MW Chapter 1764

Chapter 1764 – Lin Ming Proposes Marriage

“The Good Fortune Saint Son is far too ruthless. With things having reached this stage, it is impossible for Demondawn not to agree!”

Sitting near Empyrean Divine Dream, Empyrean Vast Universe’s forehead was wet with sweat.

The Monster Emperor’s grand longevity feast had become the stage for the Good Fortune Saint Son.

From the start, his momentum was like a rainbow, every step he took intimidating to the extreme. At the final moment, he even took out the method to break into True Divinity!

If Empyrean Vast Universe were in Empyrean Demondawn’s position, he naturally wouldn’t have any reason to refuse the proposal.

After all, the relationship of the humans with the monster and demon races wasn’t too harmonious to begin with. In a single universe, it was inevitable that there would be struggles over resources. Hundreds of millions of years ago, the demon and monster races even went to war with some human influences.

“The Good Fortune Saint Son wants to push us into a hopeless situation…”

Beside Empyrean Vast Universe, Empyrean Traceless’s complexion was solemn and grim. Around him, the power of space shivered and even light distorted. He was an Empyrean who focused on the Space Laws, and the nervousness in his heart...

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