MW Chapter 1759

Chapter 1759 – Meeting The Saint Son

Lin Ming’s expectations were correct. After arriving on the island, he soon ran into another acquaintance – Mount Potala’s Hang Chi.

Hang Chi wore linen robes; it was plain and clean.

Mount Potala’s group only consisted of three people, making them seem a bit lonely. Battle Buddha Emperor Shakya and Great Limitless Buddha hadn’t come.

“Benefactor Lin, it’s been awhile.”

Hang Chi gathered his palms together, a bright smile on his face. Even after so many years, he hadn’t changed at all.

After Hang Chi looked over Lin Ming’s cultivation, he was a bit amazed before immediately relaxing. He wryly smiled and said, “Benefactor Lin is truly an outstanding individual. This poor monk’s cultivation used to be higher than Benefactor Lin’s by two small boundaries, but now I have fallen behind instead.”

Hang Chi shook his head.

Lin Ming’s current cultivation had slowly left the rest of the younger generation in the dust.

And in truth, cultivation was only secondary. What was terrifying about Lin Ming was his combat strength. In the Asura Road, Lin Ming had studied the Asura Sutra as well as inherited the Asura blood; his combat strength had reached incomprehensible levels.

“Brother Hang Chi is too modest. Come, let us go together.”

Lin Ming bowed in return. He had an extremely good impression of Mount Potala. In the past, Great Limitless Buddha had given him a deep graciousness. If it wasn’t for Mount Potala’s Bodhi Tree, it would have been incredibly difficult for Lin Ming to fuse his three martial intents together.

The further they went into the island, the more heroic young elites and outstanding people there were.

At the center of the island there was a massive dangling palace; this was where the Monster Emperor’s longevity feast would be held.

All around the palace were soaring spirit birds and auspicious beasts. As they flew through the clouds and mist, they were beautiful to behold.

In addition, there were divine carriages, spirit boats, and private vehicles from all sorts of great influences, all of them exorbitantly expensive. When they were all gathered together, they created a magnificent scene.

To be able to sit at the innermost seats of the palace, all of those people were heroes amongst heroes. Just counting Empyrean level powerhouses there were over 20 of them.

And as for the elites of the younger generation, although they could also enter the innermost depths of the palace they could only sit on relatively far seats. This included Lin Ming.

As for Mo Brightmoon and Mo Eversnow, those that lacked enough strength or status, they could only sit in the same position as Lin Ming.

After that, the followers of the various great influences were only able to stay outside the dangling palace.

Lin Ming arrived at his seat and sat down. As he closed his eyes in meditation, he suddenly felt a sharp and fierce killing intent shoot towards him.

This killing intent caused Lin Ming’s heart to chill. He nearly extracted the Phoenix Blood Spear.

As he turned his head to look towards the direction of this killing intent, all he saw was a tall man standing on a stone platform, his eyes locked onto him like two bolts of thunder.

This person was Empyrean Demondawn!

Lin Ming’s breathing deepened. He could feel a massive pressure push down on him. In the grand longevity feast it was naturally impossible for Empyrean Demondawn to strike out at Lin Ming, but even so, he couldn’t suppress his anger and tried to use his aura to shock Lin Ming. If it were an ordinary half-step Holy Lord martial artist, being suppressed to death by Empyrean Demondawn’s aura was something that could occur in just a moment.

“Brat, you still dare to come here!? It seems your courage isn’t small!”

Empyrean Demondawn’s voice was ice cold. His sound transmission struck like a thunderclap in Lin Ming’s ears, as if he wanted to shatter Lin Ming’s eardrums.

“Senior Demondawn.”

Lin Ming cupped his fists together. In the depths of this aura that was as wild and dangerous as a storm, he could only barely maintain his calm.

If Empyrean Demondawn were to increase the pressure then he would have to open the Heretical God Force and use more strength. At the end, he might even need to use the Asura blood.

“Who the hell is your senior, stop trying to act close to me! You stole away my granddaughter’s primordial yin and I will never forget this matter! Even if Divine Dream is protecting you, sooner or later I will have you pay for what you did!”

Empyrean Demondawn’s voice was aggressive and fierce. Lin Ming could only remain silent. Like Empyrean Divine Dream said, Empyrean Demondawn was in a furious rage right now. Moreover, his original temperament was cruel and ruthless and he hated others arguing against him. Thus, if Lin Ming were to say anything else at this time, it would simply have the opposite effect.

“Brat, from this day on Xian’er has nothing to do with you! Who do you think you are? In this great calamity you are nothing more than an ant. You think you’re invincible just because you have a little bit of talent? In front of a True Divinity, what use is your talent!”

Empyrean Demondawn was breathless with anger. He increased his pressure again and again, intending to force Lin Ming into an embarrassing situation.

Lin Ming frowned. He would soon need to open the Heretical God Force to withstand this pressure.

But at this time, not too far away from Lin Ming, Empyrean Divine Dream spoke a gentle “Mm.” Although this simple sound was as light as a spring breeze, it immediately blew away all of Empyrean Demondawn’s formidable momentum.

“Demondawn, at this longevity feast it seems as if you’re not in the best of moods?”

Empyrean Divine Dream lightly said. Empyrean Demondawn’s words caught in his throat. As he looked at Empyrean Divine Dream, he took a deep breath.

Although he had only used a small amount of strength in his aura to suppress Lin Ming just now, all of it had been scattered away by Empyrean Divine Dream’s faint voice. This left Demondawn shocked.

Her level of cultivation had reached an inconceivable boundary.

“This Divine Dream… how can she already be close to becoming a True Divinity?”

Facing the serene and indifferent Divine Dream, Empyrean Demondawn felt as if he were looking into a bottomless lake. He simply couldn’t imagine what boundary she had reached.

If Divine Dream was already a half-step True Divinity, then if she fused together with Frost Dream, it wouldn’t be impossible for her to break into the realm of True Divinity!

If Divine Dream was able to break through the boundary of True Divinity then humanity’s strength would have to be reexamined once again. Although they would still be inferior to the saints, they would at least have some capital to contend with them.

As Empyrean Demondawn and Empyrean Divine Dream were confronting each other, at this time a brilliant divine light filled the palace. A golden divine carriage flew into the main hall, pulled by several horned flood dragons!

“Who is that?”

“How arrogant, they actually drove their carriage into the main hall!”

Many young elites were startled. Their carriages and spirit boats had all been parked outside of the palace, and as for their followers, they definitely weren’t allowed to take a single step inside.

As everyone looked towards the carriage, they saw a white-clothed youth standing proudly upon it. And beside him was a seductive young woman.

In front of this man and woman was a middle-aged man in battle armor. This middle-aged man had an aura as deep as the sea, no worse than that of Empyrean Demondawn!

Without a doubt, this middle-aged man was also a peak Empyrean!

“Saint Empyrean!”

“The Good Fortune Saint Son!”

Someone cried out in alarm. During the years that Lin Ming ventured into the Asura Road, the Good Fortune Saint Son had already become well known by everyone in the Divine Realm. In front of the Good Fortune Saint Son, there wasn’t a single junior within the Divine Realm that was able to summon the energy to face him.

This was because dozens of years ago when the Good Fortune Saint Son first came to the Divine Realm, he had challenged many mighty masters of humanity.

These masters weren’t common people of their generation. Even so, they had all lost to the Good Fortune Saint Son!

Several years ago, the Good Fortune Saint Son had even defeated a human Great World King!

After that battle, the Good Fortune Saint Son’s reputation and prestige had been pushed to a terrifying new height.

Upon mentioning the name of the Good Fortune Saint Son, the juniors of humanity weren’t able to summon any fighting fervor at all. Even if they hated him or criticized him in their hearts, they couldn’t help but accept his strength. The difference was just far too great!

“So it was the Good Fortune Saint Son. No wonder they arrogantly entered like this, even driving their carriage into the main hall!”

“Lower your voice! Be careful that he doesn’t hear you! Although he can’t do anything to you at this longevity feast, afterwards he might come to the gates of your sect and challenge your Sect Master. If that happens you’ll really be in bad luck!”

Several people said. Immediately, many people that were dissatisfied with the Good Fortune Saint Son suddenly shut up.

At this time, the Good Fortune Saint Son arrived at the area of the Empyreans and sat down in a grandiose manner, his legs splayed out wide.

Sitting on the side of the Good Fortune Saint Son was the human race’s Empyrean Traceless. Empyrean Traceless frowned, but eventually didn’t say anything.

In all fairness, if the Good Fortune Saint Son was able to defeat a Great World King, that meant he had some ability to contend with the supreme elders of the older generation. The key factor among this was his young age. After several hundred more years, it was likely he would reach an Empyrean level of strength, so sitting in this area was also well within reason.

Moreover, the monster race had a close relationship with the saints, so they definitely wouldn’t oppose the actions of their guests.

“Haha, it’s been many years since I’ve seen Your Highness the Saint Son and yet your strength has increased even more!”

On the side of the monster race, someone immediately sent out a warm welcome; this person was an Imperial Scholar of the monster race. “Middle Holy Lord realm!”

Several high ranking ministers of the monster race sighed in praise.

The Good Fortune Saint Son had broken into the middle Holy Lord realm several years ago and his strength had greatly increased. It was also at that time he had defeated a human World King. Now with several years having passed, the Good Fortune Saint Son’s foundation had consolidated and he was likely stronger than before!

“It’s just the middle Holy Lord realm, not much at all.” The Good Fortune Saint Son shook his head, as if all these achievements were normal to him. In fact, it would have been strange instead if he didn’t manage to achieve this.

“Haha, that’s right, this truly isn’t anything much at all. The Saint Son’s goal should be to reach an Empyrean level of strength within the next several hundred years!”

Another high level minister of the monster race flattered.

The Good Fortune Saint Son faintly smiled. With a careless tone he said, “It should be 200 years. In 200 years I will be able to fight an Empyrean, no longer than that…”

His words were brazen and cocky. But even so, the young elites of the Divine Realm could only listen without refuting him. If he were to grow at his current speed, he really would be able to confront an Empyrean in 200 years.

The Good Fortune really might be able to defeat a weak Empyrean at the World King realm. And with the Grandmist Spirit Bead, it was completely possible for him to break into the World King realm within 200 years.

“Saint Son Your Highness is truly daring!” The ministers of the monster race said together.

Beside Lin Ming, White King curled his lips and said in a low voice, “What a condescending fellow!”

White King’s words weren’t spoken through a true essence sound transmission. Although he was quiet, the Good Fortune Saint Son had extremely sharp senses so he was able to hear them.

The Good Fortune Saint Son turned and glanced towards White King. He simply didn’t care about White King, but instead turned towards Lin Ming who was sitting beside him. The sight of Lin Ming left him slightly surprised.

Soon, he seemed to recall something. A devious smile spread on his face.

“I never imagined you would also come. It seems that for our hundred year battle, you still have 40 or so years remaining? Hahaha! Make sure you enjoy these remaining 40 years, because after that you won’t be able to enjoy your life any longer.”

In the Good Fortune Saint Son’s eyes, a character on the level of White King wasn’t worth looking at more than once. The only one he cared about a little was Lin Ming.

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