MW Chapter 1751

Chapter 1751 – Distress

Facing the Monster Emperor’s questions, Xiao Moxian felt a pained bitterness. In her weakened state, she might not even be able to deal with a peak Holy Lord!

And if she really couldn’t deal with a peak Holy Lord, the matter of her grandfather losing face would only be a minor consequence. What she worried about was that someone would think there was something strange going on with her and decide to inspect her inner world for problems. If that happened, everything would be over.

But at this time, a high yet harsh voice echoed out, dripping with unfriendliness, “I think that Your Majesty is too generous with Miss Xian’er. Let alone a peak Holy Lord, I’m afraid she will find it difficult to deal with a late Holy Lord martial artist. For Miss Xian’er to go to the Asura Road this time, perhaps it really must have been a mistake. Or, maybe Miss Xian’er has exhausted all of her potential. If so, then even if she didn’t go to the Asura Road, I fear nothing would have changed…”

When these words were spoken, the entire welcoming reception fell into utter silence!

Everyone looked towards the origin of the voice – the one speaking was Monster Concubine Archess!

At this time, Monster Concubine Archess had just finished eating a beautiful spirit fruit and was using a handkerchief...

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