MW Chapter 1766

Chapter 1766 – No Road Out

Today, everything Lin Ming did had repeatedly shattered all expectations. First he had proposed marriage to Xiao Moxian, and then Xiao Moxian agreed to him. Finally, and most outrageously of all, he challenged the Good Fortune Saint Son!

“Lin Ming, you - !”

At the very start, Empyrean Divine Dream had remained calm and serene. But when she heard Lin Ming’s words, her heart skipped a beat. She could no longer keep still!

All of the human Empyreans had shocked expressions. Every one of them was startled beyond compare.

In their minds, Lin Ming had only just caught up to the boundary that the Good Fortune Saint Son was at 60 years ago. Moreover, in these 60 years, the Good Fortune Saint Son had made incredible leaps in his strength. His cultivation method, the Good Fortune Divine Art, had broken into the fifth level and his cultivation base had reached the middle Holy Lord realm!

No matter how it was said, the Good Fortune Saint Son was the number one powerhouse within the entire younger generation of the saints!

Before this, everyone believed that the Good Fortune Saint Son’s talent was about the same as Lin Ming’s. In this case, how could the middle Holy Lord Good Fortune Saint Son lose to the half-step Holy Lord Lin Ming?

If so, then his title of the Good Fortune Saint Son would be nothing but a joke!

Lin Ming was the hope of humanity. Even though there were many Empyreans present that had just met Lin Ming for the first time, they were extremely concerned about his safety. They didn’t want anything to happen to him.

“What are you saying? You want to challenge me?”

The Good Fortune Saint Son looked at Lin Ming with disbelief thick in his eyes. Lin Ming’s unexpected challenge towards him had surpassed his scope of understanding.

Before a hundred years was up, at the half-step Holy Lord realm, with a difference of a large boundary and a half, this Lin Ming wanted to challenge a middle Holy Lord.

Moreover, he also possessed the Grandmist Spirit Bead!

Was he insane?

Looking at the bright blood red Phoenix Blood Spear, the Good Fortune Saint Son smiled, and his smile was cruel and diabolical.

This sort of smiling face was the same as that of a wild beast that had seen its most delicious prey.

“You really have no idea of death or danger! Since you want to die today, let me help you along! I will sever all your meridians and crush you beneath my feet like an ant!”

As the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke his aura suddenly erupted. Just now, he had been seething with rage because of Lin Ming’s impudent actions and had long been wanting to give vent to his anger. Since Lin Ming knocked on his door, he would welcome him in!

Feeling the Good Fortune Saint Son’s killing intent, Lin Ming sneered. “You want to kill me and I want to kill you. But unfortunately, even after I defeat you I cannot kill you.”

Lin Ming was well aware that at the monster race’s grand longevity feast, he couldn’t kill the Good Fortune Saint Son.

Even if the Good Fortune Saint Son was defeated, that saint peak Empyrean would save him.

Moreover, there were likely to be many life-saving cards on the Good Fortune Saint Son’s body, perhaps a True Divinity incarnation or even a peak Empyrean hiding in his spatial ring, ready to help at any moment.

Otherwise, how would the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign allow the Good Fortune Saint Son to freely bring the Grandmist Spirit Bead wherever he wanted? In this longevity feast, if all the human Empyreans present were to join together to attack, they could easily annihilate the Good Fortune Saint Son!

“If I defeat you, I won’t kill you, but I want you to roll out of the Divine Realm and out of the monster race!”

Lin Ming’s voice was loud and clear, spreading through the entire audience. These words caused the Good Fortune Saint Son’s several minions to shake with rage. With the way Lin Ming was speaking, it was as if his victory over the Good Fortune Saint Son was already decided.

“This Lin Ming is too arrogant, just who does he think he is!?”

“His head must have been kicked by a donkey. For His Highness Saint Son to kill him, only 20% of his strength will be needed!”

These followers all bore a grudge against Lin Ming and their teeth itched to chomp on him. All of them wanted to see Lin Ming die a miserable death.

The Good Fortune Saint Son looked at Lin Ming and finally understood Lin Ming’s meaning. “Hahaha! I thought it was strange that you would go insane and deliver yourself to my door for a fight. But it seems you were forced to act out of desperation since you have no path to take out of here. So, you want to use this battle to save your engagement? You think that if I lose, I’ll give up on this marriage, right?

“I think you really must have gone insane? Why do I need to agree with you? It’s a pity, but with your current strength, even if we fight it will be useless. 40 years from now, I might be a little interested in you, but now, you are nothing more to me than a chicken or a dog!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s aura became increasingly strong.

Lin Ming coldly said, “If you and I fight, it is impossible for it to be a life or death struggle, so there naturally must be a gambling stake! I want your Grandmist Spirit Bead, but even if I beat you up so badly that no one can recognize you I fear that I still won’t be able to obtain it!”

Lin Ming was well aware that with a treasure on the level of the Grandmist Spirit Bead, there would be an unfathomable layer of protections over it. With just a thought, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign might be able to take it back, otherwise how would he dare to leave the Grandmist Spirit Bead with the Good Fortune Saint Son? The Grandmist Spirit Bead alone was countless times more precious than the Good Fortune Saint Son’s life!

If he wanted to defeat the Good Fortune Saint Son to obtain the Grandmist Spirit Bead, that was simply a fantastical daydream!

Hearing Lin Ming mention the Grandmist Spirit Bead, the Good Fortune Saint Son frowned, not replying.

He knew that Lin Ming was trying to deliberately stir him up. The Grandmist Spirit Bead was an extremely important matter and no matter how much he believed he could easily defeat Lin Ming, he would not disclose even the smallest secret about it. Compared to a divine artifact like the Grandmist Spirit Bead, the alliance and marriage were nothing at all!

Lin Ming saw the Good Fortune Saint Son’s silence and said, “If I win, not only do I want you to cancel your marriage proposal to Ji Xian’er but also take out a True Divinity cultivation method suitable for humans!”

Lin Ming was like a lion opening wide his maw, immediately demanding such exorbitant conditions!

As these conditions were tossed out, all of the human Empyreans present were shocked!

“Lin Ming…”

Empyrean Divine Dream took a deep breath. As she looked at Lin Ming, her eyes filled with a complex light.

She knew that the reason Lin Ming wanted a True Divinity cultivation method suited for humans was not to use for himself, but to help salvage the confidence of humanity.

Just before this, the Good Fortune Saint Son had implied that as long as any human Empyreans were willing to submit to the saints, they could obtain the method to break into True Divinity.

To the Empyreans of humanity, this was an unfathomable temptation!

Even despite the righteous cause of their race, there would inevitably be some Empyreans that were tempted. And once the betrayals began, the will and heart of the people would be shaken.

But now, Lin Ming said that as long as he won, the Good Fortune Saint Son would have to take out a human True Divinity cultivation method. This was the same as him ruining the Good Fortune Saint Son’s evil plot.

Of course, the premise of all this was that Lin Ming could really win!

Thinking of this, Empyrean Divine Dream had no idea how to feel. Lin Ming was only a junior and yet he was shouldering so much!

With so many seniors present, in the end they all had to rely on a junior like Lin Ming to obtain the method to break into True Divinity.

Facing Lin Ming’s proposed conditions, the Good Fortune Saint Son coldly sneered. “It’s true that my saint race has True Divinity breakthrough cultivation methods, but how do you know if I’ve brought any of these inheritances with me?”

The Good Fortune Saint Son wouldn’t use these sorts of inheritances so it was normal for him to not bring them with him.

Lin Ming laughed. “It’s not easy for you to return to the Saint Convocation Heaven from the Divine Realm. Crossing through the God Lamenting Wall is an extremely troublesome matter and since you’ve already decided to use a human True Divinity breakthrough cultivation method to shatter the unity of the Divine Realm’s Empyreans, how could you not carry around these inheritances? Otherwise, wouldn’t you simply arouse the suspicions of those thinking of following you?”

Lin Ming’s words were sharp and aggressive.

The Good Fortune Saint Son looked at Lin Ming, his eyes darkening. He originally thought Lin Ming had been cornered and acted out of desperation for a woman, but now it seemed that Lin Ming’s schemes were deeper than he thought. He wanted to borrow this battle to shatter the plans he had for the humans!

“Good! Good! Good! It seems I’ve looked down on you! Yes, I indeed have a human method to break into True Divinity, but don’t think I’ll take it out in vain! Although it is impossible for you to obtain whatever I take out, you still have to put out something which can at least catch a second glance from me for this gambling bet. Do you have anything like that?”

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s gaze was brilliant, like a starving beast.

Although he knew in his heart that it was impossible for him to lose to Lin Ming, he would never let Lin Ming play such tricks on him.

With the Good Fortune Saint Son’s words, everyone turned to Lin Ming. Lin Ming wanted many things, but if he couldn’t take out enough equivalent treasures then there was no need for the Good Fortune Saint Son to comply with him.

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s minions also had contemptuous expressions.

Lin Ming’s background and status had long been determined. His total net worth simply couldn’t compete with the Good Fortune Saint Son’s. Otherwise, when the Good Fortune Saint Son mocked Lin Ming for not bringing out a congratulatory gift, Lin Ming wouldn’t have remained silent.

Lin Ming said, “Since I want to make a gambling bet with you, I naturally have to bring an equivalent treasure.”

As he spoke, he quietly extracted a black spear from his spatial ring. This spear had a thick killing intent and wasn’t the least bit glossy at all. As it appeared, the Laws around it seemed to quiver, as an ancient and vicious atmosphere exuded from it.

This was the Black Dragon Spear!

The Black Dragon Spear might not be the holy weapon that the Asura Road Master used himself, but it was at least a weapon that one of his reincarnations used!

“This is…”

As the peak Empyrean protecting the Good Fortune Saint Son saw this holy weapon, his eyes popped wide open.

“Peak True Divinity spirit treasure!”

He suddenly blurted out. Out of everyone present, he had the broadest field of vision and had seen many treasures that were excavated from the Primeval Realm Ruins.

Yet, none of those treasures he saw could compare with this black spear!

This weapon had absolutely reached the level of a peak True Divinity spirit treasure. As for whether or not this treasure surpassed that level, he couldn’t know, because that exceeded his field of vision!

“Peak True Divinity spirit treasure?”

As the martial artists present heard this, all of them glanced at each other with shock. The Good Fortune Saint Son’s minions also stared on with moon-like eyes. A peak True Divinity spirit treasure could only be raised by a peak True Divinity powerhouse. And, this sort of peerless powerhouse was rare even in the most ancient of eras!

From the past to the present, these types of spirit treasure had nearly vanished!

Just this black spear alone far, far surpassed the value of an ordinary True Divinity cultivation method!

Lin Ming gently traced the Black Dragon Spear’s shaft. After taking out the Black Dragon Spear, he had cut off all means of retreat and was determined to fight to the bitter end! This was a battle with his life and his property on the line!

“Good Fortune Saint Son, what kind of cultivation method can you bring out? It should be some extremely incomplete True Divinity cultivation method, right? If you can’t do that, then your so-called True Divinity influence is far too poor. Can you not even compare with a little junior like me?”

Lin Ming asked the Good Fortune Saint Son in reply, his words imperious.


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