MW Chapter 1753

Chapter 1753 – Who Is He

Xiao Moxian’s entire body was being corroded by poison energy. The agonizing pain of her blood being burned by poison was beyond description. This sort of pain was the same as having concentrated acid mixed into her blood, as if her marrow was crackling like heated oil.

She gripped her fists, withstanding the waves of pain. All of her remaining essence was used to protect her inner world. With things having come this far she could only quietly continue in hopes that she wouldn’t be discovered. Otherwise, the matter of her pregnancy would become known.

Black blood began to drip from the sides of Xiao Moxian’s lips.

As this black blood flowed out, Xiao Moxian’s heart skipped a beat and her complexion changed.

The baby in her stomach was connected to her own bloodline. If her blood was corroded by the poison to the point of turning black, no matter how much energy she summoned she would not be able to cut off the streams of black blood from entering the baby within her!

The fetus was at its earliest developmental stage. Xiao Moxian absolutely could not allow it to be affected.

Ignoring the violent poison energy all around...

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