MW Chapter 1756

Chapter 1756 – Thousand Mile Heartlink

“But, Miss…”

The several maids kneeled in the water, confusion and panic coloring their faces. The Monster Emperor had commanded them to not allow Xiao Moxian to leave their line of sight for even a single moment. Although it was said to be serving her, the truth was that it was monitoring her.

With Xiao Moxian’s character, she wouldn’t sit around and do nothing. She would try everything within her power to make something happen. If no one was watching over her at all moments, who knew what would happen. The Monster Emperor and Empyrean Demondawn wouldn’t feel relieved either.

“Leave!” Xiao Moxian’s expression was cold. “When I’m bathing I do not like others staring at me from the side.”


The several maids looked to each other. If Xiao Moxian was telling them to leave, they really didn’t know what to do.

“Miss, please don’t cause trouble for us. We are merely following the Monster Emperor’s orders and cannot leave you....

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