MW Chapter 1752

Chapter 1752 – Poison

“The strike of a peak Holy Lord, you won’t even meet it!?”

Empyrean Demondawn’s tiger-bright eyes looked at Xiao Moxian, a burning anger growing within them!

In his impression, Xiao Moxian was someone that didn’t fear the heavens or earth. Her character was just like Empyrean Demondawn’s when he was young, thus Empyrean Demondawn was extremely affectionate towards her. Not only did his granddaughter possess a top ranked talent in the Divine Realm, he also approved of her disposition and way of living.

But today, Empyrean Demondawn would never have imagined that facing the arrogant taunting of Monster Concubine Archess, Xiao Moxian would endure her insults!

This caused Empyrean Demondawn to feel as if he had lost all face.

Xiao Moxian hadn’t made much progress in the Asura Road, and whether it was because of destiny or her potential was lacking, that wasn’t something she could control.

But now, she didn’t dare to face a palm from Monster Concubine Archess – this was a matter of her courage.

As a top talent of the Divine Realm, the late Divine Lord Xiao Moxian didn’t even dare to meet the palm of a peak Holy Lord. This caused anger to surge in Empyrean Demondawn’s heart; he struggled to contain it!

“Hohoho! Xiao Moxian, if you don’t dare to meet my palm then you can apologize to my clan and also mourn for Duyu for one year. After that, I will consider the matter finished and won’t pursue it any longer!”

After hearing Monster Concubine Archess’ words, Empyrean Demondawn was on the verge of violently storming out. He looked at Xiao Moxian, the anger in his eyes brewing like a volcano ready to explode.

Xiao Moxian’s face paled. The corners of her lips twitched. She took a deep breath and said, “Fine… then I will meet your palm!”

It wasn’t that she feared Empyrean Demondawn’s anger, but that she couldn’t observe mourning for Monster Prince Duyu.

The so-called observing mourning for one year meant that within this year, one couldn’t drink, have sex, or have any other forms of entertainment, all in order to express one’s sorrow and grieving. To Xiao Moxian this wasn’t difficult at all; she could easily go into seclusion for a year.

But to observe mourning, that was something only done by children for their parents or a wife for her husband. If Xiao Moxian were to observe mourning for Monster Prince Duyu, the reason would not be because of the former, but because of the latter. This was an impossible choice for her.

As Monster Concubine Archess spoke, even the Monster Emperor frowned. He felt that Monster Concubine Archess had stepped over the line.

Empyrean Demondawn coldly snorted. His expression calmed down as he slowly sat back in his seat.

In the great hall, Monster Concubine Archess created a force field, isolating the space within. Within this space, there was only her and Xiao Moxian.

Facing Xiao Moxian, Monster Concubine Archess jeered with hatred.

“You killed Duyu and all I need is for you to meet my palm. How easy for you.”

As Monster Concubine Archess spoke, she stretched out her slender right hand. With a crackling sound, scales began to form over her skin and her fingertips turned into sharp nails.

For a time, the origin energy around Monster Concubine Archess started to wildly gather about her. Xiao Moxian didn’t say a word, simply quietly withstanding Monster Concubine Archess’ pressure.

At this time, Monster Concubine Archess had already suppressed her energy to that of a peak Holy Lord. Concerning this, Monster Concubine Archess didn’t play any tricks, otherwise Empyrean Demondawn would stop her.

After four or five breaths of time, Monster Concubine Archess suddenly moved. Behind her, a massive black phantom appeared.

This black phantom was a hydra.

Monster Concubine had activated the power of the hydra bloodline within her!

A potent poison gas, thick with the power of darkness, erupted from within Monster Concubine Archess!

These strengths had reached an extremely high boundary of Laws, far surpassing those of a Holy Lord.

Although Monster Concubine Archess had suppressed her cultivation to that of a peak Holy Lord, she hadn’t limited her skill in Laws or any other aspects.

With a peak Holy Lord cultivation and activating the strength of her hydra bloodline as well as using the limits of her Laws, the power of this strike was equal to that of an ordinary World King!

In particular, that poisonous power was especially horrifying!

The Concept of Poison was an extremely bizarre and unconventional Concept for martial artists to learn. When a mortal used poison, it was often refined from some poisonous plants, insects, snakes, or other such creatures. For a high level martial artist, the poisons they used were refined from poisonous heavenly materials or taken from the corpses of dangerous poisonous creatures. The toxicity of these things could not be compared to common poisons.

And a step above that, when one reached Monster Concubine Archess’ boundary and their Concept of Poison reached large success, the poison would no longer be a material thing, but a type of energy. Once she started using her poison-type cultivation method, the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy would transform into an incredibly poisonous and corrosive energy. An Empyrean poison master could even turn an entire world into a world of poison energy, making the whole world a death trap!

In her battle against Xiao Moxian, Monster Concubine had used her Poison Laws. If she managed to wound Xiao Moxian, it would be easy for these poisons to remain in her body, continually causing damage. This was an extremely cruel and sinister move!

“Ji Xian’er, let me see how you block my strike!”

Monster Concubine Archess coldly sneered. The current Xiao Moxian had a messy foundation and her strength was a complete mess. For her to block this strike was nothing more than a dream, because the power behind it had already exceeded the limit of her strength.

Xiao Moxian’s thoughts focused. In truth she had already expected that this Monster Concubine Archess who loathed her would not let her off so easily. But, she never thought that Monster Concubine Archess would be ruthless enough to use such a dangerous poison technique. Xiao Moxian naturally didn’t fear these poisons, but the embryo within her wouldn’t be able to withstand them. Xiao Moxian would not allow her unborn child to be harmed, not even in the slightest!

Xiao Moxian was in a critically bad situation. Not only did she have to conceal all the secrets within her body but she also had to block this strike; it was simply impossible.

She grit her teeth. Then, endless pure black flames wildly rolled up from all directions, billowing towards Xiao Moxian!

At the same time, the phantom of a Dark Phoenix manifested behind Xiao Moxian. This Dark Phoenix was incomparably clear, each feather revealing the most minute texture and detail.

The moment that the Dark Phoenix appeared, the limitless black flames became far more terrifying. These flames seemed to contain a wild and uncontrollable momentum of the Great Dao that could burn down the world, one that originated from the most ancient of times. These roaring flames came from the spirit of the Undying Inferno that she defeated at the Asura Road’s final trial!

The tumultuous flames were swallowed up within Xiao Moxian. The nirvanic flames within her had already added in the might of the Asura Heavenly Dao!

This mysterious and ancient strength surpassed the knowledge of everyone present. Even the many other World Kings and half-step Empyreans present widened their eyes as they saw these black flames, their hearts shaking.

“These flames… how is this possible!?”

The Monster Emperor had originally been leaning back in his seat. As he saw these flames appear, his entire body tensed and he sat up straight.

No matter how one saw it, it seemed that Xiao Moxian was sick and her strength was weak. But, no one would have imagined that when facing Monster Concubine Archess, the aura of flames around her body would actually explode to such terrifying heights!

“This is…”

Empyrean Demondawn’s eyes blazed brightly. The flames that Xian Moxian released were in truth not that strong, but the Law Concepts were extremely high; she had already steadily entered into the seventh level Concept of the Fire Laws.

To possess a higher boundary in the Laws was another matter. As long as one’s talent was high enough and with the accumulation of time, then even a peak fire-attribute Great World King would be able to steadily enter the seventh level Concept of the Fire Laws.

But, what surprised Empyrean Demondawn the most was that the quality of these flames had reached an inconceivable degree!

Different flames had different qualities. The lowest rank was fire used by mortals. Then, going up rank after rank, Xiao Moxian’s nirvanic flames were nearly the highest rank flames possible.

Yet now, the flames that Xiao Moxian displayed seemed to have used the nirvanic flames as a foundation and gone a level further. An incomprehensible strength had fused together with the nirvanic flames, adding on a finishing touch!

Empyrean Demondawn originally thought that Xiao Moxian had wasted away her time cultivating in the Asura Road, but now it seemed that things weren’t as simple as they appeared!

“Perhaps… she can really block it…”

Even the normally calm and dignified Empyrean Demondawn was excited when it came to the future growth of his granddaughter. His heart tightened.

“So what if the quality of your flames is high? You are still weak!”

Monster Concubine Archess struck out with her palm. Besides suppressing her cultivation, she had pushed all other aspects to their limit!

Chi chi chi!

A dreadful darkness and power of poison erupted outwards. Even space itself was melted by this poison!

Xiao Moxian was surrounded by the poison energy. As long as this poison energy gathered, even a top spirit artifact would be corroded to slag. A normal martial artist would be melted away without even their bones remaining!

As everyone was expecting Xiao Moxian to use her Fire Laws that contained a strange strength to burn away the poison energy, what actually happened left them all startled.

Xiao Moxian didn’t explode with her nirvanic flames. Rather, she used the nirvanic flames to protect her body and forcefully withstand Monster Concubine Archess’ strike.


Empyrean Demondawn frowned. This sort of combat method was simply the same as passively sitting there and being smacked around. Why didn’t she counterattack?

Even if Xiao Moxian wasn’t strong enough, even if her counterattack would definitely fail and even result in her being injured, she still shouldn’t weaken her momentum and allow others to bully her!

Chi chi chi!

The radiant nirvanic flames turned most of the clouds of poison energy into nothing!

After fusing with the Asura Heavenly Dao, Xiao Moxian’s nirvanic flames were now of an extremely high quality. However, she could only move a limited amount of strength. One reason was because the embryo within her possessed the bloodlines of a dragon and phoenix, and had also inherited the power of the Asura blood, thus it was absorbing too much energy from her. And a second reason was that she had to use a great deal of her strength to conceal the pure yang energy within her and maintain the semblance of her primordial yin energy.

In this situation, how could Xiao Moxian withstand Monster Concubine’s poisonous strike which utilized the Laws of a half-step Empyrean?

The black nirvanic flames were slowly weakened by the endless poison energy. In that moment, Xiao Moxian’s protective true essence was also slowly being corroded by the poison energy.

Chi chi chi!

After the poison energy corroded Xiao Moxian’s protective true essence, it began to invade her meridians and blood vessels, even corroding her blood!

Strands of black energy began to multiply within her blood.

Even her marrow was contained by this poison energy. It was as if drops of acid were being injected into her, extremely agonizing!

However, Xiao Moxian grit her teeth. All the energy she could summon was quietly transferred to her inner world, protecting the unborn life within her…

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