MW Chapter 1760

Chapter 1760 – War of Words

The Good Fortune Saint Son and Lin Ming stood in sharp contention, immediately drawing the attention of everyone present.

In the past during the negotiations of humanity and the saints, Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son had agreed to a life or death duel in 100 years. This matter had caused a great stir within the entire Divine Realm. It could be said that there was no one who didn’t know of this.

Now that the Good Fortune Saint Son mentioned it, everyone naturally knew what he was speaking of.

Everyone looked towards Lin Ming, waiting to see how he would respond. Empyrean Divine Dream furrowed her eyebrows. She sent a sound transmission, “Lin Ming, do not be provoked by him. If he taunts you, that is proof he is concerned about you. Your talent is something that the saints fear, they will do everything in their power to immediately exterminate yo...

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