MW Chapter 1760

Chapter 1760 – War of Words

The Good Fortune Saint Son and Lin Ming stood in sharp contention, immediately drawing the attention of everyone present.

In the past during the negotiations of humanity and the saints, Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son had agreed to a life or death duel in 100 years. This matter had caused a great stir within the entire Divine Realm. It could be said that there was no one who didn’t know of this.

Now that the Good Fortune Saint Son mentioned it, everyone naturally knew what he was speaking of.

Everyone looked towards Lin Ming, waiting to see how he would respond. Empyrean Divine Dream furrowed her eyebrows. She sent a sound transmission, “Lin Ming, do not be provoked by him. If he taunts you, that is proof he is concerned about you. Your talent is something that the saints fear, they will do everything in their power to immediately exterminate you!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s character was well known by all. He believed he was unrivalled by all below the heavens and above the earth.

But for him to reach this step also meant he wasn’t an idiot. It was because he sensed that Lin Ming would become a future disaster that he targeted him.

He wanted to take advantage of the present when Lin Ming was still small and weak to cut Lin Ming down.

To a martial artist, superiority through age was highly evident when they were young. When everyone was a hundred years old, even a difference of 10 years was a great disparity.

But when one was several thousand years old, tens of thousands of years old, or even millions of years old, a difference of a few hundred years was nothing more than floating clouds.

Lin Ming sat quietly in his seat, his hand holding a teacup. Towards the Good Fortune Saint Son’s provocation, he merely sneered.

“60 years ago when you and I agreed to a duel, at that time you were at the peak of the late Saint Lord realm, just a step from entering the Holy Lord realm. Then, you were able to resist a World King! However, I was only at the middle Divine Transformation realm, and the difference in strength between us was far too great. Now 60 years have passed and you are at the middle Holy Lord realm while I have already risen by a large boundary and a half, becoming a half-step Holy Lord. The differences in our cultivations have become increasingly small. Once another 40 years pass, what do you think will happen then? Who gave you the confidence to believe you would defeat me?”

Lin Ming’s voice was calm and steady. As some martial artists listened to him they immediately checked his inner world. And, just like Lin Ming had said, he was indeed a half-step Holy Lord!

Through Lin Ming’s adventures in the Asura Road, his cultivation had risen by a large boundary and a half. This cultivation speed was truly that of a monstrous genius!

40 years from now, it was possible that Lin Ming could step into the middle Holy Lord realm!

If so, then his disparity with the Good Fortune Saint Son would decrease even further.

However, the Good Fortune Saint Son laughed as he heard Lin Ming’s words. “How ridiculous! Who cares if your cultivation increased rapidly? You went to the Asura Road, obtaining some lucky chances, and thus your cultivation progressed astronomically in a short period of time. You still have a long period in your future where you must consolidate your foundation. Do you think you would really break into the Holy Lord realm any time soon? You simply overestimate yourself!

“The current you still has some differences from the boundary I was at 60 years ago. Not just that, but in these 60 years my strength has made considerable progress. I chose not to focus on increasing my cultivation too quickly but concentrating on studying my cultivation method. Now, my understanding in my cultivation method has made a qualitative leap upwards and this leap is not something that a frog in a well like you could ever understand!”

As the Good Fortune Saint Son mentioned his cultivation method, the martial artists present suddenly recalled a rumor.

That was… that the Good Fortune Saint Son had cultivated the Good Fortune Divine Art to the fifth level!

And this Good Fortune Divine Art was a True Divinity level cultivation method. Compared to Divine Dream’s Divine Dream Law, it was an entire level higher!

Once he cultivated this technique, it would naturally be terrifyingly powerful!

“It is said that once one reaches the fifth level of the Good Fortune Divine Art, one has the power to summon and move the power of good fortune!”

Someone who had heard about the Good Fortune Divine Art spoke out loud.

“It’s normal. The Good Fortune Saint Son has the Grandmist Spirit Bead so how could his cultivation speed have been so slow? It seems that it was all because he was perceiving the Good Fortune Divine Art, thus his cultivation progress was delayed a little. If he perceives his cultivation method, then although his cultivation progress might be a bit slow, the progress of his strength would actually be faster. The current Good Fortune Saint Son is even more terrifying than I thought!”

Someone said, shocked. If things continued like this then it really wouldn’t be long before the Good Fortune Saint Son was able to defeat an Empyrean.

And once he could contend with an Empyrean then the Good Fortune Saint Son would truly become a leader of the saints, standing on par with the supreme elders of the older generation!

At that time, no one would be able to refer to him as someone of the younger generation.

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s words caused him to slowly suppress Lin Ming with a creeping momentum. However, Lin Ming simply smirked and indifferently said, “What a coincidence. While you spent the past 60 years perceiving a cultivation method, I have also spent the past 60 years perceiving a cultivation method. I wonder, between our cultivation methods, just which one is weaker?”

The cultivation method that Lin Ming mentioned was naturally the Asura Sutra!

However, as Lin Ming’s words fell onto the ears of others, these people felt the words lacked in energy. Even the human martial artists felt it was a bit hard to listen to.

What the Good Fortune Saint Son practiced was a True Divinity level cultivation method.

Just what was Lin Ming’s cultivation method?

Before the Good Fortune Saint Son could say anything, his four followers actually laughed out loud.

“You also practiced a cultivation method? Can your cultivation method compare with the Good Fortune Divine Art? Hahaha! This is too hilarious, are you an idiot? I really can’t stand such embarrassment.”

These minions weren’t weak and their cultivations were even one or two small boundaries above the Good Fortune Saint Son’s. Some were at the late Holy Lord realm and some were at the peak Holy Lord realm. Of course, their foundation couldn’t compare with the Good Fortune Saint Son’s, and their age was far older than his. They didn’t have much potential remaining. Without a great heaven-defying lucky chance, it was impossible for them to break into the World King realm.

However, a peak Holy Lord was still a peak Holy Lord; even if they were minions, they couldn’t be underestimated. Moreover, if they dared to jab their arms into the conversation between the Good Fortune Saint Son and Lin Ming, it proved that their status wasn’t low either.

Lin Ming glanced at the four followers. They were sitting not too far away. After the Good Fortune Saint Son took his seat, the followers he brought had casually seated themselves near Lin Ming, White King, Hang Chi, and others of similar status.

Many other people had seen them before. Although they weren’t happy with this, they didn’t say anything.

If the Good Fortune Saint Son sat with the Empyreans, then that could be ignored. But for his lackeys to sit with the young heroic elites of humanity, didn’t that mean the young heroic elites of humanity were on the same level as status as the Good Fortune Saint Son’s minions?

Lin Ming sneered, “A pack of minions, who gave you the right to sit there and pretend to be on the same level as me? According to the customs of the longevity feast, servants aren’t allowed to enter the palace. The lot of you should pack up and fuck off!”

No one thought that Lin Ming would be so aggressive with his words. Not only did he call them all minions but he also ordered them to leave!

In the Divine Realm, a peak Holy Lord could be called a ruler of their own land. Yet, they were being insulted by Lin Ming.

For a time, everyone was left dumbfounded. Divine Dream also slightly frowned. The way Lin Ming acted seemed as if he didn’t heed her words of caution at all…

These four people were all infuriated. Even nobodies still had pride of their own. If they were scolded like this by Lin Ming today and endured it, they would never be able to lift their heads high in the future.

The four minions directly stood up, their auras erupting and their killing intents all locking onto Lin Ming!


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