MW Chapter 1770

Chapter 1770 – Seizing the Power of Good Fortune

“Good Fortune Divine Art! This is the Good Fortune Divine Art!”

As the human Empyreans present as well as the young elites saw the Good Fortune Saint Son absorb the power of good fortune, all of them were shocked.

Only a few of these people had ever seen the Good Fortune Divine Art with their own eyes, and of those that had, none of them knew how many levels existed within it.

The Good Fortune Divine Art could be called the strongest cultivation method within the entire saint race!

In the legends, it was said that it was created by the ancestors of the saints and then supplemented through multiple generations of True Divinities, becoming ever more perfect. Now, the current Good Fortune Divine Art had long been the most core inheritance of the entire saint race!

It had to be known that the Heaven Lifting Black Pagoda the Good Fortune Saint Son was fighting in was also called a miraculous structure. Even so, the Good Fortune Divine Art could still absorb the strength from within it. This was just how overbearing the Laws of the Good Fortune Divine art were!

Once the Good Fortune Divine Art was used, it would annihilate all life vitality within a space. Wherever the Good Fortune Divine Art passed, all would be barren; not a single blade of grass would remain ...

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