MW Chapter 1754

Chapter 1754 – House Arrest

After Empyrean Demondawn suddenly mentioned Lin Ming’s name, Xiao Moxian trembled and didn’t speak again.

Xiao Moxian hadn’t thought that Empyrean Demondawn would know that the father of the child was Lin Ming. But, thinking about it more carefully, even if he did know then there was nothing he could do.

Lin Ming was someone related to humanity’s great calamity, and it wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to call him one of the hopes of humanity. In this case, how could Empyrean Divine Dream allow anything to happen to Lin Ming?

“Ruthless! Far too ruthless! So it really is him!” Empyrean Demondawn’s killing intent surged out in all directions. “That little beast, even in the tempering grounds of the Asura Road he still messes around in love affairs like a playboy and even went so far as to deceive my granddaughter!”

Empyrean Demondawn’s voice shook with rage.

At this time the Monster Emperor said, “This Lin Ming, he might have known that my monster race and the demon race were planning...

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