MW Chapter 1768

Chapter 1768 – Scorching Blood Sun

In this battle with the Good Fortune Saint Son, Lin Ming had bet nearly everything he had!

To win, was to forge a future for humanity and allow them a chance to breathe and gather themselves!

To lose, was to lose the Black Dragon Spear, to lose the black dragon egg, and to lose Xiao Moxian. This was a price that Lin Ming absolutely could not withstand!

As for how strong the Good Fortune Saint Son truly was, Lin Ming had no absolutely no idea.

If he were to fight the Good Fortune Saint Son at the end of the full 100 years, then he would have absolute confidence in victory. But now, because of what happened with Xiao Moxian, he had no choice but to fight here and now.

In this battle, Lin Ming didn’t know how many cards the Good Fortune Saint Son would have in his hands, nor did he know what kind of cultivation method the Good Fortune Divine Art was.

Thus, for this battle, Lin Ming had already thrown everything he had on the table and cut off all paths of retreat. He was determined to fight until the end!

On the other side, the Good Fortune Saint Son similarly couldn’t understand Lin Ming.

As for the depths of Lin Ming’s strength, not even Xiao Moxian was completely clear.

“I really have no idea where your courage comes from…”

The Good Fortune Saint Son stared at Lin Ming’s...

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