MW Chapter 1767

Chapter 1767 – Nine Orifice Exquisite Pill


The Good Fortune Saint Son took in a deep breath – he never imagined that Lin Ming would pull out such a treasure.

Generally speaking, when comparing the same level of treasure, a spirit treasure was slightly less valuable than an inheritance.

But what Lin Ming took out was a peak True Divinity spirit treasure and what the Good Fortune Saint Son took out was only an extremely incomplete True Divinity inheritance.

Looking at the two items, the difference was far too great.

After fishing through his spatial ring, the Good Fortune Saint Son reluctantly took out an almost complete human True Divinity inheritance.

Even in the Good Fortune Saint Palace, there was an extremely small number of these inheritances.

Lin Ming probed the contents of the inheritance with his sense and was able to discern that it was indeed a cultivation method.

He had studied the Asura Laws, a cultivation method that already surpassed a True Divinity cultivation method. With that as his foundation, his ability to appraise True Divinity cultivation...

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