boundary of a half-step Holy Lord!

Empyrean Divine Dream’s words were confirmed in the next moment.

The Good Fortune Saint Son stared brilliantly at Lin Ming, his gaze full of disbelief. “The Nine Stars of the Dao Palace… you actually…”

The Good Fortune Saint Son had once looked through records of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace within the ancient texts of the saint race. After all, this was also another body transformation route of the Great Dao. Even if it wasn’t suitable for the saints to cultivate, the saints had still saved up far too many ancient texts, and this included knowledge on the Great Dao of 11 body transformation systems of the 33 Heavenly Daos.

Ironically, the records that the saints possessed concerning human cultivation methods were far more detailed than the records possessed by the humans themselves. This was how the Good Fortune Saint Son was able to recognize the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

Lin Ming’s breakthrough of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace caused the Good Fortune Saint Son to feel disbelief and fear at the same time. This Lin Ming was far too horrifying. By relying on his strength alone, he was able to forcibly shatter the shackles of the Heavenly Dao!

“So you had broken into the Nine Stars of the Heavenly Dao, no wonder you dared to make such a heavy bet in this battle with me. Your true cultivation has in actuality already surpassed that of a half-step Holy Lord! But even so, it is impossible for you to win!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son said, gritting his teeth.

He originally had been thinking of completely rolling over Lin Ming. Whether it was before he had used the Good Fortune Divine Art or after he had used the Good Fortune Divine Art, he had poured all of his terrifying strength into each strike in order to immediately settle the outcome of the battle, so he could prove just how great the disparity was between him and Lin Ming.

But afterwards, the Good Fortune Saint Son discovered just how tenacious Lin Ming really was. Even though he had been suppressed again and again, he was like a tough weed in the wind, uncrushable!

To completely overwhelm Lin Ming was already far too difficult. He had to lengthen the fight, seeking flaws in Lin Ming’s defenses and using up his strength!

“I can’t hurry myself to victory. I’ve been pouring too much strength into each move, I must calm down first.”

At this moment the Good Fortune Saint Son had already tossed away all thoughts of underestimating his opponent. He planned to use his attack speed and amazing strength to engage in an extended battle, using his rich combat experience to finally emerge victorious!

He was well aware that Lin Ming had also consumed a great deal of energy and even touched upon a wisp of his own life source. If Lin Ming wanted to receive his attacks, it wouldn’t be easy for him at all!


The power of good fortune began to gather within the Good Fortune Saint Son’s hands once more.

The power of good fortune mixed with his astral essence, spreading into the surrounding space. For a time, the void around the black sword’s blade began to shiver with mysterious Space Laws. And, these Space Laws caused the hearts of the martial artists present to tremble.

There was a saying that the sharpest object in the world was not swords or sabers but space itself.

The power of space could cut through all!

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s heavy sword had no sharp edge to begin with. Although it was still extremely strong, it lacked razor sharpness. But now, the Good Fortune Saint Son took the Space Laws as the edge to make up for this. Moreover, the degree of sharpness far surpassed ordinary weapons!


The Good Fortune Saint Son’s figure turned into a golden beam that shot forwards!

His speed was like a ray of light, so fast that it was hard to discern his presence.

The giant heavy sword was crazily swung about by the Good Fortune Saint Son. Wild astral essence and the power of good fortune stirred up a storm that swept through the world.

Endless yellow sands soared into the skies, forming an all annihilating sand rain in the air.

In that instant, the Good Fortune Saint Son slashed out dozens of times!

This sword strike speed wasn’t too fast, but it couldn’t be forgotten that what the Good Fortune Saint Son used was a True Divinity spirit treasure!

“You want to compare speed?”

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank – speed had never been his weakness.

The power of the nine stars continued to pour into Lin Ming, causing his form to rapidly fluctuate. He grasped the golden long spear and reduced the range of the grandmist space to the surface of his skin in order to defend against the power of good fortune and also to resist the energy impact!

Ka ka ka ka ka!

The heavy sword fiercely collided with Lin Ming’s golden spear! Each time, Lin Ming’s arms would violently shake!

In that brutal and crazy sandstorm, after having the Good Fortune Saint Son’s power of good fortune poured into it, it formed a tremendous pressure on Lin Ming’s grandmist space.

“They’ve disappeared!”

“They’re fighting it out in the sandstorm. Because they’re too fast it’s impossible to see them clearly, all I can see are blurry afterimages!”

Most of the people watching this battle were young elites. With their eyes, they could not follow the speed of Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son.

They could only hear the sounds of horrifying explosions from the sandstorm, like endless billowing thunderclaps, enough to make one’s mind shake with fear!

In that intense collision, the amount of energy consumed in every breath of time was incomparably terrifying. Even an ordinary World King would soon be sucked dry of energy!

Although that crazily spinning golden sandstorm resembled a dream-like fantasy, the truth was that it was a sandstorm of hell. If someone with insufficient strength were to enter it they would be grinded down until even their bones were gone!

“Lin Ming…”

Outside the golden sandstorm, Xiao Moxian held her hands together, her ten fingers restlessly moving, her palms wet with sweat!

With her cultivation, she could clearly see what was happening to Lin Ming in that golden sandstorm!

Every time he fought with the Good Fortune Saint Son, he would withstand a tremendous pressure on his arms. Even blood would shoot out!

Seeing Lin Ming receive the barrage of intense strikes, Xiao Moxian’s eyes turned red and tears flowed out.

Not too far away from Xiao Moxian, Empyrean Demondawn could see his granddaughter’s reactions from the corner of his eyes. A strange and unspeakable feeling percolated in his heart.

If possible… he even hoped that Lin Ming could win.

But, could he do this?

From beginning until now, the Good Fortune Saint Son had occupied the winning side in this battle, continually suppressing Lin Ming. Even the fierce combat within the sandstorm was the Good Fortune Saint Son going on the offensive. Lin Ming was only defending!

And with the battle having reached such a heated state, even the defending side wouldn’t have much strength left!


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