MW Chapter 1757

Chapter 1757 – Longevity Feast

“Lin Ming, what happened? Did someone send you a sound transmission?”

Empyrean Divine Dream looked towards Lin Ming, asking him once more.

Lin Ming took a deep breath. Then, he truthfully said, “Yes… someone sent me a sound transmission – it was Xiao Moxian.”

“Xiao Moxian?” Empyrean Divine Dream looked at Lin Ming with surprise. “It seems you met with Xiao Moxian in the Asura Road?”

Empyrean Divine Dream naturally knew that when Lin Ming went to the Asura Road to adventure, Xiao Moxian had also gone there. It wasn’t strange for them to meet in the Asura Road and even become friends.

And if Xiao Moxian were to send Lin Ming a sound transmission now, Empyrean Divine Dream thought it would be Xiao Moxian disclosing some inside information on the monster and demon races to Lin Ming.

Towards anything related to the monster...

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