MW Chapter 1770

Chapter 1770 – Seizing the Power of Good Fortune

“Good Fortune Divine Art! This is the Good Fortune Divine Art!”

As the human Empyreans present as well as the young elites saw the Good Fortune Saint Son absorb the power of good fortune, all of them were shocked.

Only a few of these people had ever seen the Good Fortune Divine Art with their own eyes, and of those that had, none of them knew how many levels existed within it.

The Good Fortune Divine Art could be called the strongest cultivation method within the entire saint race!

In the legends, it was said that it was created by the ancestors of the saints and then supplemented through multiple generations of True Divinities, becoming ever more perfect. Now, the current Good Fortune Divine Art had long been the most core inheritance of the entire saint race!

It had to be known that the Heaven Lifting Black Pagoda the Good Fortune Saint Son was fighting in was also called a miraculous structure. Even so, the Good Fortune Divine Art could still absorb the strength from within it. This was just how overbearing the Laws of the Good Fortune Divine art were!

Once the Good Fortune Divine Art was used, it would annihilate all life vitality within a space. Wherever the Good Fortune Divine Art passed, all would be barren; not a single blade of grass would remain green!

The greater the strength of the one using it, the more terrifying the degree of annihilation. In the myths, it was said that in the most ancient times the first ancestors of the saint race had gone to war and that in the great worlds they visited, they would leave behind endless tracts of deserts filled with nothing but deathly silence. The destruction would continue for over a trillion miles and even after a billion years it still wouldn’t be completely restored.

“The Good Fortune Saint Son has finally used the Good Fortune Divine Art!”

“What a terrifying Good Fortune Divine Art. Is there any junior that can actually be his opponent? When the Good Fortune Saint Son defeated a Great World King of my race, he still hadn’t been this strong.”

Empyrean Vast Universe said. His forehead was dripping with a cold sweat!

This was truly worthy of being called a peak True Divinity cultivation method. How could anyone fight it?

Even if Empyrean Vast Universe knew that Lin Ming had obtained Empyrean Divine Seal’s inheritance atop the Divine Seal Altar, the Divine Seal Altar that Lin Ming climbed was in truth only a tiny fragment of the ancient Divine Seal Altar. The Divine Seal Art that Lin Ming cultivated was naturally extremely flawed.

Moreover, even if it was the complete Divine Seal Art, it still couldn’t compare with the saint race’s Good Fortune Divine Art that had been continuously perfected over billions of years!

And it just so happened that in this completely disadvantageous situation, the importance of the battle was far too great!

Disregarding the fact that Lin Ming had bet nearly everything he had, just Xiao Moxian alone was related to the monster and demon races’ futures. If Lin Ming suffered a horrible defeat, the consequences would be inconceivable. Not to mention the monster and demon races and their alliance with the saints, Lin Ming alone would suffer a calamitous setback and his future development would be affected.

With this sort of loss, even if Lin Ming tried as hard as he could to obtain revenge, he still wouldn’t be able to make up for it!

The human Empyreans all looked at Lin Ming.

At this moment, Lin Ming grasped his golden spear, flying arrogantly amidst the raging power of good fortune.

Strong winds rose from all directions and his clothes flapped about him. His long hair recklessly scattered upwards!

His figure was like a spear, straight and tall. But, people knew that on his strong shoulders he was carrying far too many burdens!

This battle concerned not just his reputation, wealth, and momentum, but it also concerned the fate of humanity within the upcoming great calamity and whether or not they would be able to catch a breath in this struggle!

If there was even a slight possibility that Lin Ming could win this battle, it would galvanize humanity’s momentum, giving them more and more strength to push forwards. In the long night of the great calamity, this would be the spark to light the hope of humanity!

At this time, the sorrowful humans needed a win!

Many human martial artists and even Empyreans felt as if humanity was nothing but a pig on the butcher block!

“Lin Ming…”

Dozens of miles away from the battlefield, Empyrean Divine Dream took a deep breath and fell silent.

The weakening of humanity, what did Lin Ming owe them?

His weapon was an ordinary Empyrean spirit treasure and his cultivation methods were Empyrean Divine Dream’s Divine Dream Law, Empyrean Primordius’ Primordius martial intent, and also the severely incomplete Divine Seal Art.

Weapons and cultivation were among the two most important factors in one’s comprehensive combat strength, and yet he couldn’t compare with the Good Fortune Saint Son in either. As for the resources he consumed growing up, they were likely incomparable to what the Good Fortune Saint Son had taken.

The Good Fortune Saint Son even had the Grandmist Spirit Bead!

In this condition, Lin Ming had to win a nearly impossible victory. He was just a hundred year old junior. While he hadn’t taken much of humanity’s resources at all he had been forced to shoulder the life or death burden of his race!

Empyrean Divine Dream quietly stared at the battlefield, an unspeakable emotion in her heart.

And at this time, the Good Fortune Saint Son’s aura had risen to the peak!

His hair had turned pure gold and divine light shone from his body, as if he were a burning sun!

“Hahaha! Lin Ming! After using the Good Fortune Divine Art, this is my strongest battle state! I want to see just how you can still fight with me!” The Good Fortune Saint Son arrogantly said. He poured his astral essence into the void and a cage of space tightened around Lin Ming, imprisoning him once more.

Wuu –

Atop the Good Fortune Saint Son’s black sword, an incomparably mournful sound echoed out.

This sound seemed to be from the Great Dao, but for some reason as this sound fell into their ears they felt a heart-tearing, soul-aching pain. The martial artists with weaker cultivations even wished that they could rip open their chests and dig out their hearts. Their sadness and sorrow had reached the heights of agony.

“This is the lament of the world!”

A human Empyrean suddenly shouted.

“To have a world fall into decline, a dying world will emit a mourning lament! This sound is something that weaker martial artists will find difficult to withstand.”

Just the aftermath of the Good Fortune Divine Art had such power. And once all of the power of good fortune was gathered together, the might and potential of this power would be unimaginable!

At this time, the Good Fortune Saint Son attacked. His aura seemed swollen with arrogance, unparalleled in the world. His black sword blazed with a brilliant golden light as it shot through the world like a rainbow!

When this strength reached the extreme, even a lower quality Empyrean spirit treasure would shatter!

“I have wrested away the good fortune of the world and can also deprive you of your good fortune! Now, I will sever your good fortune! I will shatter your destiny! I will kill you, exterminating your life and blood vitality! I want to see just how you’ll use that garbage spear to block me!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s killing intent erupted from his body, crashing down at Lin Ming along with the violent black sword light!

At this moment, everyone’s hearts paused.

Facing this dreadful strike that overwhelmed the skies, Lin Ming opened the Heretical God Force to the limit. The blood vitality within his body shot into the skies, as if a Divine Dragon was being borne unto the world. Behind Lin Ming, the phantom of a boundless True Dragon appeared!

At the same time, above him, nine great stars appeared. These stars seemed to possess the inherent infinite strength of the Great Dao. Endless strands of starlight fell down, like trillions upon trillions of faint silver ribbons that converged into Lin Ming’s body, all of them gathering into the Purple Temple Dao Palace and the Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace!

Lin Ming had never opened the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace as he did today, to the limit of his limits! This even overdrew upon his life potential!

As the power of the two Dao Palaces erupted, two wheels appeared, one on his left hand and one on his right hand.

The wheel on his left hand was ash black, and seemed to contain millions of pained demonic souls, all of them incomparably fierce. This was undoubtedly the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel!

As for his right hand, a purple wheel appeared. This wheel was like an endless vortex that gathered the power of the world. It didn’t have the thick terrifying feeling of the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, but instead seemed to contain countless profound martial intents and Laws within.

This was not the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel but another Asura wheel described within the second volume of the Asura Sutra – the Myriad Essence Reincarnation Wheel.

The Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel originated from the first volume of the Asura Sutra, the one that focused on cultivating the mortal body. But, what it absorbed were actually evil thoughts and souls.

As for the Myriad Essence Reincarnation Wheel, it originated from the soul forging Asura Sutra Volume Two. But what it absorbed was origin energy and the deepest meaning of the Laws.

If so, then the Asura Sutra Volume Three that cultivated origin energy would produce an Asura wheel that absorbed essence energy and blood vitality.

The three volumes of the Asura Sutra were not isolated from each other. Rather, they complemented each other.

Lin Ming was currently missing the third volume of the Asura Sutra so he was only able to summon two Asura wheels. Although it was far inferior to the strength of summoning three wheels that mutually promoted each other, it was still extraordinary enough.

As Lin Ming summoned these two wheels, the Laws of the Asura Heavenly Dao began to wildly surge out from his body!

This was the first time in the 33 Heavens that Lin Ming used the power of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws.

As the Asura Laws filled the endless heavens and earth, an indescribably ancient and boundless energy scattered outwards. Countless mystical Law runes fused into the void!

This strength was actually able to faintly replace the power of good fortune, replenishing the world and slowly relaxing the mourning lament of the world.

Those low level martial artists who felt a deep and inexplicable sorrow in their hearts suddenly felt much better.

“This is…”

The human Empyreans were astonished. They didn’t know what strength Lin Ming was using, but what they could tell was that the Laws he used had reached incomprehensible heights!

Before they could judge further, Lin Ming’s two Asura wheels had already collided with the Good Fortune Saint Son’s black sword light.


Monstrous black tides rose in the air, piercing through the void. Beneath the terrifying storm of energy, the earth that had already become a desert began to wildly rip apart, as if all that remained in the world was that horrifying annihilating force that swallowed all of creation!

But even in this apocalyptic storm, the two wheels that Lin Ming summoned remained like incomparably firm eternal rocks, unshakeable!

No matter how the power of good fortune washed over him, Lin Ming’s eyes remained icy cold, like an Asura reborn. The strength of the two Dao Palaces opened and a dreadful strength of 60-70 billion jins erupted within his body. He took these two wheels and recklessly cut forwards!


The sword light formed by the power of good fortune was constantly torn apart. Lin Ming continued with unstoppable force. In the unending onslaught of pressure, his body released explosive crackling sounds. His muscles popped up and his meridians nearly broke in half!

However, his hands still grasped onto the two Asura wheels. He slaughtered his way forwards like a magnificent and peerless war god!

As Lin Ming’s momentum reached the peak, there was a terrifying dragon roar that impacted into the deep blue skies, passing through the entire world. The power of good fortune that the Good Fortune Saint Son gathered unto him had been forcefully cut off by Lin Ming.

In that moment, the sword light had shattered. The blood vitality within Lin Ming wildly tumbled and his arms were stained with blood.

To overdraw his strength to battle, this naturally consumed a tremendous amount of energy!

But, the Good Fortune Saint Son had also used up a similar amount of energy!

Lin Ming suddenly looked up, staring at the Good Fortune Saint Son, his eyes like two bolts of lightning piercing through the night sky.

“This is the Good Fortune Divine Art? What a wonderful method of seizing the power of good fortune! If you have anything better, then it's time to show me what you’ve got!”

Although Lin Ming’s voice seemed exhausted, it actually carried with it an indescribable boldness and arrogance. For a time, all the martial artists present, whether they were Empyreans or young elites, fell silent…


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