MW Chapter 1765

Chapter 1765 – Spear Drawn

She chose Lin Ming! How was that possible!?

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s originally handsome face almost instantly turned liver red!

In the presence of so many people, he had spoken while utterly confident in himself, but now he had been struck silly by Xiao Moxian!

Before this he had clearly communicated with Empyrean Demondawn and the Monster Emperor, neither one of them expressing any problems, and even Xiao Moxian had agreed to the marriage proposal at the longevity feast. But now she had backed down from her promise!

At this time, everyone present began to speak in hushed whispers.

“Xian Moxian actually chose Lin Ming? What’s going on here?”

“Empyrean Demondawn clearly never thought this would happen. There must be something suspicious going on.”

Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son’s conditions were clear to all present; it was easy to see just who was the superior choice. In all fairness, even if any of the young human elites were in Xiao Moxian’s position, they would have chosen the Good Fortune Saint Son. Moreover, Empyrean Demondawn had chosen the Good Fortune Saint Son, so how could Xiao Moxian shame her grandfather in front of so many people?

In this sort of situation, there was only a single explanation. That was that between Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming, there was already some profound relationship, and they had already pledged themselves to each other!

And now Lin Ming proposing marriage might have been something that he and Xiao Moxian had discussed before already!

Upon realizing this, many people’s complexions changed. They looked towards the Good Fortune Saint Son with gloating eyes, waiting to see the play unfold.

Everyone thought that Lin Ming leapt up because there was something wrong with his head and he was simply asking to be punished.

But now, it seemed that Lin Ming had already won the prize. As for the Good Fortune Saint Son, he had merely come afterwards as a clown, nothing but a sucker.

As the Good Fortune Saint Son felt the thoughtful and mocking eyes of these people upon him, his lungs nearly exploded with rage!

He had lived his life high-spirited and full of pride. Since when had he received such an insult?

“Demondawn, what a good granddaughter you’ve taught!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son glared at Empyrean Demondawn.

Empyrean Demondawn was also surprised and furious right now. As he looked at Xiao Moxian, a thick killing intent burst out from his eyes.

During this longevity feast, Xiao Moxian’s choice had stripped him of any face he had!

“You unfilial girl, what use have I of you!”

In his rage, Empyrean Demondawn’s eyes had turned blood red. He lifted his hand and aimed a slap towards Xiao Moxian!

This palm caused a violent wind to stir up. Empyrean Demondawn certainly couldn’t bear killing Xiao Moxian, but this slap could still tear her skin!

Seeing this, Lin Ming felt his heart tighten. He wanted to intercept the slap but he knew that if he were to act out at this time, he would suffer the full might of Empyrean Demondawn. Empyrean Demondawn would take advantage of this situation to severely wound him, and in his rage, Empyrean Demondawn might even try to take his life.

Lin Ming could only watch helplessly on. Xiao Moxian bit her lips and closed her eyes.

And just as Empyrean Demondawn’s palm was about to strike Xiao Moxian’s face, a gentle and soft blue light wrapped around his palm like a ribbon, causing it to halt where it was.


The pale blue ribbon of light suddenly tightened. Empyrean Demondawn stiffened. He turned his head and saw that the one who bound his hand was Empyrean Divine Dream.

Empyrean Divine Dream simply raised her right hand, an icy blue ribbon of ephemeral light flashing out from her hands and winding around Empyrean Demondawn’s. It was impossible to tell whether this ribbon was a beam of light or a magic tool.

Empyrean Demondawn looked at Divine Dream with smoldering anger.

“You are stopping me?”

“That’s right. I am stopping you…” Empyrean Divine Dream’s voice was cold and desolate. She stood up, facing Empyrean Demondawn.

She felt that Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian’s actions had truly and maliciously torn apart Empyrean Demondawn’s face, and his fury was justified.

But, she always stood on the side of humanity.

No matter what happened, she would support Lin Ming unconditionally.

Thus, although her words were calm, they were filled with a potent and forceful momentum.

If this is the limit of your strength, so what if I stop you?


Empyrean Demondawn felt his blood shoot towards his temples. He was originally breathless with anger, and now he also bumped into this aggressive Empyrean Divine Dream. And, what was worst was that he couldn’t untangle this blue ribbon from his hand. The blue ribbon seemed to contain a sly soul force. As it wrapped around his hand, the soul force pierced into his own spiritual sea, aiming towards his soul with thousands of icy blue steel needles. As long as he even thought about moving his right hand, an agonizing pain would shoot out from his spiritual sea.

“Divine Dream… has already reached this level?”

Empyrean Demondawn felt his palms become wet with sweat. As he looked at Divine Dream again, he had already slowly calmed down.

He grimly said, “Marriage matters are decided by me. You all are nothing but bystanders. What right do you have to interfere in the family matters of my Demondawn Heavenly Palace?”

Empyrean Divine Dream said, “I naturally cannot interfere in the family matters of your Demondawn Heavenly Palace. It is only that… the Good Fortune Saint Son proposed marriage and you happily agreed, but when Lin Ming proposed marriage, you hatefully glared at him. After that, when Xiao Moxian chose Lin Ming, you immediately moved to slap her in the presence of everyone here. Do you think that our Lin Ming is so easy to insult?”

Empyrean Divine Dream’s voice was clear and resonant, going straight into the hearts of most of the human guests present. As they listened to her, they also felt that Empyrean Demondawn was too great a bully.

“Hahahaha!” Empyrean Demondawn laughed. “Divine Dream! I know what you are thinking! You simply do not want to see the monster and demon races ally with the saints! You would try everything in your power to destroy the marriage alliance! Good! Very good! In I, Demondawn’s life, what I hate most is others using ruthless methods to force me to do something! The more you try to force me, the more I will never allow your plans to succeed!

“Today, allow me to tell you something! The alliance between the monster and demon races with the saints was decided by me! This marriage is also decided by me! Marriage of the children has always been the decision of the parents and elders; this is a completely justified matter! No matter how you try to twist things, I am the one standing on principle here! Let me take a good look and see just how you will take away my granddaughter today!”

Empyrean Demondawn’s words were the same as tearing apart any semblance of respect. Originally, with the humans present here, the demons and saints wouldn’t have flagrantly proposed an alliance. Rather, they took the circuitous route of proposing a marriage alliance. After all, they had to consider the feelings of all the human martial artists present. But now, Empyrean Demondawn had acknowledged his alliance with the saints in front of everyone. This caused the complexions of all the human guests to immediately become ugly.

Divine Dream frowned. With things having come this far, today’s events could no longer be salvaged!

Many people felt that Lin Ming’s actions of suddenly proposing marriage today and standing in sharp opposition to him were far too inconsiderate. Indeed, while Lin Ming had slapped the Good Fortune Saint Son’s face and had made him a public cuckold, although this was enjoyable to see, what would change?

His extreme actions had instead aroused the fury of Empyrean Demondawn, causing him to slide towards the saints even faster.

And no matter how powerful Empyrean Divine Dream was, it was impossible for her to use force to take Xiao Moxian away from here.

Then, Xiao Moxian would still have to marry the Saint Son. And because of today’s matters, whether it was in the demon, monster, or saint races, she would receive a cold shoulder from all of them and likely be mistreated by the Good Fortune Saint Son in the future!

Thinking of this, many people looked towards Lin Ming, feeling that he was just far too young and naïve. But now, he had ridden the tiger and could no longer climb down. Just how would today’s events end?

At this time, Lin Ming’s face darkened. He looked towards the furious Empyrean Demondawn and said, “Senior Demondawn, I respect you as a senior and will allow you to insult me as you please. But, I hope that you will not reach for a yard after taking an inch… after all, there are some matters that both of us wouldn’t like to be publicized, right?”

Lin Ming’s words left the martial artists present stupefied.

As a junior, Lin Ming dared to speak like this to an Empyrean, warning them not to take a yard after taking an inch! Was he looking to die!?

However, what surprised everyone was that even though Empyrean Demondawn was bristling with rage, he didn’t erupt. Rather, he maintained total silence, glaring at Lin Ming with eyes filled with hate.

He certainly knew what ‘matters’ Lin Ming was speaking of – it was the matter of Xiao Moxian’s pregnancy!

If news of this were to be revealed, the Good Fortune Saint Son might immediately storm away in a rage!

At that time, the alliance between the monster and demon races with the saints might be ruined.

Lin Ming’s words had struck at his most fatal point!

Empyrean Demondawn couldn’t understand how Lin Ming knew of Xiao Moxian’s pregnancy. He had clearly sealed away her strength with layers of spells and placed her under house arrest. But now, as he recalled Lin Ming’s proposal and Xiao Moxian’s betrayal, it was likely they had come to this agreement in advance!

This caused Empyrean Demondawn to feel as if he had been played by two juniors.

“This brat, he shouldn’t rashly destroy Xian’er’s reputation like this…”

Empyrean Demondawn felt a little fear. He didn’t dare to push Lin Ming too far. If he pushed Lin Ming over the cliff, Empyrean Demondawn would not only lose his alliance with the saints but also lose Xiao Moxian. In the future when they met, his granddaughter would treat him like an enemy.

“What’s wrong? Empyrean Demondawn is enduring the insult? What does Lin Ming have on him?”

Everyone glanced at each other, making all sorts of guesses.

At this time, the Good Fortune Saint Son felt his intestines twisting together. He didn’t know what game Lin Ming and Empyrean Demondawn were playing, but now he felt that at this time, he had been made a fool.

He felt that staying here any longer was meaningless.

Even if he were the one to win Xiao Moxian’s hand in marriage at the end, he would still be ridiculed by all the young elites of the Divine Realm.

“Lin Ming, you remember for me. 40 years from now in our life or death battle, I will break apart all your meridians and make you beg for death! You only have 40 years of freedom left. Make sure you enjoy the final years of your life!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son looked at Lin Ming as if he were looking at a dead man, his eyes filled with absolute confidence. It was as if 40 years from now, killing Lin Ming would be no harder than slaughtering a chicken or butchering a dog.

But at this time, something occurred that left the Good Fortune Saint Son completely dumbfounded.

He stared blankly on as Lin Ming quietly extracted the Phoenix Blood Spear from his spatial ring. The spear point was cold, the light reflecting off it menacingly!

Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and pointed it straight towards the Good Fortune Saint Son. His aura suddenly invisibly exuded outwards. At this time, Lin Ming was like an unrivalled divine spear, reckless and fierce!

He clearly and calmly said, “Since we must fight, why wait the full hundred years? Let’s settle this today!”


The entire audience wasn’t able to believe their own ears!


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