Chapter 177 - Legend of the Divine Kingdom

Chapter 177 Legend of the Divine Kingdom.


Chapter 177 – Legend of the Divine Kingdom

“What? Is this for real!?” Lin Ming was shocked. This was the first time that his Flow like Silk had been resisted. The Witch Slave had actually devoured all of the Flow like Silk filaments. This proved that the defensive power of its organs, skeleton, muscles, and skin were on a completely terrifying level!

“It really is a monster!”

Because of that Flow like Silk attack a moment ago, the Witch Slave seemed to be mad with anger. It drew out the large, thick chains that wound around its body and slashed down at Lin Ming!

The long chain was just like a black flood dragon. With a roaring power, it heavily smashed upon the ground.


Countless rocks were sent flying into the area. That attack had even created a giant pit in the huge arena; this Witch Slave’s strength was simply difficult to imagine!

Lin Ming had already avoided the attack earlier using the Golden Roc Shattering the Void movement ability. As soon as the Witch Slave missed, it flick its arm and gathered the chain before firing it at Lin Ming once again.

“Power of Thunder!”

Lin Ming’s silver spear shined with a purple arc of lightning. The spearpoint met the chain, and that lightning arc was like a fierce purple snake that threaded up the...

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