MW Chapter 1754

Chapter 1754 – House Arrest

After Empyrean Demondawn suddenly mentioned Lin Ming’s name, Xiao Moxian trembled and didn’t speak again.

Xiao Moxian hadn’t thought that Empyrean Demondawn would know that the father of the child was Lin Ming. But, thinking about it more carefully, even if he did know then there was nothing he could do.

Lin Ming was someone related to humanity’s great calamity, and it wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to call him one of the hopes of humanity. In this case, how could Empyrean Divine Dream allow anything to happen to Lin Ming?

“Ruthless! Far too ruthless! So it really is him!” Empyrean Demondawn’s killing intent surged out in all directions. “That little beast, even in the tempering grounds of the Asura Road he still messes around in love affairs like a playboy and even went so far as to deceive my granddaughter!”

Empyrean Demondawn’s voice shook with rage.

At this time the Monster Emperor said, “This Lin Ming, he might have known that my monster race and the demon race were planning to ally with the saints and also knew that Xian’er’s marriage was the key to this. Thus, he decided to take advantage of the time he was in the Asura Road and trick Xian’er of her chastity, ruining all our plans before they began! He even left behind a child within Xian’er, making everything an absolute mess! This move of his is ruthless enough!”

Hearing the Monster Emperor say that all of this was a deliberate plot that Lin Ming had planned, Xiao Moxian was unable to remain silent.

She looked towards the Monster Emperor and coldly said, “Monster Emperor Your Majesty, you may blame me, but you cannot use such words to frame Lin Ming. Before this he didn’t know that you planned to ally with the saints nor did he trick me. Me being with him is also on my own initiative.”

“Shut up!”

The already enraged Empyrean Demondawn suddenly burst out. His fist punched towards Xiao Moxian’s stomach!

This sudden move caused Xiao Moxian’s complexion to change. Even the Monster Emperor held his breath.

“Demondawn, you - !”

The Monster Emperor was too late to stop Empyrean Demondawn. With a loud cracking sound, Xiao Moxian was sent flying away like a broken kite. She felt a terrifying strength pour into her inner world, rushing towards that tiny life within her.


Xiao Moxian cried out in panic. A cold sweat ran through her. She thought that Empyrean Demondawn planned to kill her child!

However, after falling to the ground, Xiao Moxian discovered she wasn’t wounded in the least. Rather, she discovered that the power Empyrean Demondawn placed within her body had simply formed a group of black energy that locked down her inner world. As for the place the black energy locked down, it was where the fetus within her was!

Xiao Moxian paled. “What did you do?”

Empyrean Demondawn didn’t respond. He flicked his fingers, pushing her acupoints and sealing away all her true essence.

Then, Xiao Moxian felt sore and weak, as if she had reverted to being a mortal girl.

“I do not like being led by the nose.”

The originally enraged Empyrean Demondawn’s voice had calmed down. However, his calm voice still gave off an extremely oppressive feeling. “I have placed an energy lock within your stomach. With your cultivation, it is impossible for you to unravel it. With just a single thought from me the energy lock will collapse and create an energy vortex of the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art, killing the fetus in you!

“You might have thought that I wouldn’t be able to bear destroying such a talented baby, and you are right, I truly cannot bear to do so. But compared to the survival of the monster race and demon race, compared to the future of our people, what can an unborn child be considered as?”

The monster and demon races were in a precarious situation, caught in a raging storm all around them. Even if this baby was destined to become a True Divinity in the future, this wasn’t meaningful to them at all because it was a matter that might occur dozens of millions of years from now. And by that time, the monster and demon races might have been long annihilated in the great calamity!

Moreover, no one could say whether or not the fetus within Xiao Moxian would be able to become a True Divinity in the future.

Now, what Empyrean Demondawn and the Monster Emperor had to consider first was how to preserve the existence of their monster and demon races.

“You want to use my child to threaten me?”

Xiao Moxian looked at Empyrean Demondawn, her voice trembling.

“Originally I didn’t want to force you, but… you have left me far too disappointed.” Empyrean Demondawn’s voice was deep and resonant. As he looked at Xiao Moxian, his eyes were filled with indisputable anger.

“You knew long ago that our demon and monster races planned to ally with the saints. Yet you disregarded the interests of your people and gave away your most precious thing to that little beast Lin Ming! Who gave you this right? Everything you have now, your bloodline, your body, all of it was bestowed upon you by the monster and demon races. Do you think that your most precious primordial yin energy belonged to you alone, that you could give it to whomever you pleased?”

One’s body, their skin, their hair, all of it was granted to them by their parents. In the extremely traditional demon race, in the eyes of Empyrean Demondawn, Xiao Moxian’s actions were no different from betraying them.

“Starting from this day forth, you cannot leave. I will seal away your strength. Ten days from now, at the longevity feast, the Good Fortune Saint Son will publicly propose your marriage to me. I want you to agree to it! Otherwise, your child will not live on the eleventh day!”

Empyrean Demondawn gloomily said. Xiao Moxian shivered as she heard this.

“That’s right… at the longevity feast ten days from now, Lin Ming will also be there. When you agree to the marriage proposal it will also be in front of him, so you had best prepare yourself to do so. And… after I seal away your strength it will be impossible for you to send Lin Ming a sound transmission. Whether you want your child or whether you want your so-called love, make your own choice!”

Empyrean Demondawn’s words were knives that stabbed into Xiao Moxian, leaving her heart bleeding.

Was there any crueler situation in the world?

Her own grandfather was threatening her with the life of his unborn great grandchild.

To have her, in front of the person she loved the most, agree to marry someone she loathed above all.

Moreover… she would have no chance to explain the situation to Lin Ming. She would cruelly hurt Lin Ming and then have to face his endless disappointment.

Thinking of this, Xiao Moxian’s heart shrank. As she looked at her own grandfather, she felt that his face had become unfamiliar to her.

“I will give you one final warning. You absolutely must not think that I cannot bear killing your child, so… do not disobey me anymore. From this day on, forget Lin Ming. As for your child, as long as you do not disobey me, I will do everything in my power to hide it from the saints until it can be born. But, the child will also have no relation to Lin Ming.”

As Empyrean Demondawn spoke, he turned and left.

And behind Empyrean Demondawn, the Monster Emperor shook his head again and again. He said, “Xian’er… you are too naïve, too pure, too young. I know that you hate your grandfather, but in the future you will come to know that everything he did was for your own good. If he were to allow you to do as you wished, then the alliance between our monster and demon races with the saints will break apart. In the upcoming great calamity, it is likely we will all perish! At that time, just what will you be considered as? Without the roots, just what will you do? Will you just follow Lin Ming around like a grieving dog? Do you know that you aren’t even Lin Ming’s official wife? Do you believe that Lin Ming will always share the same affection with you in the future?

“A man’s vow is the same as dog shit. The so-called love is nonsense and sacrificing yourself for love is the height of stupidity. Moreover, if you decide to sacrifice yourself for love, you will also drag down the monster and demon races with you, placing my people, your people, in a perilous state. Knowing this, do you still wonder why your grandfather is so angry today? Even I am disappointed in you. Remember, in a world of martial artists, strength is all. What use is love? Can you eat it?

“Moreover, it’s unknown whether or not that Lin Ming can live for much longer. He reached past his limits and agreed to a hundred year duel with the Good Fortune Saint Son. At that time, even if he doesn’t die, he will be beaten into a crippled state. Will you take revenge for him? Do you think he will still be able to take revenge for himself in the future? The saints will not give him the chance!

“Give up on him. When you become an Empyrean in the future, when you become a True Divinity and the world is in your palm, you will understand just how naïve you have been!”

As the Monster Emperor said this, he also turned and left.

Soon, maids pushed open the doors and brought Xiao Moxian away.

After passing through several winding corridors, Xiao Moxian was brought to an extremely luxurious room. There were rugs made of peacock feathers and the smell of incense made of heavenly materials wafted in the air. Even when eating meals or bathing, there were always eight maids constantly supervising and helping her at all hours.

However, there was a single point. After Xiao Moxian entered the room, she wasn’t able to take even half a step out again.

She had been placed under house arrest here in order to wait for the Monster Emperor’s longevity feast ten days from now. At that time, in front of Lin Ming, she would have to agree to the Good Fortune Saint Son’s proposal.

And, what pained her most was that she wasn’t able to tell Lin Ming her reasons for doing so. She couldn’t even tell him of her pregnancy. And after the longevity feast and even after the child was born, it would have no relations with Lin Ming. He might not even know that he had a child.

“I have to… before the longevity feast begins… inform Lin Ming of the situation…”


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