MW Chapter 1757

Chapter 1757 – Longevity Feast

“Lin Ming, what happened? Did someone send you a sound transmission?”

Empyrean Divine Dream looked towards Lin Ming, asking him once more.

Lin Ming took a deep breath. Then, he truthfully said, “Yes… someone sent me a sound transmission – it was Xiao Moxian.”

“Xiao Moxian?” Empyrean Divine Dream looked at Lin Ming with surprise. “It seems you met with Xiao Moxian in the Asura Road?”

Empyrean Divine Dream naturally knew that when Lin Ming went to the Asura Road to adventure, Xiao Moxian had also gone there. It wasn’t strange for them to meet in the Asura Road and even become friends.

And if Xiao Moxian were to send Lin Ming a sound transmission now, Empyrean Divine Dream thought it would be Xiao Moxian disclosing some inside information on the monster and demon races to Lin Ming.

Towards anything related to the monster and demon races, Empyrean Divine Dream certainly was concerned. This was because their attitudes towards the saints and humans were connected to the great calamity.

If the monster and demon races were to ally with the saints, that would be a massive blow to the confidence of humanity.

“What did Xiao Moxian say?”

Empyrean Divine Dream asked, highly concerned about the contents of the sound transmission.

Seeing Empyrean Divine Dream’s concerned expression, Lin Ming bitterly smiled. He slowly said, “She said she is pregnant, and that the child… is mine…”

After Lin Ming said these words, even the normally ethereal Empyrean Divine Dream who never seemed as if anything could affect her mood, suddenly flashed her eyes wide open.

“You… what did you say?”

Empyrean Divine Dream looked at Lin Ming with utter disbelief etched on her face. “Xiao Moxian… is pregnant with your child. You…”

The shock value of Lin Ming’s words was too great. Empyrean Divine Dream wasn’t able to come up with an immediate response.

She knew what status Xiao Moxian had in the monster and demon races. She was even faintly aware that Xiao Moxian was one of the main chips in the potential alliance between the monster and demon races with the saints.

But now, Xiao Moxian was carrying Lin Ming’s child. If the Good Fortune Saint Son were to find out about this, no one knew just how he would react.

“Does Empyrean Demondawn know about this?”

What Divine Dream was concerned about the most was Empyrean Demondawn’s stance on this matter.

Lin Ming nodded and briefly reiterated Xiao Moxian’s heartbreaking experiences.

After Empyrean Divine Dream listened to him, she let out a deep breath. She had already expected that this would be the route he would take.

“Lin Ming… about this… I don’t have a good solution yet either…”

Empyrean Divine Dream shook her head. Lin Ming was originally a perfect match for Xiao Moxian, and they even had a child together. If there was no great calamity, she could definitely bring Lin Ming to the demon race to propose and help facilitate the marriage.

Unfortunately, that was now impossible. No matter how much more talented Lin Ming was, it was a useless endeavor.

To the monster and demon races, what they cared about was the present. As for things in the future, that could be left to discuss in the future. With the upcoming eruption of the great calamity, both of their races were in a perilous state, teetering on extinction. Who knew whether or not they would still have a future?

Lin Ming fell silent. Empyrean Divine Dream said, “Lin Ming, don’t be impulsive. Some matters simply cannot be helped. I will try my best to change Empyrean Demondawn’s mind, not just for you, but also for the human race. No matter how slim our hopes are, this is something I must do.

“A few days from now will be the longevity feast. I know that you will be in an uncomfortable and even unbearable mood, but no matter what, you must not enrage Empyrean Demondawn. His most beloved granddaughter is now pregnant with your child, and he must loathe you from the depths of his heart. If you argue with him at the longevity feast it will only add oil to the fire and make matters even worse.”

As Empyrean Divine Dream spoke, she stood up and floated away.

These past days, she had been constantly negotiating with the monster and demon races, trying to get a hold on what stance they planned to take in the great calamity. But, the results had left her feeling anxious.

Perhaps humanity really would lose two allies in the monster and demon races.

If so, then Lin Ming’s love towards Xiao Moxian would undoubtedly turn into tragedy.

Thinking of this, Empyrean Divine Dream’s mood was shrouded in dark clouds.

The monster and demon races could bow their heads in submission, but humanity… had no path of retreat!

Time passed a day at a time.

Xiao Moxian was placed under house arrest in her chambers. All day she would spend her time eating, bathing, sleeping, or idling around.

The Monster Emperor had come to see Xiao Moxian several times. However, Xiao Moxian remained completely silent as if she didn’t see him.

The Monster Emperor could only let out a deep sigh at this. He knew that whatever he said was useless.

For the sake of their races, for the survival of their people, they had to sacrifice Xiao Moxian; this was simply far too unfair to her. Especially now, they had even threatened her with her child…

Thus, each time the Monster Emperor visited he could only order the maids to serve Xiao Moxian attentively and leave behind some nourishing heavenly materials before quietly leaving.

These heavenly materials were processed by the maids and turned into soups, dishes, and other forms of meals. As for Xiao Moxian, she welcomed this and ate it all down.

No matter how sad she was, Xiao Moxian wouldn’t go on a hunger strike out of spite.

All of the spirit medicines, every bowl of spirit food, Xiao Moxian would earnestly eat them up, all for the child in her womb.

She was well aware that the child she had with Lin Ming possessed extraordinary talent. Although the child was still only in its most basic form within her stomach, it was actually able to absorb heaven and earth origin energy.

In any event, she could not waste this child’s talent and affect its growth.

While Xiao Moxian was under house arrest, more and more heroes from all over the universe began catching up to the monster race.

The monster race’s Black Pagoda became increasingly lively.

Great influences from all over had converged here. Just looking at human Empyreans alone, there were over a dozen of them.

As for the saints, they also brought several top Empyreans. They followed the Good Fortune Saint Son and moved into the most opulent and distinguished mansion in the monster race’s Black Pagoda.

Every day, there would be people from the monster and saint races entering and leaving the mansion that the saints were living in.

All sorts of top quality items and beautiful women were brought into the mansion. The banquets there continued without end and every night the air was filled with music and song.

The human Empyreans saw all of this, but they were helpless to do anything.

During this time period, Lin Ming also entered the monster race’s Black Pagoda.

From the moment that Lin Ming stepped into the Black Pagoda, he didn’t take a single step out of his room. Rather, he sat alone in his chamber.

All around Lin Ming, heaven and earth origin energy slowly gathered, flowing through his meridians. A black wheel quietly floated in front of him.

His naked upper body revealed a sublime musculature, his lines perfect.

His inner world contained an unfathomably deep strength…

For the rest of the days, Lin Ming spent every moment in cultivation.

In the limitless road of martial arts, this period of time was nothing to speak of. But with these several days of cultivation, Lin Ming was able to adjust his body, divine soul, and inner world to their peak condition.

He already had a foreboding feeling that this longevity feast would be filled with tension. It was likely that swords would be drawn!

“Empyrean Demondawn… Good Fortune Saint Son…”

Lin Ming quietly spoke these two names. In front of him lay a simple black spear. This black spear seemed to have been condensed through the endless rivers of time. Just by looking at it, one felt their heart tremble!

This spear was the Black Dragon Spear that Lin Ming had obtained in the final trial.

With the divine spear in his hand, Lin Ming quietly rubbed the spear shaft. The cold brightness of it shimmered in the dark chamber.

He had been sitting here all night. The sun was soon to rise.

And today was the Monster Emperor’s longevity feast!


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