MW Chapter 1755

Chapter 1755 – Demondawn’s Turmoil

Three days later –

In a massive silver battleship outside Heaven Lifting Black Pagoda, the Good Fortune Saint Son sat above a stone bed, deep in meditation.

Then, a flame flickered in front of him.

This was the light of a sound transmitting talisman. A brief ray of thought penetrated into the Good Fortune Saint Son’s spiritual sea along with it.

Reading this message, the Good Fortune Saint Son grinned.

“Your Highness Saint Son, what are you so happy about?”

A rainbow-clothed girl tittered and asked from beside the Good Fortune Saint Son.

The Good Fortune Saint Son narrowed his eyes. He played with the burning embers of the sound transmitting talisman and leisurely said, “The Monster Emperor has sent me a message. Xiao Moxian has agreed to marry me. As long as I propose at the longevity fest, she will agree!”

“Hohohoho! Congratulations Your Highness!” The rainbow-clothed girl happily said. “I’ve already said that Your Highness Saint Son is a dragon amongst men. There are countless teams of proud daughters among the saints that are just waiting for the Saint Son to visit them. How could this Xiao Moxian possibly refuse Your Highness? If Your Highness Saint Son is willing to dual cultivate with her and take her primordial yin, that is her good fortune!...

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