MW Chapter 1753

Chapter 1753 – Who Is He

Xiao Moxian’s entire body was being corroded by poison energy. The agonizing pain of her blood being burned by poison was beyond description. This sort of pain was the same as having concentrated acid mixed into her blood, as if her marrow was crackling like heated oil.

She gripped her fists, withstanding the waves of pain. All of her remaining essence was used to protect her inner world. With things having come this far she could only quietly continue in hopes that she wouldn’t be discovered. Otherwise, the matter of her pregnancy would become known.

Black blood began to drip from the sides of Xiao Moxian’s lips.

As this black blood flowed out, Xiao Moxian’s heart skipped a beat and her complexion changed.

The baby in her stomach was connected to her own bloodline. If her blood was corroded by the poison to the point of turning black, no matter how much energy she summoned she would not be able to cut off the streams of black blood from entering the baby within her!

The fetus was at its earliest developmental stage. Xiao Moxian absolutely could not allow it to be affected.

Ignoring the violent poison energy all around her, she forcefully revolved the nirvanic flames within her body and had the terrifying burning heat flood her blood vessels, crazily burning away the poison energy!

For a time, Xiao Moxian’s body became a battlefield. The poison energy intensely fought with the nirvanic flames. The pressure on Xiao Moxian’s mortal body could be imagined.

Even though she had a half God Beast body, withstanding such pressure still caused her blood vessels to explode and blood to shoot out.

Monster Concubine Archess grinned as she saw this. She could faintly feel that Xiao Moxian wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

Just as she was about to put forth more energy, a furious voice slammed into her ears like a thunderclap!

“Fuck off!”

With an explosive sound, Monster Concubine Archess felt a tyrannical and fierce strength rush into her body, causing her to violently shake and directly smashing her away.


Monster Concubine Archess was blown away and sent crashing into the table. Countless glazed dishes and bowls were shattered and her entire body was drenched in the dregs of spirit foods and spirit drinks, making her look extremely miserable.

Seeing this, the Monster Emperor thought of moving. But in the end he didn’t.

He let out a long breath. He never thought that today’s welcoming reception would have such a scene.

In a pile of debris, Monster Concubine Archess propped herself up on her arms, gnashing her teeth as she looked at Empyrean Demondawn.

Facing the angry and mighty Empyrean Demondawn, it was impossible to say she wasn’t afraid.

The savage battles of the demon and monster races were far more barbaric than those of the humans.

If the races of the Divine Realm were compared to those of the mortal world, then the monster and demon races were comparable to primitive nomadic tribes and barbarians. For a battle to suddenly occur at a banquet wasn’t strange at all. Even if Empyrean Demondawn were to heavily wound Monster Concubine Archess, that would also be a likely possibility!

“One move has already passed!”

Empyrean Demondawn’s voice held a faint trace of killing intent. Monster Concubine Archess stood up from the mess, circulating the energy within her and using the power of darkness to clean away the food that stained her. Soon, her clothes seemed as if they were completely new.

As for Xian Moxian, her face was still wan. A great deal of Monster Concubine Archess’ poison was still in her body.

Empyrean Demondawn looked at Xiao Moxian and suddenly walked over to her.


Xiao Moxian held her breath. The poison that Monster Concubine Archess left behind within her wasn’t fatal at all; resting for a day would have been more than enough to completely recover. But now that she was pregnant, everything had become far more complicated.

If Empyrean Demondawn helped then he could certainly rid her body of all of the poison instantly. But, there was a 100% likelihood that the secret of her pregnancy would be discovered.

When Empyrean Demondawn was a hundred feet away from her, Xiao Moxian subconsciously stepped back. Her heart had caught in her throat. She was unable to find any excuses to refuse her grandfather’s help.

At this time, Empyrean Demondawn had already reached out a hand towards her.

“Xian’er! What are you hiding from me?”

Empyrean Demondawn’s voice was filled with fury. He had already felt that something was wrong, but he just didn’t truly suspect Xiao Moxian. However, when he saw Xiao Moxian use her nirvanic flames as well as her strange actions that didn’t conform to her normal behavior, he had confirmed that she was hiding something!

“In the Asura Road, just what happened to you?”

Empyrean Demondawn grabbed onto Xiao Moxian’s arm.

Xiao Moxian’s heart shrank. Suddenly, she felt it nearly impossible to breathe. It was no longer possible to hide the truth!

She was like a puppet, directly held by Empyrean Demondawn.

As Empyrean Demondawn’s energy rushed into her blood vessels, Xiao Moxian felt the world slow down to a crawl. All sight and sound seemed to fall away…

Chi chi chi!

A black vortex appeared in Empyrean Demondawn’s palm. In just a moment, all of the poison within Xiao Moxian was swallowed up by the black vortex.

This was Empyrean Demondawn’s Heaven Absorbing Demon Art.

The poison was eliminated and the agonizing pain in her body also disappeared. But compared to the suffering in her heart, that physical pain hadn’t been anything at all.

Time passed, one breath of time after one breath of time. To Xiao Moxian, every breath of time was as long as a year.

She didn’t dare to look at Empyrean Demondawn’s face. She didn’t even dare to breathe.

As for Empyrean Demondawn, he remained completely quiet. As he grabbed Xiao Moxian’s arm, a long period of silence passed.

Rivulets of sweat dripped down Xiao Moxian’s back and forehead. She felt as if she could collapse at any moment.

“Brother Demondawn…”

At this time, the Monster Emperor finally spoke up.

Before, he had already been suspicious about Xiao Moxian’s bodily state. He felt that her primordial yin energy wasn’t as steady as it should be, and her energy was in utter chaos.

But when he considered that it might be because Xiao Moxian didn’t consolidate her foundation in the Asura Road, the Monster Emperor didn’t care too much about this matter. But then, in the battle just now, he saw Empyrean Demondawn’s expression.

The Monster Emperor seemed to faintly realize what happened.

“All of you, leave!”

 The Monster Emperor waved his hand and the monster race martial artists began to file out. They never imagined that things would develop to such a degree. When Monster Concubine Archess and Xiao Moxian had begun to fight, all of them had fallen silent, none of them daring to utter a single word.

Whether it was Xiao Moxian or Monster Concubine Archess, they both had a status far above their own.

“You also leave.”

The Monster Emperor looked at Monster Concubine Archess.

Monster Concubine Archess clenched her teeth and silently withdrew.

Before she left, she cast a deep look towards Xiao Moxian. She had already faintly guessed what might have happened. Monster Concubine Archess possessed a half-step Empyrean cultivation and in the monster race her status was only inferior to that of the Monster Empress and several great God Beasts.

She carefully observed Xiao Moxian and had discovered several questionable points.

After a time, in the entire hall, there was only Empyrean Demondawn, the Monster Emperor, and Xiao Moxian left.

“Tell me, who is he?”

After remaining silent for a long time, Empyrean Demondawn finally spoke up. At this time, he was like a furious lion.

Xiao Moxian trembled. She looked up towards her grandfather.

Empyrean Demondawn’s eyes had turned blood red as if they could swallow her alive!

Xiao Moxian bit her lips and remained silent.

“Good! You don’t want to tell me!? Fine! Then I’ll just refine the bastard in your womb! In any case, a bastard of unknown origin is the shame of my demon race!”

As Empyrean Demondawn spoke, he lifted his left hand. A brilliant black vortex appeared in his palm. This vortex was his Heaven Absorbing Demon Art. As long as this black vortex was thrust into Xiao Moxian’s stomach, whether it was the baby’s forming soul, its flesh and blood, or its energy, all of it would be devoured without a single speck remaining!

Seeing Empyrean Demondawn raise his hand, Xiao Moxian closed her eyes and decisively said, “Grandfather, if you will do that then kill me as well. If I cannot protect my child then I do not wish to live in this world any longer!”

Xiao Moxian’s voice was resolute.

The Monster Emperor’s heart skipped a beat. He was well aware that with Xiao Moxian’s character, she would stay true to her words. If Empyrean Demondawn really did as he threatened then Xiao Moxian would instantly commit suicide!

“Brother Demondawn, calm down!”

The Monster Emperor quickly spoke out. He could feel that this time, Empyrean Demondawn was truly angered!

In the past, no matter what Xiao Moxian did, Empyrean Demondawn would always accommodate her. No matter what trouble she stirred up, no matter who she provoked, he would always play damage control and deal with the aftermath. But this time, she had touched upon his bottom line!

The Monster Emperor feared that in his violent rage, Empyrean Demondawn would do something he could not take back.

If anything happened to Xiao Moxian, it would be a tremendous loss to the monster and demon races!

Even the baby in Xiao Moxian’s womb needed further consideration. It had to be known that it was extremely difficult for a God Beast to become pregnant, especially for someone like Xiao Moxian. Once they had a child, after that child grew up they would definitely become an amazingly outstanding individual. To rashly kill such a child was too great a pity!

“…You want to threaten me with your death?”

Empyrean Demondawn’s complexion turned cold and grim. “In the Divine Realm, no one can threaten me, not even you! Do you not believe I don’t have a hundred methods to make it impossible for you to commit suicide?”

Empyrean Demondawn’s voice was ferocious. But, Xiao Moxian was also a stubborn and proud character. She clenched her teeth and said, “Even if you have 100 methods to lock in my energy so that I cannot kill myself, it is impossible for you to continue that for the rest of my life. As long as that spell is undone then I will instantly abandon my meridians and die!”

Facing Empyrean Demondawn who was roiling with killing intent, no one dared to speak to him like that. Even Monster Concubine Archess, whose status was in the top 10 of the monster race, didn’t dare to say a single word when she was struck to the point of spitting out blood in the face of everyone.

It was because when facing the enraged Empyrean Demondawn, the pressure was simply too great. No one knew for sure whether or not he would instantly strike to kill at any moment!

“Hehehe! Good! You truly are my good granddaughter. Is that little animal really worth you protecting him? That you would threaten me with your own death!? Do you think that just because you don’t say anything, I won’t know? The bloodline of the bastard within you has the aura of a True Dragon as well as the aura of a human. When you went to the Asura Road, Divine Dream Heavenly Palace’s Lin Ming also went. Along with the aura of a True Dragon and humanity, who else could it be but him?”

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