MW Chapter 1763

Chapter 1763 – The Saint Son Proposes Marriage

“Humph! This method to break into True Divinity, I’m afraid it might only be a method for your saint race – just what use is it to human, monster, or demon races!”

At this time, an angry and energetic voice rang out. The one who spoke was Empyrean Vast Universe.

He had easily seen through the saints’ plans.

He had to salvage as much of the situation as he could. Otherwise, once the events of this longevity feast were spread out, in addition to the betrayal of the monster and demon races, that would be far too negative an impact on humanity!

“Haha? Vast Universe, right? What? 60 years ago I challenged you to a duel in 300 years and yet you didn’t dare to accept it. In the end, you even had a suicidal brat take up the challenge. Did you think everyone would easily forget this matter?

The Good Fortune Saint Son looked at Empyrean Vast Universe, his face full of ridicule and contempt.

At the same time, he looked at Lin Ming, a taunting light in his eyes. The suicidal brat he referred to was naturally Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s face darkened, not speaking. As for Empyrean Vast Universe, his voice caught in his throat. All the blood in his body seemed to rush to his face.

He had always had a strong momentum and was also one of the overlords of humanity. When had there ever been...

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