MW Chapter 1769

Chapter 1769 – Good Fortune Divine Art

Sword potential soared through the heavens as dark winds swallowed the world. The boundless black sword light seemed as if it would destroy the very foundation of this independent space, severing the pillars of the world!

Facing this titanic sword strike, everyone felt as if the apocalypse had come and the world would collapse and be annihilated.

Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear. The 10 foot long spear shaft gently shivered in this catastrophic sword light!

The Phoenix Blood Spear was only a spirit artifact. For it to face a True Divinity spirit treasure, even one that could display less than a tenth of its true power, was far too difficult.

Everyone looked at Lin Ming and held their breath. Without the Black Dragon Spear, how would he block the Good Fortune Saint Son?

But if he couldn’t use the Black Dragon Spear as he pleased, then facing this terrifying sword light that filled the heavens and earth, the Phoenix Blood Spear might be cut in half!

Wu – wu – wu – !

The Phoenix Blood Spear violently trembled, emitting keening cries as it was unable to withstand the burden!

Lin Ming’s complexion changed. His greatest weakness right now was his weapon, and at the start he really was planning on using guerilla tactics to slowly whittle down the...

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