MW Chapter 1750

Chapter 1750 – Gathering of Greats

The ancient monster race had existed since time immemorial. In the Divine Realm, the monster race wasn’t too powerful. Compared to humanity, they were considered small and weak. However, the monster race wasn’t limited to just the Divine Realm; within the other universes of the 33 Heavens there also existed the monster race.

According to legend, the monster race was an ancient race that had existed 10 billion years ago and had continued spreading out.

10 billion years ago, the three great races of humans, saints, and spiritas were by no means the rulers of the world. Rather, they could be called extremely weak and small races.

The ones who ruled in that era were the various ancient races.

The kings of these ancient races could destroy the heavens and annihilate the earth just by raising their hands.

And in that time when many ancient god kings existed together, the monster race’s unrivalled Monster Emperor was equally able to dominate his own region.

However, as time passed, far too many great elites and supreme elders rose up from the ranks of the ancient races. These powerful figures started countless wars, and whenever the God Lamenting Wall weakened, the entire 33 Heavens would be drowned in the flames of war.

Yet there was nothing that could withstand the erosion of time.

Slowly, the...

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