MW Chapter 1749

Chapter 1749 – Towards the Monster Race

“Oh? The fifth level of the Good Fortune Divine Art?”

Lin Ming asked, curious. Although he was confident in facing the Good Fortune Saint Son, it was always best to have a better understanding of the enemy.

“Yes, this Good Fortune Divine Art is a top cultivation method created by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. Its rank even surpasses that of a transcendent divine might. In other words, it is a True Divinity cultivation method. Even my Divine Dream Law is lacking!

“This cultivation method is incredibly difficult to learn and cultivate. Even if an Empyrean tried, they would suffer layers upon layers of troubles. But, the Good Fortune Saint Son was able to cultivate it to the fifth level. My guess is that the Grandmist Spirit Bead played a considerable role in this.”

Empyrean Divine Dream said, sighing. With the Grandmist Spirit Bead in his possession, whether it was the Good Fortune Saint Son’s cultivation ability or combat prowess, everything would be even more formidable. In addition to his originally heaven-defying...

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