MW Chapter 1761

Chapter 1761 – Meeting Xiao Moxian

“Brat, are you looking to die!?”

The four minions surrounded Lin Ming. However, Lin Ming sat calmly in his seat, simply not getting up at all.

“You’re calling us minions? Hehe… just who do you think you are? Your status is given to you by humans, and when humans no longer exist, you’ll be nothing at all; even calling you a minion then would be too much for you! How much longer do you think you’ll be able to be so arrogant?”

The words of the four minions were forceful and menacing. Although they didn’t clearly state it, there was a hidden meaning in their words – that humanity would eventually be completely wiped out by the saints.

At that time when the young elites of humanity lost the asylum of their race, they would be as pitiful and pathetic as homeless dogs. They might as well become slaves of the saints.

It was also because of this reason that the saint martial artists were filled with energy and were incredibly conceited.

Although they were servants, they didn’t feel as if they were below humans. Rather, they felt as if their statuses were no different from those of the top young elites of humanity.

As these four people spoke, many of the human martial artists present frowned. Lin Ming slowly stood up from...

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